Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

Hey everyone! Did you have a lovely July 4th? A good Canada Day?

This week, we celebrated the various holidays with the Tank Yankers Weekend Event! We hope you had an awesome time knocking your enemies (and some of your friends, we heard) into a boiling pit of lava, hopefully decked out in some discounted Summer-themed skins! Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you’re looking forward to more awesome weekend events, then you’ll be pleased to know that Rocket Brawl is coming!

Rocket Brawl is a special event in which players are locked into are graciously allowed to play as that glorious rocket hawk, Benedict! Experience the majesty of two teams of Benedicts fighting for control of a series of capture points, all while dealing with extreme Rocket Damage and faster cooldowns!


Despite the holiday, we’ve got a couple juicy Hot Fixes for you! As always, these will begin rolling out at 12pm PT/3pm ET, so be on the look out:

• Reduced the damage of L4 Hatchet Man from 240 to 120 damage over 4 seconds.

As we’ve noted in the past, we’re happy for Boldur to be recognized as a capable mobile defender; however, his current ability to deal large amounts of damage is making him stronger than we’d like to see. Our hope is that by reducing the damage of this augment, he becomes a bit more reliant on directly connecting with his skills and primary attacks.

• Reduced the duration of Sublimate from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

While Kelvin does a great job of filling his role as an initiator/disruptor and tank, his control abilities have proven to be problematic. Particularly, his ability to get in, stun enemies, and get out - all while Sublimated- provides him with a unique ability to control the battlefield with limited risk and counterplay. Our intent behind this change is to allow Kelvin players to make a decision on whether to use Sublimate as an initiation skill or as an escape, rather than allowing him to do both at once. This should also make situations that allow him to stun entire enemy teams more rare as well.

As always, we’ll continue to monitor feedback and data, and will give particular attention to these characters and specifically the effect of these changes.

Please note that, due to technical limitations, Kelvin’s Sublimate ability will not be changed in its description. If you have any issues with these Hot Fixes, don’t hesitate to contact!

This week, we shine our Community Spotlight on the _Battleborn_ PS4 League! Led by Ed Chiba, this 11-week invitational tournament is currently on its fifth week of matches, the next of which is set to take place on Sunday, July 9th.

The participating teams are:
· DPS Mikos
· Za and the Ripperonis
· Insomniacs
· Blitzkrieg
· Handsome Thralls
· Teleleportalators
· Phist Phorce
· Taunters Anonymous
· Learn to Play
· Target Banned

For more information on when and where to watch the matches, check out the schedule, and the Battleborn PS4 League Twitch channel. And if you have a tournament you’d like for us to support, check out our submission page and submit an application. We’ll review your entry and determine if we can provide support!

Rocket Brawl is coming, so be sure to check out the next Battleplan for the time and date of this upcoming Battleborn in-game event. In the meantime, brush up on your rocket-launching skills. You’re gonna need ‘em. :wink:

This past Monday, we gave out a couple of SHiFT codes for free skins! If you missed out, you can find them below!

Caldarius’ “Cosmos” Skin: SKCBJ-XKTZR-KWW3S-FCRTJ-RHT9F
El Dragon’s “Plancha” Skin: SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TWC

These codes expire on July 18th, so redeem them soon! Go to the SHiFT menu under “Extras” and redeem the code. If you have any issues redeeming the code, don’t worry – our Support team will be happy to assist you via

Now go fight for Solus!


nice :smiley:
EDIT: yay first one :3

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That’s an oxymoron, initiation means that you are using it to start a fight, if you are escaping right away then you haven’t initiated at all.

And if sublimate’s duration is to be reduced, then return the speed bonus to pre-July 2016 levels. A 3 second escape skill that has him moving slower than many characters sprint speeds is not an escape skill at all, which is why Kelvin players always made sure to stun someone before fleeing. With only 2 seconds to use the skill before any helix choices, they won’t be escaping, period.

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Now I would love to see him have more of a delay with his quick melee and 30% movement speed reduced to 15% when his axe is gone. If gally can get multiple nerfs why not Boldur :smile:


What is the last digit on El dragons skin?

Ah! You will have to actually be careful about your initiations like every other character in the game now!


it won´t help since there is a number mssing in the el dragon code^^ last segment are only 4 letters
here the actual one @PAX: El Dragón Skin: SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TWC


I honestly didn’t notice, thanks!

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Prepare for the incoming storm of Bolder nerfs.


I agree with everything here. I think that after something like this is done Boldur will be free from the perma-banned zone.

I like the fact that the 2 most-banned characters got featured in the hot fix today. Not sure how I feel about the sublimate duration nerf; as an occasional Kevin player I’m a bit worried about using Sublimate as an escape anymore due to the lower duration and the slow speed (as somebody mentioned above). It should help curve what makes Kelvin so good though, so I guess it’s okay.
I’d like to see a reduction in the rate of Permafrost’s decay though. That’d be really good.


Ya know, except Boulder or Thorn. They can still pretty much do whatever they want lol

I’ll be interested in seeing how the Sublimate nerf affects Kelvin. I think most players might choose Windchill over Consume now.

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I’m glad so far they aren’t nerfing Boldur’s survivability. This change doesn’t affect me at all. :sunglasses:

It’s used to initiate a team fight, which Kelvin would then escape safely from.

I think both of these nerfs are much needed steps in the right direction. Good work, team.


So not only can’t we (PvE players) do the lore challenge of Kelvin in Botbattles, but you make it harder to do so in PvP?

Here is the complete El Dragón Skin code - SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TW C


Whoop! Thanks for the heads up!

You can do the lore challenges in bots battle …it´s just harder now…but all the lore is possible in bots battle for some time now

I agree with everyone who more or less said “Moar Boldur nerfs”, and think that the Kelvin one may actually be perfect; Kelvin will just have to wait until he gets to the helix that extends the duration upon a stun, before sublimate becomes the most annoying skill in the game again. In other words, it’ll take away a bit of his early game, and reduce early team wipes.

@codarik: Sorry, fro-bro! We’re still friends right?! Please don’t hate me… Go Team Arctic!


Love this bp! Thank you for the hotfixes and news!


Can anyone confirm this? From my own experience this is still (and since last update) the only lore challenge bugged in bots battle.
Would love to be proven wrong since Kelvin is the only character I havn’t “mastered” yet.