Battleplan 37: 2/2/17

With the Wu they didnt give a lot of info because it was a surprise, a present. And OMG it was beautiful exept meltdown.

Speaking of meltdown, i love the exp change. I felt like it was a normal match with a bonus. @JoeKGBX tell everyone who decided to change the exp. He/she/it did the right thing and i love it.


I gotta give credit where it’s due. This is the first game where I actually see devs communicating with the fan base on their forums. That’s amazing and it truly separates Gearbox from the rest. Jythri and JoeKGBX are truly exceptional in this regard.


I am baffled as to why any of you got flagged, there is a difference between stating a fact then giving examples and a personal attack on someone.
No one threatened Grant no one told him he needs to do his job better. No one called him out of his name.

all I read was, Grant listen to us more so you can help us help you.

Someone correct me if I am missing something. I am not above being corrected nor do I take offense.


It was a 3 month hyped up surprise. Honestly, I feel like it was pretty good, but it still felt like they told us nothing compared to the notes. I know the notes have to be after the updates ready, but since it was given to PS and XBone before Christmas, it would have been nice to have notes around that time.

However patches are a heck of a lot more detailed than BP’s, and as such, I wish BPs had the reasons for changes, as I was intending. But the WU was awesome too, and would have been better if BP 35 didn’t happen.

Indeed, i have been in games where deves dont give a fk about the forums and community.

I enjoy this game a lot, and devs just keep it alive and full of changes. Some are good some are bad, but i like to think of it as a cicle.

Yesterday @lequizachris and i tried to make meele melka viable. I must say, it was 10 times harder, is more stressfull ( from my point of view). But he was punching ppl dealing 100+, with drones, solar sustainer and extra dmg from drones.


Can agree. I read the rules, and the only thing that it offended was being polite on the forums, but they did it very borderline. As in, there are worse things they could have said, and evidence doesn’t make it inpolite. I personally found them polite, but yeah, people have the right to think what they want, and if a mod sees something as a feliny, they have all responsibility to use their powers.
Even if we don’t agree with them.

Link to rules for everyone: FORUM RULES... Please read!


Now this I agree with, BUT, at the same time I will fight someone to the death if I get “in trouble” for absolutely no reason. I was raise to believe in this quote:

“If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything”

I truly believe in fighting for equality and fair judgment. I am a Defender, there is a reason why I play them occasionally :wink:

and this is what mainly keeps me playing this game. I still cannot comprehend how often that they communicate with us. I never want GBX to lose this. There are no words that I can think of at the moment that can even explain how much that I appreciate them chatting with us.

what do people enjoy a lot?
Being heard, feeling like they do have a voice and what they say is in fact getting through to someone. Knowing that someone is listening.
GBX may not respond to everything, and they are not obligated to. Just knowing that they are ever present is good.


To repeat: if you have any comment to make about moderation, pm the mod of your choice.

Back on topic now, please.

Bang Bang :blrpg:





Sooo… about that Mellka.

Trying to prove a point eh @blainebrossart1
You kill me sometimes hahahahaha

Hmmmmm on topic…I got nothing, somebody restart where this thread left off


Oh yes, Mellka. Based on the changes made to her thus far the balance team is not going use any of the suggestions provided on these forums. They are taking away what most people love about her and forcing them to use the most hated part of her.


Melka the new bad Cali

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Caldarius has been a better choice than Mellka for a long time. The only thing she really had over him was better wave clear but now that’s gone.


There was an OLD bad Cali?

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Well that’s not an issue now

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No but Melka and Cal had advantages over one another. Now Mel has nothing on him and the changes are forcing her to play like him


In beta, Caldy was kinda bad.

The only way for me, to make claw lunge/meele is to give a reason to attack instead of escape.

Is the best 3D escape in the game. Give it more dmg or more cc. Just a reason to use it vs1 person and make it worth it.