Battleplan 51: 6/22/17

(unmaking the universe with math) #102

I was under the impression that you didn’t like PvP
If thats the case there is no combination of gimmicks/characters/rules that you would find appealing

(Nykraft) #103

Hi Rivaire and others players here ! I read your comment about the fact you bought two copies of BattleBorn for your friends but they don’t want to install it … I’m on XB1 and I speak about BB a lot to my friends, I want they install the free trial version to play together but no ones want to install it … why ?! Because the game is “dead” (but how a game who are dead can be always be patch by is developpers and have new add and content since month ?! How a game who are “dead” can be played everyday ?! The game is not dead ! It’s just not hype … but I don’t care, the game is so good !), because the game is “too old”, “not new”, “not hype” or because they prefer to play others game and they don’t want to discover if Battleborn can be a good game … they are not curious about it … and I think it’s very desesperate.

I see again recent video on youtube of guys who love to saying BattleBorn is dead … But why they can’t coming to play the game ?! But I posted the link about the new mode add just to saying the game is not dead like they think or want … There are players who love and play this game everyday, developpers try to make their best to maintain the interest about their game (and I think GearBox made a real great jobs with BB). I appreciate the new mode called supercharge ! It’s new and when you are with good players, is very fun.

Sorry for my bad english.

PS : I’m in France and I don’t see a news about the add of a new mode for BattleBorn :frowning: very sad :frowning:

(wisecarver) #104

I was just on a Bots server with two people from France, they were lagging so bad the bot Montana owed them. :sob:

(Nykraft) #105

Yep, I think the game is most played today by american player, european players seem to be rare :cry:

(wisecarver) #106

I salute you, with Honor. :sunny:

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(30% more flak) #107

Feedback on supercharge; Really liked it, actually, as a first impression. Didn’t try any other modes in 3v3 yet.

Also really like the title with my clone boys, thx!

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(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #108

Is it me or is it really quiet these days? Usually, after an update, the board is blooming everywhere.

I haven’t played much lately. My buddies are kinda taking a break (one had a baby, two had new girlfriends). Ah life.

(Zstreet17) #109

The update didn’t actually give anything for veteran players so many are getting bored with Battleborn.

(How much time do we have?) #110

Played my first two matches last night, and it was good. I’d really like a way to be able to learn the maps without being in full-on versus mode though. Private apparently requires you to have a full group of 6 players, or did I miss something?

(30% more flak) #111

They probably don’t have the bot AI ready for Supercharge. They might not actually make supercharge AI at all… But I don’t think you need a full game to play private maps. Did they forget to add supercharge into private games completely? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #112

You need an enemy team sadly

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(wisecarver) #113

…Partly about being burned also.
For some odd reason they are still putting the cheese out there for PvP when a good muscle behind Story and OPs would probably keep people interested. The most fun I’ve had was back when the peeps here and I had full 5 player teams.


Im honestly fine with the game as it is. only complain would be, guys please, just finally fix shayne.

(wisecarver) #115

…Shayne is my fav, what’s wrong with her?


Fetch is bugged, as you should know. Now that they finally fixed the issue were fetch gets destroyed by Projectiles, they made the skill into a lottery. You use it, it hits and now you better pray that it does something.

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #117

Her fetch doesn’t always work.

(wisecarver) #118

Wow, haven’t played her lately, been leveling up the characters I left for last.
That’s a shame.


The funky thing about the shayne bug is, that there are actually 2 different ways in wich fetch can malfunction. One being that it just goes through an enemy it should “fetched”, the other being that aurox clings to the opponent and you hear the typical “succesful-fetch-sound” but the opponent does not get pulled nor stunned, he just continues like nothing happened (at least you get an overshield for that one). It is all in all kinda weird, and i would really be interested in hearing from the devs, what exactly they changed about the skill. Did they tweak the hitbox? Did they add a rng effect? Is this on purpose? Why two bugs at the same time? I demand answers! :slight_smile:

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #120

Aurox became a pacifist or something, he goes and hugs ppl.

I tried to pull an ambra and aurox just gave her a hug, oscar mike got close to ambra and he got pulled…

Aurox is being rly wierd… I like to make fun of him lol


I guess that montana operation had a serious impact on him. Way to go alani, ruining my favourite character.

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