Battleplan 44: 3/23/17

It’s Thursday once again and that means we’re coming at you with another Battleplan. Our “New This Week” section is a bit light this week, but don’t worry – that’s just because we’re focused on something cool we have planned for next week (more on that below). On top of that, the dev team is hard at work on more great things that we’re excited to share with you soon!

This week, we have a few quick changes to make you aware of including some tweaks to Ghalt, Mellka, and our minion friends. These hot fixes will begin rolling out today at 12pm PT (3pm ET).


  • Reduced UPR M8-R Shotgun damage by 15%
  • Increased Scraptrap damage from 142 to 208 at level 1


  • Increased Venom bonus damage from 16% to 32%
  • Increased base damage of Claw Lunge from 142 to 208 at level 1


  • Fixed an issue that caused M1.Blade Bot damage to scale higher than intended with each level

We don’t have any queue changes to report this week other than the normal switch to Solo/Duo queue on Wednesday, and Versus Draft on Saturday.

Make sure to lift with your legs, because this week’s Community Spotlight is pretty heavy. Our friends at the THiRD SHiFT podcast turned us onto MetalFortress, a YouTuber that does heavy metal covers of video game themes (in addition to other things). We thought his rendition of the Battleborn story intro theme was pretty great – especially our audio department – so we wanted to share it with you here:

Battleborn Story Intro

Battleborn Menu Theme

We’re giving our loremasters a week off as they prepare for more in-depth lore entries going forward. The response to the addition of lore to the Battleplan has been very exciting for them and inspired them to look for ways to make the weekly lore a more robust addition to the Battleplan! Look for lore to make a triumphant return in next week’s Battleplan.

It’s no secret that we’ve been pretty adventurous with some of the game modes that we’ve presented to you all lately. Some have been bigger hits than others, but there’s no denying that they’ve all been unique. If you thought we were all out of ideas for off-the-wall game modes though, then you clearly don’t know the gravity of the situation. We know the community is always looking for something new, so next week, we’re bringing you Gravity Rumble!

Gravity Rumble is a limited time game mode that will reduce player gravity, increase movement speed, and increase the damage and knockback of off-hand melees. It will be available from Friday, March 31st at 8am PT through Monday, April 3rd at 8am PT. Make sure to hop in and check it out!


FIRST so excited to read this!


Beat me by seconds

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Big fan of the hotfixes. Unlike previous rumble playlists, Gravity Rumble actually sounds fun. My one concern - are you going to remove Quick Match for it again?


Good, good…[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:1, topic:1558688”]
Increased base damage of Claw Lunge from 142 to 208 at level 1

Well… I guess it can be a kill tool now… yay…?

Very important.

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Do you guys have the specific number it unintentionally was before, and what it is now? Even if not, YESSS, the blade minions did too much damage!

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good good, I can still play BotW wihtout the feeling of missing too much.

I still play with friends once a week, those Ops are just wonderful.

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This Mellka buff is exactly what we’ve be asking for. Well done.


… I smell more story content is drooling

For anybody curious, it seems to be a 46-47% increase to damage of those two skills. I LOVE the scraptrap damage boost.

edit: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… the level 2 helix mutation for Ghalt still seems to be poorer than the other two (unless you take -1 second activation delay later on. Then it’s better than the shock damage.) I don’t know for sure; my base damage for the scraptrap is 208, so maybe late game the mutation surpasses both of them. But the three bombs still seem to do the most damage (IF each bomb does at least a third of the base damage of the scraptrap.)

My point is: buff the mutation in the middle to at least each active scraptrap giving 12.5% damage (12.5 times 4 is 50, so it’s a 50% damage boost).

Didn’t think Ghalt needed a damage nerf, but it’s something at least!

A step in the right direction with Melka, very nice buff!

Still looking forward to even more changes :slight_smile:


Hopefully. I was expecting something today, but they just teased us for one more week. It will be determinant to decide if I stay or I bail.

Yup, scraptrap damage boost gives it purpose now. And the claw lunge boost coupled with buff increase means claw lunge is viable as an offensive tool and her burst combo is going to be nutty. Still going to miss her venom (wish it did like 80 damage over 4 seconds), but I’ve said in the past that I would be okay with nerfing venom to make room for utility elsewhere (e.g. increasing damage bonus). The lack of waveclear hurts, but if she’s a capable assassin, she should be lacking waveclear.

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Wait…what? Venom bonus damage when using Claw Lunge against poisoned targets?

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When can we see Warfare Rumble again? I appreciated the COD damage feel. It actually makes players have to “strategize”. For example, Marquis will kill you 1 shot almost, if you’re just running out in the open not scanning the field. Ghalt was my favorite for this, I simply waste the first 4 shots before leaving base so I can have the 25% damage boost. 1 shot kills. I don’t think the update will be able to help that (hopefully).

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You didn’t think Ghalt’s shotty needed nerfing? Try playing a tank (Kelvin suffers the most) or getting close to Ghalt in any way. 1700+ damage in less than nine or ten seconds. Foxtrot doesn’t even do that much (unless he’s in his ultimate) IIRC.


It will need much tweaking before it returns. The subreddit pretty much despised it (not just for removing quick match).

@vitortonini Yes. It’s actually in the in-game menu, I think.


Claw lunge or melee.

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Some good news in here, some lukewarm news, but overall not a lot of news. Feels like it’s November again.

See you guys next week.


It wasn’t a 25% damage boost. Tactical shells double scale (they are a skill), so it got the innate massive skill damage buff in addition to the innate massive attack damage buff (also why Ernest could 1-shot with a direct hit).

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