Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

(The Red Bar Observer) #103

New fund-raising idea: allow people to spend platinum on Boldur nerfs


(How much time do we have?) #104

Or Mellka buffs…

(Yes, I went there. Sorry!)


(A euclid-class anomaly) #105

If they did this for Mellka and Deande, I think they could fund season 2 operations.


(PSN LucastheUniverse) #106

Am I the only one that thinks Melka is pretty dangerous??

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #107

She’s still dangerous, just not the average mellka


(PSN LucastheUniverse) #108

Well the average anything isn’t THAT dangerous


(Penguin connoisseur.) #109

How about more Mellka nerfs? Those seem to be “trending”… :smirk:


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #110

Ernest, Foxtrot, Ghalt, Marquis


(PSN LucastheUniverse) #111

Earnest gets rushed too easy as does foxtrot. An average Marquis probably won’t have the aim required to make him dangerous.

I think I would have the most problem with an average Ghalt because even if he’s not skilled he could land the lucky pull that just ■■■■■ your whole world up


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #112

I think you guys have a different perception of average then I do… I think an average Marquis would at least be able to aim, and an average foxtrot/ernest still has his teammates.


(The Red Bar Observer) #113

She is dangerous, because her single target damage is good, but absurdly easy to counter in any vaguely competitive setting. Good players are far less stressed by her mobility and hitbox and will just calmly CC her and call for her obliteration.

Her major problem is that she offers nothing beyond decent single target damage. She’s got awful wave clear, a clunky wound, an average melee range slow, a single target ult that has no CC effect, and that’s it. She even has the worst DOT damage of anyone with a venom / bleed, which is gross considering it used to be her defining feature. So beyond her mobility and hitbox (which again, is not a big deal if her opposition is good) she’s just a gun, and bringing just a gun to the battlefield requires the rest of your team to compensate for all the other essential tricks you don’t have.


(PSN LucastheUniverse) #114

Well what could they do that wouldn’t make her OP? On a decent comp she won’t be touched. If you put her on a team with say Montana boulder Miko and thorn then Melka has pretty much free reign to do whatever she wants. You could gather your skills to lock her down but there are bigger priorities on the field. She’s just gonna keep bouncing around until you find yourself a bit too over extended or behind your team, then she’s gonna sweep in and pepper you to death.

I think her weakness IS her strength. She’s not strong enough to make a team spend their cooldowns to kill her, but she’s just dangerous enough to make you wish that you had when that unfortunate moment comes.

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(The First, and the Last.) #115

Agree to disagree. I main Whiskey Foxtrot and Reyna. If she was a threat to anyone, it’d be me because of how bad her poison messes with aim.

She’s not threatening to many people. She’s annoying, but not much else. Unless someone has mained her since before the gut, they’d probably still do well.

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(The Title Master) #116

I think Melka is great and has the potential to make big plays. She’s one of my go to characters for solo carries. Her ability to jump on someone and either kill them or just make them run is amazing.

I don’t think her wave clear is too bad. Spike slow on the wave, then unloading a clip into a Sheppard’s crit seems to do enough, especially with the 15% bonus.

The problem I have with her is just pre air stall. I’d even go as for to say she’s almost nothing without it, especially considering the fact she starts with just over 900 health. Hitting level 5 with gear makes surviving not a problem, but pre air stall is kinda tough. Luckily level 3 isn’t too high.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #117

She wasn’t OP at launch, and she’s been nerfed to the ground since, so I’d say that adequately demonstrates she isn’t riding some fine line between too weak and too strong.

I think you’re overestimating a little the kind of damage she puts out. She’s no Thorn or Benedict. Whiskey is better at deleting tanks. Caldarius is better at securing kills. If you had the team comp you describe, why add Mellka? Who needs harassment with a pocketed Boldur and Montana? Add a Kelvin or Deande and go to town with CC chains instead.


(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #118

I like to have fun with my balance.

And it’s no where near intense enough.

And before you respond to this post, if you respond, know that this is subjective. The consensus may be that Battleborn is intense and balanced, but if it’s not fun as well from my view point, then all of that is basically for naught.

But they buffed the minion’s health and added Shepherds back to Incursion. And Orendi’s wave clear basically hasn’t been touched at all. So if she isn’t currently insta-killing waves, then that means that issue (if it really was one) was fixed without the need to nerf the others.


(The Red Bar Observer) #119

It’s a problem still because Mell loses her stacks if she gets CC’d and killed, and then she’s so vulnerable that she has to play it super safe until she has stacks again.

You say Mell is fine because she’s a solo carry for you, but that’s exactly my point. She’s fine in public against poor players and you’ll rack up the kills because the average gamer can’t hit her. She’s a pub stomper, and as someone with nearly 6000 Mell kills, I ought to know. But that doesn’t make her a good character. Her nerfs have made her a dull character that’s just a mindless mobile killer in pub games and an under performer in competitive ones. I’ve swapped to Galilea because I’m tired of being nothing but an impressive K/D.


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #120

I will go ahead and respond. I think the game is fun, and you’re right, it is subjective whether it’s fun or not or how intense it should be or is in the first place. So what exactly was your original point? – because either I forgot it or I lost it in this mess.


(The Red Bar Observer) #121

I hope you’re Air Stalling into that crit spot first, btw. It does massive damage on minions if they’re venomed (all those multipliers - we’re talking 500+). Spike > Air Stall crit > clip.

But this doesn’t mean Mell is good at wave clear. She’s got to mix it up inside the wave to WC with any success, whereas all other squishy wave-clearers get to do it from a distance. This means that Mell can wave clear fine if the team is pushing, but when you’re locked out of lane and they have that nasty shock turret, your WC becomes absurdly high-risk for what it is. This is when her old fallback of venom spamming used to be valuable, but that’s gone now, obviously.


(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #122

Well it doesn’t really matter now.

You thought I said Boldur wasn’t a tank anymore and that I wanted day 1 Battleborn back, etc… And it turned into a “how I wished the balancing had been approached” thread. Which of course no one ever agrees with.