Battleplan 51: 6/22/17

First match after I realized it was all people under 30 vs all people above 100…I’m glad they dropped


It’s about the only thing that’ll help low-levels now that draft is gone… At least i had my closest match in history to go out on, with our second sentry taking 2 points of damage as the timer hit 0.
Good game, @shadowhaven!


Have the odds to get a magnus skin been increased?


14 minutes waiting in that new 3v3 mode. Not a single soul found. GG … bots battle it is then… eh…

PC died again? GBX needs to put points into their Necromancy Masteries. lol


Yep, dead as a zombie without a head.

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Well, at least all these amazing new features and changes came out in time to take advantage of the population boost from the trial.



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In my experience, those tend to stick around for just long enough to slap you at least once. Usually on the one session you forget to buy Quick Revive.

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Why would you force more boldur into our lives… What did we do to you gearbox :sob:


Yeah, really impressed and looking forward to playing a new mode restricted to four characters in a game best known for having 30 playable characters.

Is this a reference to that Tank Yankers thing? I have no idea what it is, but I’m guessing it’s some Bird Hunt type nonsense?

Yes, info in the 6/8 Battleplan.

Basically a mode to see who has the best pull.

…Humor, love it

I’m going to present this as an open statement.

And I wish to stress that I will not be mentioning it again in this thread without immediate repercussions for the next infraction.

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Being polite and constructive are not suggestions, they are forum policy. There are several million places on the internet where you’re allowed to speak ill of others as you deem fit, this is not one of them.

Forum Rules for good measure.


I’m here once again to state the sad truth with some small numbers (literally).

Yesterday, before the big new super mode at this time: 427 players online.
Today, when the mode is already active, we have: 366 players online.

New mode, new hype - people are not interested. Like, at all.

I say thank you to all people at GBX, but PC players have left the building.

Most of them are playing other moba/team pvp type games (at least the ones on my friend list) or other stuff. 90% of them didn’t even launch Battleborn this week. I would have really liked to try this mode…, but I don’t wanna waste another half hour in a queue while picking my nose out of boredom.

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I just bought 3 games off the summer sale, and will probably buy XCOM2 and maybe Shadow of Mordor later next week… maybe one or two other ones that are cheap enough on my wishlist…

Too bad Children’s Card Game didn’t come on sale, since Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst, but other games and companies are simply doing a very good job at competing for my time and money that I’m going to stop playing Civilization 5 for the time being.

I hope Battleborn provide some real incentives to play before the Summer Sale ends, at least make me want to log in.

I actually gave 2 Battleborn copies to 2 other friends and they refused to install it. How do you counter something like that? I pray someone could teach me.


btw, both extremely awesome games! You’ll not be disappointed.


I know I won’t be, I loved Enemy Within enough that I played a second playthrough.

I’m waiting since I want to accrue all the cards I get daily and turn them into credits, then use said credits on one final game. I’m probably putting Shadow of Mordor at the very end as the last game. I’m kinda debating whether XCOM2 would be good to buy now given the expansion is coming late August. If it’s anything like Enemy Within, well, I won’t mind playing it twice.

I really wanted Nier Automata, but 56 CDN is still a lot of money… maybe I’ll get it at Christmas, or if it goes on an even steeper sale.