Battleplan 53: 7/20/17


Shayne can’t be fixed without a full update. Reyna’s homing doesn’t work as intended? That’s news to me, can you elaborate a little on that?

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Although the format used was not appropriate according to forum rules, it was still the funniest post I’ve ever read on these forums. :laughing:

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I mean, can you deny they look a little man-ish?

It actually made the picture funnier for me, so extra updoot to the artist!

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Yawn. No Lootpocalypse, no patch to fix Kelvin’s lore.
See you guys in two weeks.

(Ckx00000) #66

Are there any plans for balance changes in the near future for characters and gear(Bolos)?

What about the Mellka rework? Been waiting almost a year for that it seems…

Finally, I could be alone in this thought but I would much prefer new maps as content opposed to these events like Rockets and Yankerz.

Also, petition to change Boldurs level 20 title to BoldurBorn.

(the one person that likes capture ) #67

new maps would be nice. I’m not a big fan of early mellka(or this new one) so a rework would be nice to see.

this was posted on june 8th so take it for what you will, after all it took them over a year to get galilea to where she was.

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Once u master melka, you become rly hard to kill.

My isseu with her is how easy she can become broken/op, with all the dmg boost she got she is usually btw the highest dmg dealers, minions and players killed.

If they buff her hp there are a chances for a) players still using health gear being more tanky and harder to kill or b )they use new loadouts becoming stronger.

Melka is a hero with high skill required to be good in more aspects than any hero, mechanically with high sensevility so you can move easier and dodge using airstall/claw lunge, good map notion as you need to look to the oposite direction to get over a ledge, awareness to know when to leave, etc.

Im glad they are taking their time to change her, as i expect a good helix rework. Currently she is 1 path helix with small variations.

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So I gave up on waiting for new actual skins and spent most of my plat on Magnus Packs.

@vagrantsun and @HandsomeCam Your main (Toby) was the only Magnus Skin I got…I guess I’m a Toby main now too, welcome me with open flippers.

(Seriously though, I play almost ANYTHING but Toby…and I happen to get his Magnus Skin, wtf?)

At least the skin looks very spiffy. Reminds me of Mad Max.

Going to Valhalla Shiny and Chrome…!!!

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Commenting on your comment about the comment in question is a mine field which I shall not be entering.

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Tried to play the game again today, trying hard:

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I’m sorry man. I know Lobbyborn can be tough. Here’s a repost of Shatner singtalking Rocket Man to keep you company.

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[pc] We did a lore lobby and there were some ten mans going on last night after i got off.
Discord fam isnt struggling. Sorry to everyone who doesnt like discord.

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More dailies? more platinum from dailies? It’s not a big increase I’m asking for just something, I really don’t care about these gimmick type of matches, they just spread the player base out even more.

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How do you get into it? I’ve downloaded the app but it seems you have to know people first

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they increased all taunt prices. all skins that weren’t 700 are now 700 some went up to 1k some went down to 700. and for whatever reason shanes clown skin went to 1,400 so i have doubts that they would want platinum to be more obtainable.


I’m pretty sure Ernest has a taunt at 350

(Penguin connoisseur.) #78

Two. Down Range and something else.


Display! I just remembered

(the one person that likes capture ) #80

… they are all 350? they used to be 230 if i remember right.
(edit)Just a small thing i felt i think someone might have mentioned before. IMO the 1000 platinum for founders felt less like a “thanks for being a founder” and more of a “were jacking up the prices sorry about that.”

(XB1: Abattoirista) #81

This is correct.