Battleplan 52: 7/6/17

(30% more flak) #164

This user was suspended for imitating GBX staff.

Wait, now I’m suspended for imitating a moderator! Curses!

(Kain Zilla) #165

Suspension! Curses!

Fine! I’m going to build my own Battleborn. With Blackjack. And Hookers!

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #166


(Jennerit Supremacist) #167

Turns out 9.
@lolattheseforums, @lmaoatthisforum, @Dex-Starr, @legitshushirolls, @legitsushirolls, @siralex505, @ArchonPrime, @HY935 and @wormboy

One of those wasn’t even his account and he got it banned by using it.

(Too Many Games) #168

Hate to break it to you: some of these will come true.

You better prepare yourself to laugh when it does.

Hilarious post though. If that were the actual announcement, I think I would be relieved.

And delete Battleborn to make room for Shadow of Mordor.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #169

HELL no! I am NOT making all of my Toby RP comments hot pink!

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #170

General info:

Impersonating GBX-staff is not welcome here, no matter if posted in jest or not.

Also, discussing moderation should be done via PM only, same counts for discussing who is banned or why. If you’ ve any question, feedback or critique regarding mod-staff or moderators actions PM a mod of your choice instead of posting in the official Forums.

For info about the flagging system, warnings & suspensions/Bans, here a link to our Forum Rules paragraph on these matters:
Forum Staff, Breaking Rules and Moderation

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #171

Just played my first match since the Kelvin nerf and it is acceptable.
It took a little getting used to at first but if it helps the game I’m all for it.