Battleplan 48: 04/27/17

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Battleplan! This week, not only do we have a couple new tidbits of information concerning the update we’ve been working on, we’ve got an up-and-coming community effort, and some juicy lore!

Last Battleplan, we gave you a little taste of what was to come. In case you missed it, we laid out a list of characters who may have some changes in the works:

· Alani
· Attikus
· Beatrix
· Boldur
· El Dragón
· Ernest
· Galilea
· Kid Ultra
· Mellka
· Montana
· Orendi

In addition to those changes, the team is also planning:

· Performance Improvements
· Game Mode Improvements
· Map Fixes
· Character Bug Fixes
· And more…

As before, everything we’ve mentioned thus far is subject to change. And as always, when we’ve got more information to share, you’ll be the first to hear about it!

This week, we’re giving a little shout-out to a grassroots effort by forum member @whitedav97 (aka Davekillerish). Dave has been spending the last month or so setting up the “Battle Ready Youtube Community”, a Battleborn Youtube channel dedicated to giving Battleborn streamers a singular spot to post and promote their videos.

When asked what inspired him to create a Battleborn community Youtube channel, Dave said “I created the Battle Ready Youtube Community to unite the scattered Battleborn Youtube community. I find it hard to find Battleborn content on Youtube that isn’t a 3 hour livestream, and I thought it would be a fun idea to create a place for all Battleborn Youtubers to re-upload their content, and for the overall _Battlebor_n community to have a place where they can find and connect with all kinds of players and Youtubers alike!”

The Battle Ready Youtube Community is just getting started, so if you’re interested in posting your Battleborn videos on this unique community channel (with full credit, of course), check it out here!

Are you hungry for a little Battleborn Lore? Our Loremasters have been toiling away to bring you the latest story from Solus, and we’ve got a sneak peek for you right here.

Darkspace Operations, Part 5

"Gustav’s first experience with a Tunnel-drive had cost him a month.

Calculated correctly, the Tunnel allowed for near-instantaneous travel between seemingly disparate positions in space. However, a single misstep in conversion, one quanta of imprecision, any intrusion of human fallibility upon the divine ordainments of the equations governing the Drive, and the alchemy of traversing artificial space could stretch a momentary jaunt into an odyssey of delirium and starvation. He reflected on the cost of his error as he linked himself deeper into the car’s processes. […]"

As we established last week, Lore now has its own subforum! Check out the rest of this week’s entry here, and be sure to join the conversation with our Loremasters while you’re at it!

As some of you may know, Battleborn’s anniversary is next week. We’d like to take this time to deliver our heartfelt thanks to you, the players. We’re thrilled that you’ve enjoyed playing Battleborn so much over the last year. You’ve taken Battleborn the game and turned it into a tight-knit community. We can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed watching that community coalesce and grow! Your support and feedback has shaped Battleborn into what it is today, and is continuing to shape it now.

Let’s commemorate the occasion with a Legendary Loot Pack! You can unlock it with the SHiFT code below!


Go to the SHiFT menu under “Extras” and redeem the code. If you have any issues redeeming the code, don’t worry – our Support team will be happy to assist you via



I don’t know what I expected

Also, blainebrossart and DrHoHo, I had a whole typed response for our discussion in the El Dragon thread, but then my laptop crashed while trying to load one too many vids for a separate thing. For the sake of closure and simplicity, I’ll say El Dragon is only better in very late game scenarios and even then a coordinated team may be required… final opinion.

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Ah look, nothing! :grin:



…I don’t know what I expected


They went from weekly nothings to bi weekly nothings… glad I play this game like nothing any more


Just saying there will be “improvements” and “fixes” without offering any details isn’t really any better than just not telling us anything at all imo. If the game is going to be left in this state this long we need more



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Cards are still being held close to the chest it seems.

Oh well. Hopefully some news soon.


This. Can we get some examples of balance changes? Having no real news for two, three weeks straight is a bummer.


Really thought there’d be a special event or something new for the one-year anniversary, but this makes it sound like there won’t be anything - just a free loot pack code. Sadness.




Figured something must have happened. You’ve been quiet on the forums for a while. I will say this though, Rath also needs a lot of coordination from his team. They both need their team to follow up when they make a play or they won’t get much done.

So, what I like from every Battleplan so far :

  1. Lore
  2. Shift code (keep them coming!)
  3. Keep saying a new update is coming without any details (it gives hope)

Corrected it for you :wink:

I’m shocked to see nothing for the 1 year anniversary, not even a lootpocalypse?


This loot pack
Better give me a CB King and it better be maxed.


All this secrecy is killing me!! 2 weeks for this… is not hyping me at all… More like


End of rant


So another bbplan with no details or information of character balancing? Great.


I would have really liked another lootpocalypse. Or at least something… Like maybe another Chaos Rumble? :crying_cat_face:


I will be celebrating the one year anniversary by not logging in…


If… I get… another… Shadowcular… again… I’m calling support!!!

No event? Lootpocalypse, double xp, double credit?

@MereAtGBX is there a battleplan next week or is it still scheduled for May 11th?