Battleplan 43: 3/16/17

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Not even close to true @EdenSophia on paper you can sound grumpy but you don’t even qualify on the scale otherwise that I’ve seen!


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I agree that the Jennerit are going to be frightening opponents to come up against. Especially Attikus, Deande and Rath with increased dmg and lifesteal. I’m dreading the moment when any of these three appear on the enemy team. :worried:

As for the Rouges. I’m not convinced they’re going to be as effective. Orendi with increased dmg is a worrying thought but an Orendi with no shields sounds like an easy target to me. I’m not sure if she’s going to be able to survive long enough in this mode to be useful. I’ll have to try her out. As for Shaurox, they lose out on all the benefits their shield gives them. That makes their lvl 3 mutation and their dmg reduction useless. (Which is a shame because I like playing them). :cry: As for Reyna, I have no idea if her overshield would even work in this mode. If so, I guess all is good, if not, well… yeah. Even then though, her role as a character focuses on shields so I wouldn’t say she’s a strong pick for this mode. Pendles, WF and Tobes are the only characters I can see being decent in this mode, Pendles especially.

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I noticed everyone was too busy arguing over their opinions on the battleplan to point out this little interesting note.

So yes, technically the light from stars that have been stolen could still be travelling through space, but the fact that they made mention of it strikes me as a little odd. Just saying.

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I’m fairly certain it won’t be. Chaos Rumble was largely intended for people around new character releases to not have to worry about being the first to lock in the character they want.


There’s always more to learn about the enigma that is Orendi, but at a certain point, those around her long enough learn to just stop asking questions. As a Varimorph, I expect Shayne has seen her manifest all kinds of mutations. Perhaps Gustav, Maven, and Azef ( :wink: ) haven’t, but the crew takes cues from the captain, and gives the insane chaos witch a wide berth. If Shayne isn’t worried, they’ll try not to be.
As for Shayne maturing and growing, absolutely! We saw a lite bit of that as a precursor to this story in Battleplan 35:

Additionally, as Shayne takes on the role of captain, we see her grapple a bit with her laissez-faire, individualistic tendencies (cultivated through hard knock orphan experience plus, you know, the Solus War) and their conflict with more adult responsibilities–for instance, insisting on everyone buckling up, and adherence to comms protocol despite everyone in the cabin being within earshot. Sometimes she’ll land on the mature side, other times, not so much. It’s a process.

Also, don’t feel bad for offering critique, even if you think it seems harsh–harsh critique is better than no critique, and yours is far milder than some I’ve seen before :stuck_out_tongue:

As for why you should care about any of the new characters, my hope is that “Battleborn” be viewed not just as the eponymous warriors themselves, but as the living world where billions have died, Benedict’s wife Circinae might be out there, Orendi has an uncle, there’s a whole family of Hemsworth royalty, a thriving arena with wrestlers and robits, etc., etc.
In order for the heroes of this world to have merit, they need a robust world on which to perform heroics. Part of that is showing the struggle of the every day. Not all Jennerit are sustained. Not all humans are hearty Aplians. Not all Rogues necessarily have hearts of gold. Even Reyna stole UPR medical supplies in the in-game lore. By establishing an environment of locale, populace, and disposition, we highlight the contrast of the protagonists.

Or at least, hope to :slight_smile:
You aren’t obligated to care about these guys, or even like them! That’s not your responsibility or obligation.
It is OUR job to show you why this slice of the world is worth watching, why these people deserve your sympathy.

In any case, hope this answered things, somewhat.
As always, all my love to you and the community <3 thanks guys!!

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31 I’ll have you know! Don’t you dare for get about Nova.

32 if you count Aurox.

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El Dragon is fine. I don’t know why but he is. I had a run in with one the other day that rocked my world. I don’t play him so he is still mysterious to me. I won’t soon forget it. Does the clap destroy projectiles? It was madness.

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I get it and understand the situation and just hope that maybe you advised the new guys (since you were talking about being an ambassador but I know its not your job) that the game wasn’t all about 5 man pre-mades stomping new people 4 fun. There are other modes to enjoy in the game besides PvP and since you said they were new they must have jumped directly into pvp without enjoying campaign, dojo, bots battle and wednesday’s PvP Solo/duo queue. Not really sure how you went about the situation but it really only takes 1 person to spread the news to the new people when they are encountered in pvp, if not they just base it off their first experience because like you said, they probably just jump on the first option available.

Honestly, this whole 5 man pre-made talk is getting really getting old. When people talk about 5 man pre-mades you are basically talking about the people that took the time to join Battleborn discord communities to actually learn about the game and to team up with fellow players to play a “team” game. I know a lot of the people in pre-mades and they are really nice guys/gals with no intention on killing the community, they are even willing to help out new players and basically just want to play the game they love. I’ve been there as well, been stomped when I first played the game, get stomped when I solo queue and even targeted in games so I leave with over 10+ deaths, I get it. Not trying to sound like I’m a white knight or something but when I do solo queue I usually tell people what I stated above and to keep playing and even give them our discord info. Many people talk about 5 man pre-mades but I can say the same thing about solo queuers, many people play in groups to get fast matches and not having to deal with people leaving match. I can’t even count how many times I played in 4 v 5 matches when I solo-queue and this is just 1 thing I see solo-queuers do… I have a whole list.

