Battleplan 53: 7/20/17

Hey everyone!

Cough up your rockets and get ready to brawl! Rocket Brawl – the Benedict v. Benedict rocket launcher battle extravaganza – is coming to you next weekend!

If you need a bit of a refresher on what Rocket Brawl is, check out this statement by Battleborn’s own Producer, Anthony Nicholson:

“Rocket Brawl is another one of our mini modes similar to Tank Yankers designed with a specific wild and crazy playstyle in mind! In this mode, you play 5v5 on the map Aerie as Benedict and only Benedict. The objective of this mode is to hold capture pads that are fastened atop floating pillars in the sky with the first team to 1000 points being crowned the victor. Skill cooldowns are very low, allowing players to continuously glide around and lift-off while raining down rockets from the sky. BEWARE: the enemy rocket hawks are trying to ground you for good and stop your team from getting to the capture pads so do your best to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way to victory!”

To coincide with Rocket Brawl, we’ll be running a sale on boosts and loot packs! Buff your Benedict with 15% off Double XP or Loot boosters, take advantage of the discounted VIP passes to unlock his (and everyone else’s) customizations, or crack open a loot pack for some helpful and stylish gear!

There are no hot fixes planned for this week, but we do have our weekly character rotation coming up. This week, free trial players will be able to get their hands on Alani, ISIC, Whiskey Foxtrot, Marquis, Deande, and Oscar Mike!

Today we shine our community spotlight on some breathtaking fanart with a fun and unique theme. Two different artists - @the_tentaprince and @leaddybum (aka Leaddyborn) – have taken Battleborn’s DLC Story Op missions as inspiration for gorgeous movie posters.

Tentaprince’s poster for Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion came first, and we think it perfectly captures the dark, film noir tone of the operation, while also being a marvel in composition and design! We especially love the simple, rich color palette and the eye-catching title!

Leaddyborn’s poster for Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar feels a lot different in tone. The vast range of colors, coupled with Phoebe’s determined expression, gives off a light, adventurous vibe that perfectly matches the swashbuckling maiden’s fun-loving personality.

We absolutely love Tentaprince and Leaddyborn’s unique takes on the DLC Story Op missions, and we can’t wait to see them put their personal spins on Oscar Mike’s Battle School, Toby’s Friendship Raid, and Montana and the Demon Bear!

Both Rocket Brawl and the Boosts and Loot Pack sale will begin at 8am PT/11am ET on Friday, July 28th and run until Monday, July 31st at 8am PT/11am PT. Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for reminders!


:confused: well that’s something


Worth the 2 week wait amirite guys :joy:


Sarcasm is something I might get warned over so I plead the 5th


Wow… I hate being negative but…

I think I put more effort into my fake version…


Deande free week is here. I should probably finish the thing I was doing for that. Too bad I’m sick and have no desire to move.


Instead of balance or queue changes that would actually generate excitement and keep people engaged long term, effort is being spent on maps and modes that people will play for two days at most. I know you’re trying but your priorities are in the wrong place, Gearbox. Improving the queues is a tremendous quality of life issue that from my admittedly limited development knowledge seems like a flip the switch thing. If there’s something we don’t understand about why obvious improvements that at least appear to not be time consuming can’t be made, please let us know.


So I guess guardrails are never going to get nerfed.


This is kind of unrelated, but where do you find the lore stories from the forum(not game lore, the one’s only found here)?

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Right over here :slight_smile:


Damn man… I even took my break at a certain time so I could sit down and read this


Yer a peach. Thanks


At least they are honour banned in league



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A few more thoughts… @JoeKGBX is back (?), happy to see you buddy (and thanks to @MereAtGBX for keeping things in order meanwhile you were away.)

Glad to see Lead’s and Tesh’s fantastic art got a spotlight! There was no lore entry this time which was a bit of a bummer, also no mention of new marketplace content. Didn’t see any up in the game either… Rocket Brawl is coming soon so that’s exciting, but I was reaaallly looking forward to seeing new taunts and skins. A certain bearded gentleman teased me about a certain skin he wanted me to see and I’m Suffering™.

Hooray, it’s Jim Foronda week! All three of his dudes are playable, I don’t doubt for a second that wasn’t intentional :wink:


Good rotation of characters here. Rocket Brawl looks fun.


Just covering the Battleplan posting for Mere this time around, but I’m still around! :smiley:


Gearbox. Please. Why do you refuse taking my platinum? I want to buy stuff, Gearbox. Give me stuff to buy.


At least you didn’t buy $30 worth of platinum only to have the bundle you wanted to buy glitch out, not let you purchase it, then go off sale…

I’m not bitter I swear!