Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

Yes, because Dont’ Stop Running was ridiculously strong when it could last 6 seconds and has multiple ways to be activated. Shayne could easily maintain 30% movement speed bonus for much longer than reasonable. Since we are apparently talking about my personal bias now, if we compare it to Rath’s movement speed bonus evasive maneuvers, EM can’t be activated with a controlled condition and unless I’m paired with Kleese I realistically can’t reactivate it for a bare minimum of 10 more seconds. At the same time I know it’s a very powerful helix and I don’t think it should be buffed to at all because it’s great as it is. So when I look at other characters having the same thing but better I ask, “How is that fair?”

We can even look at Miko, he had a 30% boost at level 7 that would essentially be active at all times. And when that was nerfed it was made to a 15% boost but is still easy to keep active.

[quote=“khimerakiller, post:58, topic:1563627”]
Again, says the dude that backs the guy with the spin cancel. It’s basically the same thing. [/quote]

Rath honestly needs spin cancelling to be anything more than a walking knock up in PvE and competitive PvP and a pub stomp character in pubs. Of the “Assassin” in the game his high damage output only comes from the fact that he’s hitting a lot of things at once. His actual DPS is pathetically low and doesn’t get any noticeable improvements until level 7. Where nearly every other melee DPS is picking up at least their second.

When I figured out Boldur could increase his DPS by canceling his animations with his block, I didn’t do it. Despite Boldur being my third most played character I said to myself “No, Boldur doesn’t need something like this” because he honestly didn’t.

And this just makes it all that much more powerful. He can pin someone in a corner and keep them there without getting pushed away. And even though there is diminishing returns, there is still a slight push to it. Once Boldur gets someone pined a corner he can actually keep them suspended in the air so they can’t get away without either skills or help from a teammate.


I saw him banned, then I saw him come back. I didn’t realize he was banned again.

When I say banned, I mean life time banned. Otherwise I would say suspended.

And yes, that means he’s had about 5 lifetime bans across multiple accounts.


He’s been a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boy!

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Look…I’m still a fan, can’t get this thought out properly but its a thing…

Worldwide very few people are playing Battleborn, which is sad.

But on the home-front the characters are getting nerfed like mad.
However, at the same time the Devs are working on new high damage modes, because that’s fun.

So, what the hey! The characters, including Alani were fun!

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I agree, I think the bots are weaker, never did testing though. I played a 3v3 incursion and was clearing waves with pendles alone at the end… you know that won’t be happening in a late game 5v5 incursion match.

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Great! keep nerfing melee characters,kelvin’s only 2 good skill now only 1. boldur sucks, anyone care? guessing the next
nerfing is to range character, because they can rekt melees. so the logic is “what’s good? neeeeeeeerf”.



Tankiest character in the game by a wide margin with insanely high burst damage. You’d have to be ridiculously bad with Boldur to not see how blatantly OP he was.


They nerfed the two most powerful characters in the game, not just “melee characters.” Kelvin’s sublimate is still strong. Boldur doesn’t suck at all, he has a stun, long range burst attack that can slow with an upgrade, lots of movement speed, a shield thats strength can be doubled, a rather small frame for a tank, a high damage dash, plenty of damage reduction, plenty of health regen, and more. I could go on, but I won’t… but I could.


@meltedcow I can help! Let’s see

Shaine and aurox have a passive damage reduction of 20% when their shield is activated, boldur when he kills something or uses his dash he activates a 25% damage reduction and can boost it up to 40%!!!
Montana has damage reduction but is a skill and has cooldown, in theory boldur can keep his rage up almost all the match.

Shaine and aurox have a 2 seconds speed boost of 30% after using a skill or getting their shield broken, boldur has 30% movement speed when he throws his axe and dont get it back, this gives him like 12 seconds of speed.

Isic and galilea have a shield right? But both shields are only 1,000 health and they are forced to walk while holding it up, well boldur’s shield can get pumped to 2,000 hp and run while holding it up unlike the other two. This means he has an easier time retreating and engaging as he gets in out full health and his shield regenerate after 3 seconds.

If that is not enough his damage reduction boost his already op shield… So thats 25-40% extra hp on a shield of 2,000 hp. We are speaking of a character who is movile, can negate damage, can mitigate damage and his basic meele is over 100 dmg.

On top of that when he hits lvl 5 his boldur dash deals 312 when using his ult, 300 is everyones shield expt a few with gear or helix options. This means, after a stun the odds of eat every single hit goes up to 100% without gear or helix.

Boldur can infiltrate your base and live there for a while because your team needs to do a lot to punish him, he can hold his shield up, survive your sentry and get behind him and harass your squishies. This nerf did nothing to that, it just reduced is ability to kill squishies in one combo, now he needs to land an extra hit to compensate the damage lost from the bleed.

