Battleplan 54: 8/3/17

Hey everyone,

Did you have a good time soaring through the sky and shooting rockets at each other? We certainly hope so - that sounds like an excellent way to spend a weekend!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Battleborn Rocket Brawl Weekend Event. Your enthusiasm for plucking each other’s proverbial feathers is second only to our enthusiasm for bird-related puns.

We’d also like to thank you for your patience during the scheduled SHiFT maintenance yesterday. These downtimes really help us improve your experience, and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support. Everything is back to normal and working smoothly, but if you experience any issues, reach out to!

Recently, our own FX Artist Seung Kim has been turning his Twitter feed into a gallery of sorts for some of his favorite Battleborn character art, special effects, and 2D designs! If you haven’t had a chance, go check them out on his Twitter channel at @songmasterk!

Here are some of our favorites:

There are no Hot Fixes planned for this week, though we do have the Weekly Character Rotation for our Free Trial users! This week, play as Miko, Phoebe, Whiskey Foxtrot, Thorn, Attikus, and Oscar Mike!

This week, we shine our Community Spotlight on @beya , one of Battleborn’s most prominent - and artistic - fans! While we’ve featured examples of Beya’s artwork in the Battleplan before, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites.


This black-and-white piece perfectly captures Alani’s elegance and features a fantastic overall composition.

Beya_Miko Subspecies

This field-guide style artwork depicts several Miko “subspecies”. We absolutely adore the design work and creativity of this piece.


Beya demonstrates her skill with linework and color in this beautiful piece of her personal favorite character, ISIC!

We reached out to Beya to ask about her creative inspirations and what Battleborn means to her:

Battleborn is a game that helped me strive for better and improve myself, much of that came from reflecting on ISIC’s character, who is still my main muse. The incredibly varied and well-written characters with their unique quirks in a colorful universe make for a nearly bottomless reservoir of inspiration, and as I began very timidly upload my first pieces of art I was surprised to see how well received they were. I started making art just from the simple joy of creating and being able to share it. I was so happy to have back the creative momentum and thanks to it I’ve been able to discover new things about my art style and preferred methods of working, further helping me come into terms with myself. Battleborn has given me so much and I want to be able to give back – to the team and the community – and sharing my love and gratitude for it through art is how I know to do it best.”

Beya is truly a talented contributor to the Battleborn community with her delightful artwork, and we hope she continues to create amazing pieces!

To see more of Beya’s work, check out her Battleborn Fanart Corner in the forums!

As thanks for supporting us during our downtime yesterday, please enjoy this SHiFT code for Kelvin’s “Phase Transition” Skin.


Go to the SHiFT menu under “Extras” and redeem the code. If you have any issues redeeming the code, don’t worry – our Support team will be happy to assist you via


Welp… I got what I hoped for. Sometimes it pays to set your expectations low.

I think I need to stop floating around here on Battleplan day. It’s turning me into a negative person and I don’t like that.


RIP hopes/dreams


and nothing new sadly :confused:


You might as well just say “we have no idea what to do, we give up.” How are you possibly still not changing the queues up? Why are you keeping this dead minimatch queue as a permanent fixture? Why don’t you care about what your players actually want out of this game? Why have you given up on balancing changes that could generate excitement or even communicating with us?


Not going to be negative, if I had Ruby red slippers I’d start clicking them.




Awww, I was kinda hoping for some queue changes…


Pinging @beya to congratulate her on a long-overdue spotlight!

Pinging @Codarik to let him know that his long-awaited gold Kelvin skin is here!

Pinging @JoeKGBX to shamelessly beg that the Gearbox team sell me the one Toby plush in existence!


I know we’ve set our expectations so low that we shouldn’t feel anything.

And yet I can’t help but to roll my eyes at how there is nothing in here that is useful for anyone.

If there is no effort to keep people around, then I’m not going to stay around. I mean, there are only less than 100 players on Steam, right? It’s not such a big deal, no? Free trial players are perpetually stuck on CR2 since they can’t even Bots Battle to save their souls, but whatever it’s all hunky dunky and life is ticketty boo! The air is beautiful and the grass is green. The flowers they are blooming, and the grass is green!

Keep it up people. I’ll see you on Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 Remastered.


I could have sworn the gold skin was already released.


You could always find a plush-maker on Etsy and commission a Toby out of them.


Indeed. I’m tired of getting Incursion in most matches, and when I do play Incursion, there’s not even a drafting process. Feels like queue changes would be the barest minimum of what we could expect, especially after this long :confused:

It was, I already got it. Can’t remember when it got released though. 4th of July?


yeah, I already had it. Even the shift code is a recycle. Pretty sure Dragon and Ambra are the only ones still missing gold skins.

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Yeah, me too. Am I wrong? Kelvin has so many “yellow” skins that I don’t know which are/aren’t his Gold Skins. I’m PRETTY sure we have his gold skin already.

OH! Now I remember! We got it alongside Ghalt’s Gold Skin when you logged in that one weekend for…what was it…Battleborn Day 2 or somethin’?


Was it? Huh… All i know is that Cod was going on about them releasing A skin, so i just figured…

N-Nevermind… Sorry…

I want the OFFICIAL one…

That’s, uh… Not a bad idea though… Thanks!


Now I feel like ordering some plush fabric and firing up the sewing machine…

Curse you for making me think about Toby plushies and how much I need one…


Want to corner the Toby plush market together?


Just to make sure I don’t gloss over the one good thing about the Battleplan:

@beya That is some really nifty artwork. Good work.


We could sell them to everyone playing the game! We’ll be… hundred-aires!