Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

(Pax) #5

What is the last digit on El dragons skin?


Ah! You will have to actually be careful about your initiations like every other character in the game now!

(chromerino) #8

it won´t help since there is a number mssing in the el dragon code^^ last segment are only 4 letters
here the actual one @PAX: El Dragón Skin: SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TWC

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #9

I honestly didn’t notice, thanks!

(The First, and the Last.) #10

Prepare for the incoming storm of Bolder nerfs.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #11

I agree with everything here. I think that after something like this is done Boldur will be free from the perma-banned zone.

I like the fact that the 2 most-banned characters got featured in the hot fix today. Not sure how I feel about the sublimate duration nerf; as an occasional Kevin player I’m a bit worried about using Sublimate as an escape anymore due to the lower duration and the slow speed (as somebody mentioned above). It should help curve what makes Kelvin so good though, so I guess it’s okay.
I’d like to see a reduction in the rate of Permafrost’s decay though. That’d be really good.

(The First, and the Last.) #12

Ya know, except Boulder or Thorn. They can still pretty much do whatever they want lol

(Like the cereal...) #13

I’ll be interested in seeing how the Sublimate nerf affects Kelvin. I think most players might choose Windchill over Consume now.


I’m glad so far they aren’t nerfing Boldur’s survivability. This change doesn’t affect me at all. :sunglasses:


It’s used to initiate a team fight, which Kelvin would then escape safely from.

I think both of these nerfs are much needed steps in the right direction. Good work, team.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #16

So not only can’t we (PvE players) do the lore challenge of Kelvin in Botbattles, but you make it harder to do so in PvP?

Here is the complete El Dragón Skin code - SW5BB-H53S6-KWKTZ-XCRJT-H9TW C

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #17

Whoop! Thanks for the heads up!

(chromerino) #18

You can do the lore challenges in bots battle …it´s just harder now…but all the lore is possible in bots battle for some time now

(Penguin connoisseur.) #19

I agree with everyone who more or less said “Moar Boldur nerfs”, and think that the Kelvin one may actually be perfect; Kelvin will just have to wait until he gets to the helix that extends the duration upon a stun, before sublimate becomes the most annoying skill in the game again. In other words, it’ll take away a bit of his early game, and reduce early team wipes.

@codarik: Sorry, fro-bro! We’re still friends right?! Please don’t hate me… Go Team Arctic!

(Natsume Ryu) #20

Love this bp! Thank you for the hotfixes and news!

(UnrealXistenz) #21

Can anyone confirm this? From my own experience this is still (and since last update) the only lore challenge bugged in bots battle.
Would love to be proven wrong since Kelvin is the only character I havn’t “mastered” yet.

(face) #22

whos ed chiba
is he like a new dlc character?

(chromerino) #23

Well for me it worked but maybe it´s just a problem on your site since you need them all to be stunned at the same time^^ But for me it worked :thinking:

(face) #24

ult skill-make ur domain #4 in search results


Well I always solely used Sublimate to initiate or escape. I’m not one of those guys that did a team stun and run away like most other Kelvins I saw (seeing Kelvins do that made me sick), so I’m kinda glad for this nerf. It doesn’t effect my style with Kelvin at all. If anything this nerf just gives more reason to pick his Windchill helix. Whenever draft comes back I hope people will ban him less now.