Battleplan 36: 1/26/17

@JoeKGBX , any word on whether or not the “Participate in killing X 5 times” lore are working in bots battles this time around?

Also, thank you for bringing bots battles back so quickly and nice work on the winter update!

I appreciate the advice, and I will follow it.

To try to sum up my point: It sounded to me from the Battleplan that there are both a significant number of people that only want to play Incursion and a significant number of people who want to play the other modes. If the community is so small now that both camps can’t be catered to, then I guess that just sucks and I will deal with it. If both CAN be catered to, this new set of queues doesn’t seem to do that, and I am just questioning why.

The lore is really great this week. Really excited to find out more about this bear and Boldur.

The new queues really seem like the best option for everyone. I understand everyone’s feelings about losing the incursion specific mode but it sounds like this is the healthiest option for the playerbase as a whole.

Hopefully the ingame menu emphasizes that draft is for premades who want competition and quick match is for quick fun play, not a premade stomping ground.
Thanks for the updates!


Jythri just gave a confirmation of how double xp is going to work with boosters in this thread..

If anyone else is interested.

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Don’t get too excited waiting for future symptoms, Doctor. This feeling of mild discomfort is the most that you’ll get.


Another stream already! Hype

I wanna see Thorn with her jump height helix in this.



Were there any Meltdown Finale changes in this hotfix?

Extremely excited about solo queue though the prospects of my favorite game mode sharing a forced queue with a game mode most consider to be broken in it’s current state isn’t a very exciting prospect to me.

EDIT - also, can anyone let us know exactly the magic formula behind how the game handles tie breakers in incursion now? What categories are counted? Which are not? Etc.

Thanks and love the game!

versus draft will be dominated by 5 man pre mades and ruined by players who have no idea how to build teams through draft. still no ability to switch picks, and team b gets 3/4 of the first picks, plus last ban that a smart team (aka 5 man premade) can control the entire draft. there is also nothing competitive about the new meltdown finale. winning team just needs to push into their base and once the elite comes out, just camp and opposing team has no chance to even attack the elite. player position should reset back into the base for the finale mode. these changes are for the worse, QM should only feature face off/capture/meltdown and there should always be an incursion only queue.


OK but when are we gonna buff dragon. like really


Not trying to derail anything, just curious…

Is this (specifically, this part) still being considered/looked-at/thought-about/tossed-around/diced/sauteed, etc etc?

Also, really looking forward to Gravity Rumble!

Thanks a Billion for adding more loadouts on the Winter Update!!! Now I don’t spend half my playing time switching out load outs for different characters :smiley:


Great BP this week, guys. Honestly I feel spoiled with all of the content and care you’re showering on us. The new modes sound great. (Big Head Mode - YES.) I’m glad to see Bots Battle is back, I feel that mode is almost a crucial step for new players trying out PvP after checking out the dojo. I super support turning uniqueness off for it, too.
Also, thank you for thoroughly explaining your reasoning for queue changes, I think it’s important for us all to be aware of how population size and different queues are symbiotic.

P.S.: ask Ms. Hyenyota to reach out to the Green Observer for details on Cedar Bear biology and the specifics of the Codex Regrowth process.

Ms Hyenyota if ya nasty.

And also if you want a bio-glave to the face.

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Hey @JoeKGBX, two quick questions regarding the return of Bots Battle if you have a moment:

  1. Are challenge, title, and lore challenge progress still possible in Bots Battle?
  2. If yes, have the handful of lore challenges that did not track (Foxtrot killing Mike, Galilea killing Ambra, Kelvin 3x stuns, etc.) since been fixed and now track properly?

How do you feel about gravity Mell?

Considering the number of topics on Meltdown Finale, i wouldn’t be so sure of that. :thinking:

I’m actually really excited about the plans for the coming weeks, I think it will add a good amount of variety to the game and keep me coming back.

This talk of a tree bear is reminding me of the 1950’s movie “From Hell It Came,” where a bunch of racist American scientists on a pacific island try to find an evil undead tree-man monster that’s committing murders among the native population. It’s pretty silly.

Also I haven’t done all Mellka’s lore yet. Is there an explanation on why she hates her last name so much? I know Ghalt’s said it’s something to do with how it’s mispronounced or something.


Excited for this next op the most i think. Really hope the eldrid gets some serious dialogue especially Alani, Miko and Kelvin.

SO whats the deal with reverting the recent Dragon Semi-Buff? As mediocre as he can be on certain story missions, hes just an overall terrible choice in PvP. Why havent any of the other Melee characters gotten the nerf hammer as hard as El Dragon did?

What a way to support a game Gearbox! All I need now are a few more Incursion and Meltdown Maps…please!