Battleplan 49: 5/25/17

Hey everyone! We’re back, and we’ve got something to share with you.

As we’ve mentioned in the last few Battleplans, we’ve been keeping our heads down while we work on an update. So far, we’ve only been able to share with you bits of information about what that update may entail. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that we’re just about ready to give you the details.

In the next couple weeks, we’ll be hosting a special Battleborn livestream at specifically to tell you about the update. New Media Manager Elisa Meléndez and guests will go over what you can expect from this update when it drops.

We’re still finalizing the date and time, so keep an eye on our forums and social channels for specifics, and be sure to turn your Twitch notifications on so you don’t miss out!

While we’re currently working on a number of fixes for the update, we do happen to have one ready to go for you right now! This hot fix will begin rolling out today at 12pm PT/3pm ET!

· Reduced damage of Rune Power Axe Toss from 420 to 308 at level 10.
· Reduced damage of Rune Power Boldurdash from 267 to 235 at level 10.

This week, we shine our Community Spotlight on a delightfully wacky forum thread. Over the last couple weeks, members of the Battleborn forum community have been posting weird and wonderful Photoshop creations in the _Battleborn_ Photoshop Thread.

Started by @AncientBelgareth and @HandsomeCam when they requested a photo of a Montana-Toby Photoshop chimera (which was eventually provided to them by @lowlines), the Battleborn Photoshop Thread has become the go-to place for users who want to spread cheer with Battleborn head swaps, composite characters, and other hilariously artistic creations.

To us, the coolest thing about the Battleborn Photoshop Thread (besides the playful and friendly atmosphere, of course), is the sheer skill that’s on display with a lot of these fan creations. My personal favorite pieces – @KitRyu’s head swaps of Deande and Alani – look so legitimate, someone unfamiliar with the characters might not even realized they’re photoshopped!



So, if you’re looking for a little silliness, go check out the Battleborn Photoshop Thread! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s story-time in Solus, as our esteemed Loremasters present you with another offering of Battleborn Lore! Here’s a sneak peak:

Darkspace Operations, Part 6

      “The Varelsi were decimated in minutes. Every few seconds, the hellish drone of the Doomlight’s siren would sound, its stormdrive core briefly illuminated with charge in the pitch-black sky. Peals of Dredge’s laughter rang out as lightning traced the path of least resistance between the Doomlight’s cannons and whatever unfortunate Varelsi he pointed at, leaving only the indigo cinders of their deconstitution and the echo of thunder. Between strikes, Orendi and the Sinners darted between stragglers to mop up. After spectating a few salvos, Shayne’s patience wore out.”

To read the rest of this entry, head on over to its dedicated thread in our Lore subforum! Happy reading!

Like we mentioned above, the Battleborn Update livestream is coming! We’ll be sure to let you know the final date and time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the forums, so be sure to keep an eye out.


Sorry for the delay, folks!


This is one of my favorites of that thread.

And I think this one is essentially nightmare fuel

Imagine running into that in a late night match.

Also, you may or may not have seen (either here or due to Lowlines, MentalMars, The discord announcement or any of the streamers) but the Discord AMA has been pushed back to June AT THE EARLIEST.

I want to apologize for the delay. It’s something I don’t know the details of, but I’m hoping I can resolve the knock-on effects of the delay ASAP so that the AMA can happen shortly.

Official announcements of the AMA (such as updates on the date or the re-opening of the question suggestions if we need to) will almost definitely come from me.

If any streamers or content creators want to be told as soon as a solid date is confirmed, I don’t know how long that will be prior to the actual event however, feel free to let me know and I’ll keep you up to date as best I can to increase the chance that non-forum users will find out


There he got nerfed, that means Boldur is balanced now, leave him alone you savages


No one ever gets to level 10 dwaf, you’re safe.

Thank you for the battleplan guys. <3

edit: just realized it’s just his ult damage and level 10 is just the line theyre using for reference. So boldur is 1% less scary at level 5.


finallyyyyyy, i hope the livestream is tomorrow image


There’s more to be done…


HOLY CRAP!! A BATTLEPLAN?? With lore, and mentions of the next update without date, but no shift code. 2/3.

Please be next Thursday! Or are you aiming for E3?


Well, it’s a start. Presumably these Boldur fixes are the only changes they made because they aren’t anything that would be reverted in the update (as Beatrix, Bola’s Target Finder, etc. would). Frustrating that those issues still aren’t being addressed prior to the update, but happy to see something being done.


You know what cow? I’m beautiful no matter what you say, words cant bring me down u.u


Has anyone figured out exactly how damage, health, and shield capacity scales with level in this game? Linear or non-linear?

Shield doesnt go up, 65hp a level, 4% attack and skill damage per level


Additive or multiplicative?

You know what this calls for @KitRyu? A celebratory photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue:


You have HP and shield right (besides kleese, who gets 15 shield/level). However, attack and skill damage scaling are incorrect. Skill damage scales linearly and is per-skill (e.g. Shadowfire Pillar gets 8/level for 2.6%, while Aerial Assault gets 25/level for 13.36%). Attack damage also is not precisely 4%, but does scale linearly.

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OK, that answers my other question. Thanks to both of you!

Whaaaaat?! Whats boldurs boldurs skill damage >:/

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Axe toss starts at 200 and gets 8/level

Boldurdash starts at 133 and gets 8/level

That’s at level 0, btw, so level 1 is 208 and 141 respectively.

Additive acording to the Bible.

WOO nice that’s a good start! :slight_smile:[quote=“MereAtGBX, post:1, topic:1561426”]
In the next couple weeks, we’ll be hosting a special Battleborn livestream

HYPE! I legit can’t wait :slight_smile: