Battleplan 51: 6/22/17

(Jennerit Supremacist) #21

I believe that on pc but on ps4 draft had reasonable queue times.

(Wolkeelliot) #22

Same wit Xbox, I found plenty of draft games.

(beta382) #23

Ahh, it was something jythri said on discord. The exact comment was that PC was dead, PS4 had 3-4 concurrent, and Xbox had 1-2 concurrent.

(wisecarver) #24

Those of us who only play Story/Ops/Bots are the opposite of excited.

(BattleWulf) #25

If they had the ability to please everyone, I’m sure they would, but right now, we just have to make do with what we’re given.

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(PSN: Peanutfluffer) #26

Can you fix Fetch please? Call me crazy but I would think genuine broken aspects of the game would take priority over novelty queues :smirk:

(Hobbit Warrior) #27

With 2 random queue’s and bots being the only pvp options. Yeah, don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to see how that goes.

I think a lot of people would have been perfectly content to just see voting be available in quick match again.


Do console have seasonal sales? If they do, any game should take some sort of advantage of it.

Steam Summer Sale will start in less than an hour, a time where a lot of people will have some sort of incentives to spend money. If you can capitalize on that, you should.

This Battleplan obviously did not announce anything to take advantage of the Summer Sale. It makes me wonder if Battleborn would do anything for a seasonal console sale, assuming they exist.

Connection issues are always present, and yesterday the game had issues where even if 5 ppl were queued properly the voting process won’t even start. It just loops, then someone breaks, then queues again, then breaks, this went for about 15 minutes for 4 games that cannot even reach the voting stage.

And I don’t know what the hell happened with this update, but some bots don’t even attack or cast abilities anymore. They run around in circles around you or other minions as a mobile target, until being brutally killed in a fashion that’s as hilarious as it is sad. This has been addressed by the community in other threads, but no official response has been given.

The most recent post by GBX is to remind us that the drop rates of Magnus Packs suck and will maybe look into it. When Magnus Packs require, more or less, real additional cash then the drop rates shouldn’t be abysmal as they currently are.

And what about that 230 Platinum pack (or bundle or selection whatever you want to call it) is that going to be taken out or changed to 350? Because you can’t buy any premium stuff with only 230. I see that as preying on those who are ignorant towards the fact that nothing can be bought with that anymore and are forced to pay again. Is anyone going to talk about this in any capacity?

PvE concerns, everyone knows about my opinion of it. I don’t need to be repeat it here.

It’s been, what, less than 3 weeks since the update and the numbers on PC are almost back to where they were before. Something about this game, even if it is Free to Try, is not keeping people around. I can’t speak for consoles, but I seriously doubt the pattern is much different just not as severe. I’ve had veterans and newcomers tell me that, yea, some of the premium stuff look really cool and I want it, but… I don’t want to play this game anymore…

I’d rather play Mass Effect Andromeda… they say… and I don’t know if I should laugh or sigh in defeat.

I can go on, surely, but at least I gave you a slightly more detailed answer.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #29

I don’t know what to say than. Ps4 draft queue times weren’t exactly fast but I’ve seen much longer queues in the past.

I think I’m mostly upset because no more Boldur bans and now I have to make sure we have Kelvin counters.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #30

Are Battleplan still every two weeks?

Should the Free Character Rotation be mentionned too?

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #31

It’s not as if those are bad requests, they just may be a little hard to control or program.

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(How much time do we have?) #32

XBox has some sort of sale going on all the time, especially now that Games With Gold is a thing and they have a huge backwards-compatible library to throw at you. There’s a rotating monthly selection of games either on sale or free (to XBL gold members). It’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest - a 1 TB drive is starting to look pretty small.

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #33

This part frustrates me. Did everyone just forget Boldur is powerful?

(How much time do we have?) #34

I suspect that fixing Fetch requires code changes, which requires a patch, which requires certification from Sony and MS (and Steam? dunno on that). Changing queues, on the other hand, appears to all be done server-side. So, I am hopeful Fetch will be fixed (along with the still broken ultimate lore challenges in Bots Battle and some other important stuff). But it’s not something that can just roll out in a hotfix.


Maybe that explains why Battleborn is so averse to having discounts and sales in their marketplace.

XBOX has sales so often that Battleborn can’t compete with and PC numbers are so abysmal that making a sale isn’t worth the effort. Doesn’t mean that’s what they should do, but it gives me a bit of clarity.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #36

Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks! I’m pretty pumped!

(RedX) #37

Yup, most likely going to have to run super tanky builds.

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #38

But it’s been so nice without them. I can’t even remember the last time I fought Boldur.

(xstephenx) #39

So we got rid of the only competitive que that has drafting for some crap new mode way to go gearbox say goodbye to a good portion of the competitive players. :wave::wave::wave:

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(beta382) #40

Boldur is powerful, Kelvin is bugged to sometimes instakill with sublimate.