Battleplan 41: 3/2/17

Things are about to get competitive! This weekend, teams from all over the Battleborn competitive community will make their way to Durant, OK to participate in the $10k Battleborn Tournament at the Choctaw Festival of Gaming. Many of us from Gearbox will also be making the trek to Durant to check out the action and hang out with the community for the weekend. On top of that, we’ll be hosting the winning teams of the online qualifiers – “Dunk Squad” and “Lost Heroes” – here in our studio today! Make sure you’re keeping up with us and the action-packed tournament festivities by checking out the Gearbox Twitch Channel and following (@)GearboxSoftware on Twitter! In case you missed it last week, here’s the schedule of events for the tournament:


  • 4:00-6:00pm CT: GBX Battleborn Showcase

  • 6:00-8:00pm CT: Online Qualifier Exhibition

  • 8:00-9:00pm CT: Dev vs Community Exhibition


  • 11:00am-8:00pm CT: Battleborn Bracket to Top 2

  • 8:00pm CT: Battleborn Finals!

With the Choctaw tournament fast approaching, we’re not making any changes this week that might disrupt the existing meta in the game. This approach ensures that the competing teams will be in top fighting form, and that we’ll all get to see the very best of the teams that are competing in the tournament. Don’t worry though – as always, we’ll continue working towards refining Battleborn and giving the community the best experience possible!

As for queue changes, there’s not much happening on that front this week. You will however notice the arrival of Solo/Duo queue on Wednesday. That queue will be available for 24 hours, as will Versus Draft, which will arrive on Saturday.

Community Badass returns again this week and we’re recognizing a guy that has been an awesome asset to the community for quite some time - @VaultHunter101! Whether you’re new to the forums or you’ve been around since the old days, you’ve no doubt crossed paths with V.H. and can attest that he’s a great guy. Check out his Community Badass feature and offer him a kind “congratulations” in the thread!

We don’t have any lore for you this week, but we have something that we feel is just as good. Creative Director Randy “Jythri” Varnell asked us for a little real estate in this week’s Battleplan to say a few words and we were happy to oblige. Take it away, Randy!

Creative Corner – Thoughts from Jythri

This week…
Hello everyone! Now that Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar is in your hands, we’re going to take a break from lore for a week to re-focus our direction with the weekly lore updates and to properly celebrate the Choctaw Festival of Gaming and a major cash-prize Battleborn Tournament!
First, the Tournament!

I’ve been playing Battleborn competitive play for four-and-a-half years now. Believe it or not, the very first playable prototypes of Battleborn were being played inside Gearbox in the late fall of 2012, just about the same time as Borderlands 2 was landing in your hands. Gearbox devs tend to have an extremely competitive streak, and in fact, have participated in a number of tournaments for other games, including a TF2 Dev Tournament, many Magic: The Gathering Tournaments, Street Fighter Tournaments, and even international Cosplay competitions. Battleborn was our first deep foray as a company into serious competitive multiplayer, and it’s been a heck of a ride thus far.

Like you saw in our last stream, those early internal matches were built from whatever was lying around…mostly Borderlands parts! Phoebe was Maya with Zero’s swords floating around her; Rath was Handsome Jack with some weird dress; Montana was a soldier from WWII with this awesome winter coat and sporty lumberjack plaid. Even though the game was rough, we played seriously. Early Battleborn had 20 character levels and humongous multi-lane maps, and it wasn’t uncommon for single matches to last well over an hour. Even then, though, we were staging draft games and tournaments in-house, and had our own fear of “character designer 5-man pre-made groups” who would rampage during our daily playtests. We even had one Thorn player that was constantly accused of aim-botting. Turns out…he was just that good. (MARRRRRRRRKKKKK!!!)

Since those early days, we’ve dreamed of the moment where we could watch other players take our game and our characters to places far beyond our skill. To play the game expertly, with a well-honed team, and really make the competition sing. It’s been awesome watching hours of streams, jumping in to play with you guys over the months, and seeing great groups like the Helix Gamers League sponsor tournaments for Battleborn.

This coming weekend, Friday and Saturday, we get another great event! The Choctaw Festival of Gaming is going to feature some of the best Battleborn players brawling it out for cash prizes. Many of us from Gearbox will be there, and we’re incredibly excited to get to hang out with fans and celebrate a weekend of Battleborn glory. We hope this next great tournament in a continuing series!

Second, the Lore!
Next week, we will be back with more great lore in our Battleplan. Given the events of Heart of Ekkunar (no spoilers!) and the continued love and support we’ve received from you, our fan community; writer Dante Silva and I have cooked up some continuing lore adventures for our Battleborn that will take a look into the “darker” parts of the Battleborn universe, and give you a chance to share some adventures with our Battleborn as they learn to live in a post-Heliophage world. Stay tuned!

Finally – some notes on queues and content!
As I’ve teased in a few forum threads, we do have some additional content headed your way. Of course, you can count on more skins and taunts coming, and there are some very exciting ideas headed your way there.

We’re also committed to working with the balance and the playlists to keep the game as fair and as fresh as possible. I know there are many strong feelings within the community about certain modes and queues (I’m looking at YOU, Incursion queue!). We’re certainly listening to you and watching the health of the queues (meaning, number of players and matchmaking times) and may make some additional tweaks to get these in a shape more appealing to the community.

Additionally, we have a few more Rumble type queues to play with, and we’ll be looking for a few fun weekends to mix up our normal stable of choices. We’re also looking to add an “All Operations” queue soon for players who own all 5 Operation Missions to jump in and match with other players who own all the Ops. Look for that in the coming weeks as well.

Oh, and how about a surprise?
As I said, we listen to you guys closely. We do everything we can to take your great ideas and your feedback and turn that into a game we can all continue to enjoy. So…How about some FACTION PACKS?

This afternoon, in celebration of the Choctaw Festival of Gaming, we’ll be bringing our five Faction Packs back to the marketplace. And they’ll be staying there, for the foreseeable future. Faction COMMANDER Packs are still available through maxing Ops Points to 100 and through ranking up your Command Rank over 100 or characters past rank 15.

I love you guys. I love the Choctaw Festival of Gaming. I love Battleborn. I look forward to more battles to come.

For Solus.

Randy Varnell, aka “Jythri”
Creative Director, Battleborn

Ah, it’s that time of year again - time for us to make our way to Boston for PAX East! PAX East 2017 kicks off next Friday, March 10th and runs through Sunday, March 12th. We’ll be looking forward to seeing all of our Boston friends once again. It wouldn’t be PAX without an “Inside Gearbox Panel”, and on Sunday, March 12th at 10:30am ET, we’ll take the Main Theater stage and get the show started! Don’t be fooled though - this won’t be your average panel. We have a lot planned, including a surprise or two. If you’ll be attending PAX East, this is one panel you won’t want to miss!

Whether you’ll be at PAX East in-person or not, make sure to follow (@)GearboxSoftware on Twitter so you can keep up with us throughout the weekend. There’s always a lot of awesome stuff to see and we’ll be ready to show it to you!


I’m back on top baby! I would like to thank all the people with lives that made this moment possible.:stuck_out_tongue:


For me, this is the most anticipated date/time of the year!

@Jythri i know, you cant make any promise. But pls pls for the hype train, can we exepct more badasses or/and missions?!?

Yes, no, maybe?


^ This. I wouldn’t mind more full-length missions.

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Maybe. :slight_smile:

We certainly have more Battleborn updates coming. We haven’t talked in detail about what those are yet.



I cant hold myself


Mentalmars BB codebreak gave me bigger surprise, I was expecting something like this for a battleplan, although the hope for more content makes it worth it,

Sad seeing Melka will stay D tier (at least in PC).

I will cheer on Dunksquad since their matches were the most entertaining!

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Oooookey, nothing new, see ya in a week!

That sounds amazing :sob:


Ed Boon level up teasing? I’ll prepare my voice for excited squealing either way.

So no skins/taunts this week either? It’s been 2 weeks without any update to the marketplace, I’m getting withdrawals (even if I don’t buy 'em I like to see 'em…I have a bunch of plat. waiting for things that Interest me!)

also any word on droprates of Commander packs being reduced? I strongly feel that they have.

@Jythri and @JoeKGBX any comment on either of these 2 inquiries?

I’m surprised that the idea of huge multi-lane maps wasn’t put into the final version of the game. It sounds amazingly fun and would definitely spice up the game. Is there any way we could get another set of maps with something of the sort (or at least change the timer from 30:00)?


I’m glad to hear there is more content on the way. Please don’t ever stop making new operations. They consistently seem to get better and better and really show off much of what makes Battleborn so great.


BattleBread Update - For Your Recommended Slice of Entertainment

With the combined efforts of this community we found the Borderlands 3 easter eggs and broken the code of the hidden message. When i woke up early this morning i didn’t expect this would happen but I made a video of my/the journey that brought us here.

With the Choctaw Festival of Gaming coming up i did some interviews with the 2 Battleborn teams that manage to win the qualifier.

I have been seeing some teases towards more content coming towards Battleborn, so i did a old fashion speculation article on my site. With this weeks Battleplan teasing us even more i’m curious what the future brings us. Will we see a Season 2 for Battleborn ?

*I thought these few things where somewhat relevant to this weeks battleplan.

Looking forward to the tournament, the Pax panel, and its always interesting to find out new details about the early development of Battleborn. Good luck to everyone participating in the tournament(s)!


More are coming, but I’m not certain of the timeline.

As far as I’m aware, we have made no changes to the drop rates in Commander packs. What do you feel isn’t dropping there that was dropping with higher frequency before? Skins and Taunts?


As an aside (forgot to mention it in my update), I get to meet both of these teams today! Really excited to get to meet players and fans, and can’t wait to see them match off in the tournament.


Heavy Breathing
Yeeeeeeees. I’m like an addict. Even the tiniest little hints get me mad pumped for more Battleborn. I’m looking at you, PAX East!!

I feel that the droprate for Legendary gear was significantly dropped. I’ve noticed a drop from like 1 in 3-10 commander packs having Legendary gear to 1 in over 40+… At first I thought it was just RNG, but the discrepancy is just too drastic for me to chuck it up to RNG.

I’m worried that after the Last Battleborn day when the droprates were fiddled with, after its conclusion, the droprate was lowered a lot more than what it was before the event. I would feel good if I could get confirmation that the guys didn’t make a mistake when setting the rates back to normal (normal being pre-battleborn day 2 rates).

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I know a game with multiple maps that don’t allow players to vote for the map, just the mode. For example, you queue for Incursion, but is up to the game to decide if they are figthing in overgrowth or monuments.

Would that improve the queuing time and the number of matches over the course of a day, shall we say? Considering we skip the 60s voting time.