Unless boldur lose his ability to run while holding his shield he will always be the strongest tank, his already high movility mixed with dmage reduction, hp regeneration, an overshield and a dash that can get its distance increased makes him tough to kill.


Once again, this BP tells us NOTHING NEW. Most of us already knew that this was coming anyway, but what I want to know is what will be coming AFTER THAT. What’s next for this game?

This has been a recent complaint of mine lately: The Devs seem to be scared of letting us know anything. Not knowing frustrates me no end!

Sorry if that sounds a little depressing, but I hate being left in the dark, even more so with how bad things are on PC atm

It’s not the devs, neither is it the community managers. It’s people making decisions higher up the food chain that’s keeping everything so quiet. Which, personally, I believe to be a huge mistake. At this point, though, it seems all we can do is ask the community managers to pass on the message to those making the decisions:

#Tell us what your plans are! Silence is BAD!


This. I mean, what are they afraid of? That we’ll get angry at them? At this point, I’d rather know and be annoyed with any decisions being made than not knowing anything and feel angry


Gosh, it’s almost as if some of us think the Hatchet Man nerf transformed Boldur into the withered husk of pre-damage resistance El Dragón. I’m truly impressed by the passion, but I think it’s wise to take a few steps back and observe the situation from afar. This is a relatively minor change, compared to say the rework of Mellka (:confused:). I think we all have a tendency to rely on our first-hand experiences to inform our opinions, but it’s also important to consider others’ experiences and how different they can be. Not every change that has been made has been for the best, but I venture to say Gearbox has done a good job with balancing, given the enormous amount of variables to consider. If they see that Boldur becomes a frail assassin with minimal burst damage, then I have faith the numbers will show it and they will change him back. However, I find it more likely that the ultimate effect of this minor change will not discourage many people from looking to Boldur to fit their tanky needs.


He will remain the fastest, most annoying character in the game


Whats that, 3 or 4 boldur nerfs in a row while Mellka hasnt been nerfed in months >:/


But it doesn’t “pin them in a corner” anymore like blaine was saying.

They both represent the company, and it goes from “we removed it because it’s barely picked, it’s not a nerf” to “we considered that helix to give Orendi Galilea levels of power”. So you’re reeeally going to try to defend it and say they are a “bit” different?

Are you serious? I don’t want day one Battleborn back. Where there are stupidly weak characters and infinite hard CC chaining. I want at least some semblance of what I wrote about for months on my thread. Which is exactly how I phrased my quote, "high intensity and balanced.

If you don’t understand me by now, then just ignore these kinds of post from me. The same way me and Eden have a mutual understanding to do the same.

I have no words for this. Again, either read the entirety of my thread and put the pieces together, or just ignore these post.

And an assassin shouldn’t be able to have a single target skill hit +10 instead. That post is more subjective than anything I’ve said, and doesn’t take into account the character as a whole.

Why does Deande get one of the best vertical moves for free? On a 3 second cooldown, unsilence-able, doesn’t take away one of her skills, etc… You can spin almost anything to look like it’s something that’s BS… when you surround it by nothing.

Yep, a pretty poorly designed character, I know. You already know my stance on Rath and the game.

Yeah, you’d just rather nerf everyone else to fit you’re character’s accepted values. So if you think it’s good already, then you should be fine with whatever happens to the other characters.

Do you also get jealous that Pendles has a 15% life steal helix on his primary, which is better than “Not a Vampire”?

It’s a very selfish mindset. “I’m happy with the toy I have (even though it’s conditions suck), but as soon as some one has a better one, then it should be taken away from them.”


Yet you all refuse to recognize my approach. As well as continuing to defend a character that is little more than one skill and an abused mechanic, in your own paraphrased words.

Trust me, the control+the damage was way more powerful. You should know, look at the meta now. Everything is CC, CC, and more CC. Yet you’re saying it’s more powerful without the CC?


What time did you join the game sir? Because when I think of past tense Boldur, I think of a time when both his bleeds together did 96 damage at level 10.

I assume this is at least somewhat targeted toward me. And I can tell you, this will not knock Boldur down from the top spot, nor do I care. But for now, I will never stop being fed up with how Gearbox addresses and handles the community. And that is all my initial post was really trying to say, along with a little “I told you so”.

Riiiiight because that is why Boldur is so busted.

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Honestly, I think I am going to have to just ignore you from now on, because day one Battleborn was not intense and balanced, and while I understand you don’t want that back, you can’t act like it was better than what’s right now. You can’t say that Battleborn right now isn’t balanced. You can’t say that it isn’t intense. You can say it’s not as intense as it used to be, but that’s because day one Battleborn was a laughable mess of balance issues and the definition of the word broke.