Battleplan 46: 4/6/17

(THaNaToS_J2) #21

Ya know, at first I was against this because of the advantages a mouse has over a controller until I played a game against a PC Marquis using a controller. That aim assist is pretty generous sometimes!
So the controller aim assist is balanced out with our ability to snap 180.

I say bring it on at this point!

(Jennerit Supremacist) #22

Because you are a realist

(PSN: Peanutfluffer) #23

The LEAST they could have done was lock Beatrix again.

(GreyWarden007) #24

Last week we got a rehash of the week before, this week there’s nothing, and next week will be about what’s left of the community.

Is there any chance at all of getting information on Battleborn?


It hurts, because I don’t think @matrixltu is wrong. :sob:

(Jennerit Supremacist) #26

Realistically there isn’t much to lose at this point. The majority of ps4 players might not even fight PC players since there are so few left. The PS4 community might not even notice (save for the fresh blood in scrims) while it would be a god send for PC players.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #27

Oh boy, a new Battlepla-

I, uh… thanks?

(PSN ID: AForestTroll) #28

It was obvious from the start that not every battle plan would be jam packed with information, but jeez. I wouldn’t be surprised if battle plans stopped and we just got a word or two every now and then. As I’ve said before, even if they were to just write something personal, “we have nothing major to share with you guys at this time. We’re very busy and doing what we can to bring you fixes, updates and new content. Please look forward to it”. I don’t know, anything like that. Instead we get a skeleton of a battle “plan”. Hopes for this game are still decreasing, rapidly. I…can’t think of many positive things to say without repeating myself.

(Neb) #29

@jythri @joekgbx @grant Whats the possibility of Joining pc and PS4 (and maybe Xbone) players? Would be amazing

(Battleborn Content Creator) #30

I don’t normally end sentences with prepositions but… where da lore at? :sob:

(Jennerit Supremacist) #31

Ps4 and PC: very possible

Xbox and anyone else: not likely at all. But xbox has always had the largest community so it doesn’t make a big difference for them.

(Neb) #32

Ok, cool. Why would it be difficult for Xbox to merge servers? Gamertags? I kinda want to know now…

(Grippy) #33

Literally nothing. I hope they know they are losing people because last night I waited for about 40 minutes to get in a game. And that was the first I had “played” in weeks. ;(

(wisecarver) #34

Humor follows, because we need to have some right now…

In a completely comical way, picture this, I’m going to select certain fingers to vote my appreciation of this Battle Plan.

Come on guys, humor…Remember :wink:

(Jennerit Supremacist) #35

To my understanding, Microsoft (xbox) doesn’t want that to happen. It is very possible for it to happen though and there wouldn’t be too much difficulty with it. Someone else might be able to explain better but that’s my basic understanding of it

(Neb) #36

Two thumbs up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or is it… Two in between fingers up?

(Zstreet17) #37

This is like that moment in the movie where the bad guys have had some victories and now we need that leader to step up and give that inspiring speech that gives us hope to continue to fight. Instead our leader poked his head in the door and slowly backed away without saying anything.

(Deandes in crime ) #38

What am I supposed to read on break now?

(Hobbit Warrior) #39

The numerous positive and optimistic responses of this thread on the quality of recent Battleplans?

(Deandes in crime ) #40

I’ll make my own battleplan. And then people will have something to read while on coffee break