Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

(face) #22

whos ed chiba
is he like a new dlc character?

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(chromerino) #23

Well for me it worked but maybe it´s just a problem on your site since you need them all to be stunned at the same time^^ But for me it worked :thinking:

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ult skill-make ur domain #4 in search results


Well I always solely used Sublimate to initiate or escape. I’m not one of those guys that did a team stun and run away like most other Kelvins I saw (seeing Kelvins do that made me sick), so I’m kinda glad for this nerf. It doesn’t effect my style with Kelvin at all. If anything this nerf just gives more reason to pick his Windchill helix. Whenever draft comes back I hope people will ban him less now.

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more heads up!

Looks like im able to shine the spotlight more accurately, so i shall! :slight_smile:

The 11 week invitational tournament organized by oobface and dje is currently in its 4th week of operation. Matches occur on any day of the week, the teams decide when to play-so its important to check out the competitive section of the BB forums for updates on daily matches, as well as the battleborn reddit. Every streamed/casted match will have a post on both platforms.Links for rules/rosters/schedule can be found on the twitch page. Any request for league standings can be made publicly, or directed towards myself or dje :slight_smile:

Any further inquiries can also be made towards myself(oobface)

Thanks for the spotlight gbx!
hope every had a happy 4th!

(Penguin connoisseur.) #27

Sad sigh.

I’m sad now… It should have never LEFT…

(BlessAndDestroy) #28

I really like the Kelvin adjustment. Its going to make people really plan out when they use that skill. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin him.


Seriously though, supposedly we lost it because of queue times but queue times are way worse for me in 3v3 than they’ve been in any other queue this game has ever had.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #30

Hopefully Gearbox takes a look at my “Preferred Queue Poll” thread, and makes some changes based on it; Versus Draft, Solo/Duo, Incursion and Quick Match with voting & Incursion were all high-up on the list…

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #31

It’s definitely the slowest queue currently, but it’s been hastening since the departure of Tank Yankers.

However, with Rocket Brawl coming…


From the people I’ve spoken to that queue is doing far better on PS4 than Xbox. Xbox seems to have all but given up on it which makes sense considering it’s a 3v3 and the characters just conceptually aren’t balanced around that.

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I’m pretty much afraid of the Xbox 3v3 queue because the crazies in there think voting for Incursion is a good idea. 28-30 minute unbalanced matches where everyone has to stay in lane or else = not fun.

Xbox still has a bad case of Incursion-itus in general.

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #35

Supercharge, Capture, and Face-Off are fun with 3v3.

Meltdown I haven’t tried yet and Incursion just doesn’t work on that.

What they should have done is made the tutorial map the only possible map to play Incursion on. Okay, maybe Overgrowth because it’s the smallest/tightest actual Incursion map. But still, tutorial Incursion was fun.

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I’ve heard a couple of folks who said it never registered and then tried it in PvP and it worked.

I actually haven’t had the time to try it myself yet.

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If you care about what used to be here, MeltedCow quoted it in his post below this one. Have a nice day. :acmaffirmative:

Sign of what’s to come.

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #38

I really hope this is joking.

Sign of what’s to come.

Nerfs to two characters that have consistently appeared at the top of the meta since January? (Boldur even longer)

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #39

Feel free to explain why it should be a joke or what’s wrong with it.

And I couldn’t find a good picture of a toothpick, or I would have posted it. But I’m just commenting on how you couldn’t even begin to compare how this game and it’s character’s play now, to how they did day 1. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

(the one person that likes capture ) #40

If Galilea could see her day one self I bet she would sink into a deep depression.

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #41

Well, your first part comes off as satirical, at least the first time I read it. You’re harping on them for a small somewhat vague technical error, then saying it’s a straight up lie, as if they’re directly lying to you in some harmful or deceitful fashion. I’ll try and connect the dots, at least my interpretation of what they’re saying. Boldur uses Axe Toss while he’s ulted, he doesn’t actually have to aim it that much because of its explosion radius. But the full damage is dealt and the bleed comes through too. This nerf is trying to make Boldurs a bit more inclined to actually try and hit their targets because they can’t just rely on AoE bleed as much.

Thanks for taking away my Tank Boldur, turning him into an Assassin, and then now getting rid of that too.

This was the part I thought was especially satirical. You actually think Boldur can’t tank anymore? I guess the offhand shield (that can go up to 2000 in hitpoints), high base max health, high health regen, typical Tank dash skill, damage reduction after activating Rage… means nothing. Bruh.

That’s not necessarily a good thing but it’s not a bad thing either. If you’re hinting at the latter, well, god forbid they have balancing changes. And do you remember how chaotic release Battleborn was? How infuriatingly terrible the balance was? In most cases the changes of character role been good, in some, bad, like with ISIC. (Blaine and Hellyeah, if you’re reading this, let’s not open up discussion on ISIC’s role, k? Because we know that will never end.)

(Jennerit Supremacist) #42

Hellyeah has been banned from the forums. Like 5 times now.

And Boldur was 10x the tank he is now so I kinda get what he’s saying. I remember old Boldur when I got solo ulted by Deande and hit by a prenerf Dreadwind all while standing in a minion wave and only lost half my health.

For as hard as it is to kill a good Boldur now, he was nearly immortal back then.