Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

(The First, and the Last.) #123

That alone makes it hard to cs as Mellka. You’re gonna be in the frontline by necessity, but you don’t have the health to stay there.

That’s also assuming Whiskey, Oscar, or AoErendi (nailed it) didn’t nuke the wave, making you have to back off the wave to avoid getting blown up instantly.

Mellka is the only frontliner I can think of who doesn’t have enough health or damage to properly do her job.

Edit: It sucks too, I like her kit a lot, but she just deals no freaking damage, like at all.

(The Red Bar Observer) #124

That’s a really good point too. God forbid you’re trying to wave clear and there’s napalm or shadowfire dropping onto you as you slide in to hit that Spike. New Gali with her lingering Desecrate slow from level one - filling the entire lane - is a massive disincentive for Mellka to wave clear as well. Then there’s Ernest AE, Benedict pouring triple Hawkeye rockets into lane, Ambra running in to staff slam… it’s hectic, and Mell is dancing in the blades of a blender just to perform wave-clear that’s slightly worse than her peers. Weird stuff.

My main problem, though, is that the engage > Spike > damage > Lunge away rinse-repeat cycle has gotten so old for me now. Mellka used to have a really fun meta-game with her canister snipes: aerial acrobatics were so much more satisfying when you could ping people with canisters. Now all you do in the sky is land a few shots or, if you’re in the mood, a sneaky aerial Blade Launcher. She’s just a hit-and-run wonder. Blaahhh

Loving that new Gali though. A shame I’m not able to play for the rest of this month because she’s almost sucked me back in (ironic, seeing as she lost her pull, haha)

(The First, and the Last.) #125

Well, I’m glad you found another character to play, and I’m also glad to see new galilea getting some love.

I should try her out if her tanky helixes are viable now. I almost never chose her right side helix options, it was all damage and no team play.

(The Red Bar Observer) #126

She’s pretty much all tank now. She’s not Boldur-level unkillable for a whole range of reasons, but she can stonewall at the chokepoint like a beast.

Her major weakness is that she has no serious damage output at all. Wailing on big shards reminds me of when I used to play Ambra and I had to staff-tap those things all day. This weekend, except for one outlier where I went on a 16-kill spree, all my games have focused on setting up kills for my team; I’m trying to break my Mellka-habit of closing in and finishing low-health targets. It so often goes south when you discover that finishing power just isn’t there.

(The First, and the Last.) #127

Interesting, I might actually enjoy her kit this time around.

If nothing else, I’m glad she’s not still broken.

(The Red Bar Observer) #128

Playing her now feels like joining a crusade for balance. And killing Boldur with a well-aimed shield toss is the most satisfying victory in the world.

(wisecarver) #129

I’m not even going to mention Mellka anymore. <-Oh dang, what did I do!

btw, did anyone notice one of the popular forum members got banned for 200 years?
Tread carefully here. :wink:

(Cheersploding as I type!) #130

A read of the forum rules should be sufficient to keep out of bother, really.

Some people seem to think they don’t apply to them. They’re wrong.

Back on topic, now, though.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #131

wait, I got banned for 200 y–oh say what? I’m not popular? boo.

Btw. Can we get a hotfix, coldfix, or any kind of fix for these random game crashes that started popping up after the last update? Playing a game and then “Blue-Screening” on my PS4 is annoying.

(wisecarver) #132

Crashing on me a lot, never did before since the game first arrived last year.

I traced it to a programming function call. ChangeList (Spy++)

(PerfectNero) #134

I deleted this game due to multiple crashes and some balance issues. I might come back to it after the game crash gets fix and some more balance changes.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #135

U. R. Funny.

But true, whats up with all the crashes and dont letting u log in?

(How much time do we have?) #136

I’ve seen a lot of “BL2 crashing a lot” postings on the PC Tech Support area in the last while as well. Has me wondering about the possibility of both being the result of a Windows update clashing with the Unreal Engine, since the XB1 version of the game continues to be rock solid.

(PerfectNero) #137

Thanks :wink:

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #138

Ghalt was a beast in the beta. If I remember right they cut his shotgun damage in half before launch. Not to mention the stun traps.

(The Title Master) #139

And he was a sniper :stuck_out_tongue:

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #140

Slug rounds FTW!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #141

Everything has been so quiet lately. Hopefully tomorrow brings more than just Balance Changes (I hope those are there also). I need something to be hype about. Anything (aside from “Special Q’s”).

A new Premium skin/taunt set in the marketplace would be pretty hype.

(PSN LucastheUniverse) #142

Once again just gonna point out El Dragon has only two premium skins and a full cyborg skin would be pretty cool…

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #143

Yeah, a lot of characters only have 2 premium skins while others, ahem Rath, have like 4-5 premium skins.

I just want a nice Ernest Skin (although his last one was pretty sick) and more Kelvin skins. Throw in some KU as well.