Battleplan 46: 4/6/17

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #1

If you’ve been following our social media channels, you may have noticed that we’ve got a few new (old) friends moving into our offices:

These giant Gearbox character statues – including some of your favorite Battleborn – were originally part of our E3 booth displays, and now they’ve made their permanent home here at the studio. If you’re interested in knowing how these statues were made, check out this video by 2K:

To see more photos of our Battleborn and Borderlands 2 statues, check out our thread!

We don’t have any Hot Fixes for you this week, but we have heard your feedback concerning our queues. While we’ve enjoyed implementing some different game modes lately, we know that modes like Quick Match are very popular. That’s why we’ll be leaving the queues as they are for at least the next few weeks, so you can play the modes you want, when you want them!

This week, we shine our Community Spotlight on a user with a taste for a different kind of game. Forum user @Genericktag has made a masterful Battleborn-themed skin of the popular card game Love Letter! Genericktag put a lot of effort into this creative retooling, and it shows! Not only did he design and print the actual cards, he also wrote accompanying Lore. You can check out the Lore and read up on Genericktag’s process here!

Next week, we’ll be shifting the focus onto you guys with an expanded look at the community. We may even have a reward or two for you. Make sure to catch up with us next week!

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I’m happy to hear you guys wont be messing up the queues anymore, but I’m honestly a bit appalled at just how empty this Battleplan is as a whole. Might as well have just taken the week off.


In a DRAMATIC upset the once and future champion loses his title! :cry:

(BattlePeanut) #5

Huh…Literally nothing this week :confused: I can’t wait another week of torture of the unknown.

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #6

Quality battleplan right here. The changes are truly astonishing.

(Pbfdanglez420) #7


(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #8

But the same 20 people will be logged in for hours this weekend

(RedX) #9

Where is @JoeKGBX ? It ain’t a battleplan without him :+1:


Wow I think this is my favorite battleplan yet!

Where’s chaos rumble.

(PSN = Jaden8675309 Send me a Friend Req to Team up :0) #11

Most awkward Battleplan ever? :frowning:

(- a disappointed PC player) #12

In other words - “don’t expect anything from us, were are letting this game die quickly and peacefully, so we don’t have to put any more of these enormous Battleplans with a massive amount of 0 fixes in the future. Heck even our writers are out of lore. So, here are a few pictures we found on the twitters and internetz”

(Zstreet17) #13

This Battleplan could have simply read “Battleborn still exists”.

But seriously congrats @Genericktag that’s pretty cool!

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #14

in other words… The 100 players that still play this game on consoles and PC, or The Lucky SOBs who didnt preorder or pay for this game at full price…

(Watcher on the wall) #15

Lets lose the condescension, aye?

(Watcher on the wall) #16

Yea but MereAtGBX is just as awesome :+1:

(THaNaToS_J2) #17

While it’s not quite 20 on the PC I’m honestly shocked at this point that nothing more has been mentioned about what’s going to be done for this issue.
PC rarely PEAKS over 150 players. Average over the day floats around 100. Unless you’re full 5 man’d up you’re almost never going to find a game and out of those 100 playing a chunk are in bots battle. One night 2 weeks ago in a full 5 man we found 2 games over 2 hours. Over this weekend I decided to jump into quick match solo and after 15 minutes I didn’t find A SINGLE TEAMMATE let alone a game.
I have probably about 30 or so of the regular PC BB players on my friend’s list and I rarely see more than 3 or 4 playing now. On the rare night that a few of us do hop on and 5 man it’s the same teams over and over and over again. There is ZERO fun in that.
I consider myself very patient but at this point WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK is going on here Gearbox?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #18

Sounds like we need some PC PS4 crossplay.

(Montana is my homegirl.) #19

I… what? Thanks for the… info? I think?
Was there Battleborn info? Did I miss it?
I love the battleplans, and the info they give when they give it is much appreciated.
But I’m tired of reading Battleplans that say "Sorry, we don’t have anything to give you! Thanks for showing up though!"
If you no longer have enough content or info to fill a weekly spot, then why release it weekly? May as well cut it to every other week.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #20

Why am I not surprised by this?