Battleplan 51: 6/22/17


We ever going to get new skins and taunts again?

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #62

What in the world? I loaded up the game and it gave me the little ad for Supercharge, but no Mini Match/Supercharge queue???

Is there a way to only play incursion
(Influencer Guy) #63

Good questions. Mini Match is a queue with voting. Supercharge WILL be one of the options, and the other two choices are split between our other four modes.

Quick Match should be voting on all the time, and is now only Incursion and Meltdown. If you want to play the other modes, then mini-match will be your best bet. Hope that helps!

PSA : CR Openly Seen at MM Again , Quick Match Voting Now Turned Back On, Quick Match Only Incursion and Meltdown
(Jennerit Supremacist) #64

So if I understand that right it means that capture and face off are now strictly 3v3 outside of private games, correct?

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(Orendi's Best Buddy) #65

:neutral_face: Oh well.

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So QM is now pubstomp queue, try your luck in 3v3?

This configuration makes no sense.

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #67

How do you figure quick match to be pubstomp?


Full teams have literally nowhere else to go now.

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(Hobbit Warrior) #69

Not sure why it’s still called quick match, but I’ll take it. Thank you very much @JoeKGBX. :grinning:

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #70

Well I think this is best solution presented so far. Solo/Duo failed (at least on PS4). This actually allows people that don’t want to fight full teams to have a surefire way to not fight them.

Plus I think 3v3 in Face Off and Capture fixes the number one issue of those game modes: Spawn Camping.

In the end this all just theoretical. I’m actually going to play the 3v3 modes before I give my final opinion on whether or not this was a good idea. But I’m feeling optimistic.

(PSN = Jaden8675309 Send me a Friend Req to Team up :0) #71

@joeKGBX @jythri
1)That’s an awesome answer but do you realize how unclear this was in your initial Battleplan post? Can you uhh - revise your initial Battleplan post drastically to say that QM has been changed to only Incursion and Meltdown plus is now able to vote?

  1. And also clearly say in the initial BP post that Capture and Face Off have been strictly moved to 3v3?

Or am I blind and it does say that somewhere. Surely you wouldn’t just leave some vital piece of information like this out of the initial Battleplan post…

I think all the above queue changes are definitely a major improvement btw…although it will stink having to deal with boldur and kelvin again in incursion!

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(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #72

I give most of the credit to @Tokesy97 and @SnekvaPrime for this AMA. Tokesy was the one most involved in setting up the AMA and Snekva was the one who took over asking the questions after Tokesy had to leave. I also want to thank the other Discord staff for making sure that everything was running as smoothly as possible during the event. It wasn’t a flawless event and I think we could still improve upon it. We’re taking people’s feedback on the event and are open to suggestions on how we can improve things for the next one.

I also want to thank @jythri for dropping by and answering all of the questions asked of him. We had a lot of questions and he stuck around for all of them.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #73

Just here to say THANKS for the extra bank pages and gear loadouts. 10/10 would literally buy again.

(PSN = Jaden8675309 Send me a Friend Req to Team up :0) #74

It makes way way more sense to have capture and face off turned into 3v3 permanently for so many reasons. This is the healthiest landing spot for both of these modes imo

(30% more flak) #75

You can see peoples levels and teams again?

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #76

Yup! They brought it back!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #77

I wish the enemy team’s picks were kept hidden to avoid counter-picking and shiz like that outside of Draft.

(Hobbit Warrior) #78

Hmm, wonder if that was a mistake or intentional.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #79

I hope it is intentional; It’ll help low-levels avoid a stomping.

(PSN = Jaden8675309 Send me a Friend Req to Team up :0) #80

LIES…NO WAY!!! (thats amazing)