The problem isn’t pre mades or solo queuers… the problem is just the matchmaking in general. Well for right now I think PC should have a Solo/duo mode and a versus draft so there is something for the people that wanna go in solo and the people in pre-mades. Quick Match + vesus draft don’t work because people from versus draft will just move to quick match when they can’t find games within a certain time or when they keep on getting stomped by the same group… which can just be a population issue in general but so far that’s how it is.

This ^^ …I’m not saying to quite the game, I know we are all here because we love the game but it doesn’t hurt to put the game down and play something else until new updates/patches drop (which they will).

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…Dragon is much better now. I can keep him alive slightly better than Galilea.
His clap appears to pretty much clear/cancel everything, including explosives, fortunately.

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Believe me, I get that. My natural state is sassy with a side of cynical, so I need to double check all of my posts to ensure that I’m not too mean. Text without tone, man. It’s problematic.

I’m actually fairly happy to be getting this lore. It contains a bunch of small details about the world that usually doesn’t appear in regular lore entries. It also does what Tales from the Borderlands did by populating the world with people who aren’t crazy badasses. That’s the kind of attention to detail that I love.

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…Well said :wave:

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Geez… I’ve been a bit slack with my week to week research!

So keep an eye on Azef, Orendi is a sonic screwdriver plot device and Shayne is at that age. Message received. :wink:

Highlighting the D&D lore means this story definitely takes place AFTER Beatrix’s entry into the Battleborn meaning we can fairly safely say this is either happening around the same time as one of the more recent Operations or this is the absolute latest event that we know about related to the Battleborn.

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Yeah. Point blank volley just vanish in that clap. Even my normal arrows were getting knocked out of the air. I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t hit anything. My aim isn’t that bad.


Wow could you be a little less condescending, please?
/s :stuck_out_tongue:

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…Sure thing, Gimme free lessons.

Actually, back in the day, I used to teach a public course in Positive Reinforcement.


I used to take a private course in Positive Reinforcement! I studied at home. I mean, really, I’m self-taught.
*stands in front of a mirror*
“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

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A good amount of people do.

I had to stop and consider if this whole thing was satire when I read that. Just to let you know what it sounds like.

Not even OP5 would have changed Battleborn’s “aura” that it has to other people.

So make core loot packs even more worthless? If we’re reducing pack price, it should be altering all of them.

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There are some really nice people connecting over Discord and Steam friend networks and groups, this is true.

However, last week during the PAX freebie influx, I had an experience where a player admitted to how much he enjoys taking a strong team into QM to farm new players to feed an activated XP booster. I won’t go into any further details of the story, because those details alone might be identifiable, especially in such a small community with so few names.

What this demonstrates, at least to me, is that while many 5-man pre-mades are formed solely for the intent of getting a quicker match against other 5-man crews, other groups are being formed specifically for the purpose of stomping new players. Even I didn’t fully believe it until I witnessed it firsthand. And no matter what the true intent of a team may be, new players are, unfortunately, going to assume they are facing a lynch mob. There’s nothing in-game that serves to dispel that perception, except for, as you say, when experienced players on the receiving end offer explanations and olive branches.

In my opinion, it’s a combination of all of those things in a feedback loop. Poor matchmaking begets more pre-mades, which begets more solo quitters, which worsens matchmaking further, which drives the remaining solo players to create desperate, disorganized pre-mades, while those that remain solo end up facing absurdly long matchmaking times, and so on.

I believe all these one-sided Quick Matches also identify a gameplay flaw that’s been around since launch – Versus wins with high killstreaks generate the biggest XP and credit rewards. A potential solution might be to give every new player a pack of XP/Credit boosters (plus clear instructions on booster activation), so that higher-CR players would actually want them around on their team for the shared bonuses.

Another one of the problems, as I see it, is a social one – almost every player I’ve run into in Battleborn will claim to be a nice person, and/or claim all their friends are nice. Then, when someone gets accused of behaving poorly, being not-so-nice, their friends will defensively close ranks and deny it categorically.

For example, I’ve been told cheaters aren’t cheaters by their friends, even when the cheater bragged for months about how easy it was to cheat. I’ve been told a skilled player is a “really a nice guy”, just a few days after being aggressively spawn-locked by that player in a Face-Off match, while a team of new players with no idea how to surrender fed a growing killstreak. All the denial starts to feel like a form of whitewashing, an attempt to create a facade of good sportsmanship and togetherness that covers up the shameful behavior of a few.

In short, a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch, and I think PC players are so desperate to have any apples at all, they’ve just stopped being picky. In the past, I have tried being an impromptu ambassador (difficult, considering my nature), and I’ve taken vacations until new content lands (my longest before the Winter patch), but my love of the game has ultimately been whittled away. If I stick around any longer, I fear I will become a poisonous monster as well. Perhaps I already am, in my own manner.

I’m glad you have that positive attitude. While I’ve had little personal in-game experience, I’ve heard “RedX is a nice guy” plenty of times over the last few months from other players, so whatever you’re doing definitely has an effect.

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What are those?
Is it bits of robots?
Is it tiny bite-sized robots?
Is it mechanical bunnies?
Is it cybernetic frogs?