Battleplan 44: 3/23/17

Melee Mellka got a bit better. 32% bonus damage to melee and claw lunge on venom’d targets seems nice. Anyone have the actual numbers for melee hits and claw lunge taking into account the 32% buff and the base damage buff of CL?

Also, I’m not even that mad that we got another “SOON!”.

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What time is it in Australia?
One of our own might be somewhat happy. :acmaffirmative:


Oh ok, I still really enjoyed Warfare Rumble tho. Hope to see it this weekend even though it wasn’t mentioned for this week.

At level 10, claw lunge will do just shy of 700 damage if you crit and have skill damage gear.

I don’t even play Mellka, but I’m incredibly glad to hear she was buffed simply so I can hear maybe a little less griping about needing Mellka buffs. But I’m sure I’ll see a bunch of “you buffed the wrong thing” flaming. lol


That Mellka buff is everything I ever wanted. <3
The nerf just forced me to learn new tactics to compensate, so I’m realllly looking forward to how the damage increase plays in to all of that.


Oh, almost forgot.

Serious question @JoeKGBX ;

Did you guys fire the guy(s) who was in charge of making skins/taunts? It’s been a month or so (give or take) without any new content. I’m starting to wonder what I’m going to do with all this Plat I have. Seeing as how they were only released at like 5 items per week, it was a slow (very much so ) process…so a MONTH of no update is HUGE.

I’m being serious here; I don’t even know if I should bother doing daily quests since I’m not really seeing the point.

Edit: I’ll also ping @Jythri in case he has any answers concerning this issue.

Words can’t describe how happy I am about Ghalt’s reduced shotgun damage. Thank you!

And a big increase to claw lunge damage. They will never learn…

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Gravity Rumble sounds fun. Warfare was a total blast too. Thanks, keep the game modes coming!




So glad to see that Mellka buff. Ghalt’s nerf makes sense too.

The Third Shift peeps (Danie, Eric, and Matt) turned me on to MetalFortress too. Love the Battleborn version. Props to Third Shift!

I’ve been distracted for the past three weeks due to life mixed in with a couple other titles I wanted to bang out before I returned. I follow other titles (and their Community Managers) and I can assess their community outreach. I can definitively state that these consistent Battleplans are just fantastic.

They are regular, so I can rely on new info and updates to keep me coming back. They are meaty, so I find myself rereading them over and over to fully digest the news. And most importantly, they engage the community, which is the primary objective. Great work, @JoeKGBX, @dante_d_silva, @Jythri, and everyone else at GBX who plays a role in the creation and dissemination of the Battleplans.


But foxtrot can do a lot more from range

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I gotchu fam.


Well, a huge increase in damage to CL makes it so not only can you use it as an escape (and only as an escape pre-buff) but now (post-buff) you can use it as a finisher assuming it’s safe and you wouldn’t need an escape.

I think it’s a good buff. It makes CL more viable as an offensive tool thus making it more versatile, and versatility is always good.

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Nah, this is exactly what she needed buffs on. Makes claw lunge a viable offensive tool, gives her a place as a mobile burst assassin, and makes melee actually somewhat viable (that elbow is going to be vicious).

I would certainly like her venom to do more damage itself (and I think having an 8 second buff is too long; see also: Thorn), but I can understand concerns around it. Previously, she didn’t have the tools to actually assassinate, but was a killer at waveclear. I like the concept of an assassin being able to do lots of burst damage, but having less ability to harass and clear waves.


As always, remember I’m not on the design team, but I am an avid fan of Mellka–she’s been my main since before launch.
I got to do a few playtests with this iteration of Mellka, and this hotfix has landed her on some of the most fun gameplay I’ve ever had with her.
YMMV, and I’m just one anecdotal sample, but I really enjoyed mixing it up with the dynamic decision of “do I want to focus an enemy down with melee, or keep attacking groups with canisters/spray n’ pray?”. Additionally, though it felt really weird at first not keeping Claw Lunge in reserve for escapes, it feels pretty offensively viable. I still didn’t get quite used to it, but I didn’t feel like a crazy person when I was using it to confirm kills on envenomated targets. Also, the Claw Lunge damage aug feels nice, knowing that I’ll get some more substantial offensive use out of it.
From what I played and felt, it’s a big step in the right direction. As always, we’ll monitor feedback and data and see if we need to move further. But give it a shot! Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


So another month is going by without any indication of when all the problems that have been acknowledged are going to be addressed. Just loved my Meltdown match this morning when the last bots failed to appear, again.

Warfare Rumble wasn’t as advertised, half of the information on it was incorrect. Gravity Rumble doesn’t tempt me at all, even if it actually does all the things described.

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Maybe it will work out well, or maybe now we will see Mellka claw lunging all over the place, killing everything in sight. It is now going to do quite substantial damage, and remember that it has a very short cooldown. They made two big changes to something at the same time, again. As has been pointed out many times, they just seem incapable of grasping the concept of making small, isolated, incremental changes when tuning a system.

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Now we need a health buff for our little Eldrid. Do not encourage me to melee or waste an escape if I am not going to last. My survivability comes from “quickness” not stagnation.
Of course I will try this out. But I will only use claw lunge offensively after lv 3 :slight_smile:
Well then, this is going to be hard to force your mental to keep in mind that claw lunge doesn’t necessarily have to be an escape anymore, hopefully.