Battleplan 47: 4/13/17

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #1

Last week we talked about doing an expanded look at the Battleborn community. We still plan to do that in the near future, but we thought this week might be better served by discussing an important change to the Battleplan.

There hasn’t been a lot of Battleborn news lately. Things have been pretty quiet and, truthfully, will be for a little while longer. We’re not quite ready to talk about what the team has been up to, but rest assured, there are some exciting things coming down the pipeline. As soon as we’re ready to share what those are, you will be the first to know!

Taking all of that into account, we’ve decided to change up the cadence of the Battleplan. Here’s the plan: Instead of doing the Battleplan every week, we’re going to scale back to a biweekly schedule. We’ll bring you our usual fare of community creativity, lore and, as soon as we’re able, details of what’s coming next. We’ll see how that goes and then revisit cadence when/if necessary.

We still want to entertain you (and will!), but we also want to do right by the community’s expectations when it comes to the Battleplan. We know we can’t please everyone, and that will never change, but this feels like a time where the planets are aligning for us to make a somewhat bigger change with you all at our side.

Our goal for the Battleplan has always been to provide Battleborn news, information, and entertainment, while facilitating a conversation between the Battleborn team and the community. We always strive to be as transparent as possible with the things we can talk about, and we feel like this is one of those times where being transparent is more important than being entertaining.

Since we’re shaking up the Battleplan a little, we thought we’d implement a change to the Lore this week. We know you love the Battleborn Lore, and because of that, we’ve decided to give it a dedicated space here in the forums!

Usually, we post Lore in its entirety in the Battleplan, but we came to the conclusion that doing so wasn’t necessarily conducive to discussion among Lore lovers. So from now on, we’re going to post a preview of the week’s Lore here, and then link to the full-length entry in the Lore subforum. That way, those who are interested in the Lore can have a designated space to discuss it with each other, and with our Loremasters!

So without further ado, here’s a little taste of this week’s Lore:

Darkspace Operations, Part 4

“Maven piloted the plodding mining rig towards a high ridge overlooking the grand concourse of the hotel, doing her best to tune out Orendi’s clambering about the shoulders of the frame. Every few minutes, Orendi and her enormous hat would hang in front of the cockpit upside down, her collection of pointed teeth flashing as she pulled a face or offered some chaotic koan. […]”

To read the rest, check out the entry in our new Lore subforum!

Changes aside, we do have a nugget of information to you. As we’ve alluded, we have an update in the works. We can’t give you a time frame yet, but we’ll be looking to share more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we do have a list of characters scheduled to receive some love. Please note, this is subject to change:

  • Alani
  • Attikus
  • Beatrix
  • Boldur
  • El Dragón
  • Ernest
  • Galilea
  • Kid Ultra
  • Mellka
  • Montana
  • Orendi

Again, this isn’t set in stone, but we hope it gives you a good idea of what direction the team is headed.

As per the new schedule, there will not be a Battleplan next week, so check back in with us in two weeks (that’s April 27th). Oh, and hey. Last week we promised you a lil’ something. How about Galilea’s gold “Destruction” skin? Use the SHiFT code below to unlock it!


Go to the SHiFT menu under “Extras” and redeem the code. If you have any issues redeeming the code, don’t worry – our Support team will be happy to assist you via

Next update: what we know so far
Battleplan Lore Archive
(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #2

oogly boogly

edit: I wrote that just to be scummy into getting first, but now it sums up my reaction to this Battleplan.

On one hand, a bi-weekly schedule is better if the development process has made it necessary.

On the other hand, I was amped up for a community discussion and was let down. I think in the last Battleplan, they said we’d be talking about the commmunity this week…

edit 2: of course, I know they mentioned it this time, but it was just a notice that they’d eventually talk about the community soon…

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #3

And of course more work goes out to Melka and Orendi… glad to see a list though…

EDIT: WHY NOT REYNA plasma splash?? and Reload reworked?

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #4

Gold Gals skin?! :astonished:

I dunno about anyone else, but for me, this so makes up for Battleplans now being biweekly. :heart:

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #5

I guess this is ok?


Appreciate the honesty and transparency, this is a positive direction for the Battleplans. Wish we could get a little more specific detail on upcoming changes (Jythri detailing plans for Beatrix’s silence a couple of weeks ago for example was very encouraging and I would love if we could get more specifics like that), but this is a good start.


That is a pretty good list. The one Battleborn I would add is Thorn. Between her bleed and Ult she is too much in the hands of a high skill player. It probably doesn’t need a big change.

(Oliver Wicks) #8

Are there any Hot Fixes or Queue changes this week? Also, how will the Battleplan going Biweekly - affect the Hot Fixes and Queues?

(RedX) #9

Was thinking the same thing. I also hate how the plasma shot creates recoil for her laser pistol when going from plasma to pistol (unless it’s made to do this) but I have faith and I’m sure more things will be added. I’m also sure that some of those characters won’t be getting “love”, Galilea, Boldur and Beatrix definitely don’t need love

(Neb) #10

Glad they did this plan! Feels like they are listening to the community, which is a plus!
Now I just have to go online to redeem my shift codes, and am hyped for the patch.

(- a disappointed PC player) #11

Ok, I guess. At least we can rage every 2 weeks from now on ^^

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #12

Just one thing @MereAtGBX I think the term you were looking for is Bimonthly

Biweekly would imply 2 Battleplans in 1 week. Bimonthly implies 2 Battleplans a month (or approximately 1 every 2 weeks).

That said. Glad that our discussion on @blainebrossart1’s topic reached the devs in some way which is very evident in the timing of the structure of this Battleplan. Transparency is always nice, een if it’s not always good news. I truly do appreciate this Battleplan for what it is.

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #13

if love means nerfs I am okay with that.

(Zstreet17) #14

Appreciate the transparency approach and look forward to hearing about the changes to the characters listed. It will suck a little not having the Battleplan every week but I think most understand the change. I consider this the best Battleplan we’ve had in at least a month, I appreciate the continued work on this game and I hope you know our passion is because we still love Battleborn after almost a year and don’t want this ride to end.

Time to go read the lore.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #15

Great Battleplan! No hotfixes yet, but the shift to being more transparent is moving in the right direction definitely

(Aolanimax) #16

Orendi doesnt need love, she needs xanax. Lol

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #17

Please no bully the Chaos Witch.

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #18

“appearing or taking place every two weeks or twice a week.”

The definition of Biweekly. I’ve always seen it used as the former.


I was gonna be pedantic and correct you and say you’re thinking of “semiweekly”, but after some research, apparently biweekly means either every two weeks or twice a week. Even the Oxford English Dictionary, my preferred pedantry bible, says so.
Which is just plain confusing.
To her credit though, the original meaning of “biweekly” was once every two weeks, but more recently has taken on the additional meaning after lots of confusion.


Since Attikus is one of my mains, I can’t help but to feel worried about these upcoming changes to him, I personally think he is fine where he is at.