Battleplan 54: 8/3/17

@beya congrats on the spotlight and on the recognition you deserve(in my opinion) first and foremost

Honestly this is the impression I’ve had for a while now, and sadly I don’t see anything changing that impression here.

When our community is seeming to work in SPITE of the devs(pc players like @wrriddle are one example helping new players get to normal bots battle que so they can play) there are a lot of problems.

The community can only do so much before the majority say “■■■■ it I’m out” and move on to other games they don’t have to go above and beyond just to play casually(even ps4 is becoming stomp or be stomped slowly but surely in normal matchmaking)

I understand a lot of issues can be very complex to solve, BUT! waiting 6 months to a year to fix things is a “sweet ■■■■ all” to players who go out of their way to document the glitches to expedite the process


I’ll be on Paladins.


I’d like to be realistic here. It’s not nice but sugar coating things only goes so far. I’ve long had the game removed from my PS4 and not once have I had the urge to return. My very last game felt the same as the others before it, repetitive. Repetitiveness isn’t a bad thing if certain elements of the experience are random, versatile or surprising but with the massive lack of real changes that could really bring this game back in any way, it’s very hard to want to even touch it. I’m seeing Doomfist released for Overwatch with the new and improved summer games round the corner. Three new characters have been added to the Paladins roster from when I last gave it a go. Paladins are expanding their roster so fast I can’t keep up and I’m seeing improvements all around. The games I currently play all seem to be moving forward at a steady and sometimes speedy pace while Battleborn ran out of steam several miles back. It’s nice to see Gearbox appreciating the love and creativity that the community show for Battleborn but that doesn’t seem to be helping the game grow. I loved the game at launch and several months in but now all I can do is cherish the good times I had with it, if I even happen to remember I had the game installed in the first place.


Especially after looking back to this thread I started back in march

A LOT of the responses here still apply


rather than a retread of the gold skin that had a long shelf life, I’d prefer a rerelease of the Cyber skin which was out for less than a week over a holiday weekend haha… Kelvin is my main and I hate having to miss part of him due to being out of town.


Thanks for the shoutout, but I don’t even know if I can do that anymore.

Biggest issue, no one is asking for help and the secondary issue is that it’s getting harder and harder to even find a game before most people ragequit. @fabianottofu found someone again last sunday who needed help and invited me into it, it was tough to get into Bots Battle even with a 3 stack. I’ve pulled @MentalMars into our lobby when I saw him join the game (and found out later that I’ve ruined @wisecarver’s potential to find a game by doing that - which honestly made me feel pretty crappy), he activated a loot booster and I decided I’ll stack it up with the one I got as a Founder. It probably was the best decision to use it on this day, because at least I caused a small lootpocalypse for this session and also for a few people I met later that day when I was playing another session of Bots Battle with @Rio (just for fun - and it was fun).

I’ve almost considered deleting my Deande-questions post, because I don’t want to risk that I cause even more people to waste time by giving me advice. People helped me not only in this thread, but also in DMs. @dantesolar watched some recordings of my crappy gameplay and gave me valuable tips, @Nemosis327 did the same and on top of that dedicated a stream to me and played with my build just to give me some additional footage to analyze and learn from. @Rio and @LucFal try to convince me that I’m not ruining a whole game all by myself by just messing up a single jump, that I won’t cause 9 people to ragequit just by playing one of the 29 characters I’m completely useless with and that I’m a much better player than I call myself, but the perfectionist in me disagrees.

All I can do is to say that I’ve played one game since then. I was hard focused in it and all I could do in the match - that was of any value for the team - was to bait the enemy out of position and repeatedly die in the process. We won the match, I didn’t have early game XP issues anymore and I received a message later that I should completely forget the scoreboard, because that 2-9 only was a result of me being one of the few who were in position. It’s still rude that I’ve caused people to waste so much time on me by giving me tips when I seem to not be able to implement them into my game. :frowning:

I’m now begging on my knees again that new players can at least join Bots Battle by default. It’s too late for PC, but reading today that XBox seems to have similar issues

and seeing a few public games in streams on PS4 which remind me of matches on PC when we had between 500 to 1000 players on peak is scary.

Please don’t let the game die on consoles too. There are ways to avoid pubstomping complaints other than letting the game decline to a state that doesn’t have a pub to stomp anymore.

The most important part of the playerbase is the average skill player. They are the biggest subset in a game with healthy population, are a challenge for new players to go against and can improve their own game by playing against higher skilled players and join them one day to start a new cycle. Retaining (or building it up again with the trial) was neglected. A good competitive group in a game is nice and they create interesting games (to watch or also when playing with and against them), but not everything. Problems arise when it is a tournament quality team against scrubs 24/7. Matches like those create boredom for the high skilled team and frustration in the low skilled team that often results in plain hate against the better players. I’ve heard yesterday that some high skill players on PC don’t even play outside of their own league matches, because they don’t feel welcome in both public and more casual private games anymore. So, what have we left on PC? New players who are stuck on CR2 unless they get help, wannabe competitives (as I was called on reddit not long ago) who’d like to play the game, but feel like they aren’t a worthy opponent to anyone and cause grief by being a scrub and people who play that well that they fear causing grief and insults against them by just being seen in a game. And a small group of players who scrim and try to have fun. This game needs average gamers to ease the way from casual to competitive, the status quo frustrates everyone. Give the average Joe/Jane an incentive to come back and play the game.

  • Lootpocalypse
  • Double XP
  • Give out some Shift Codes, e.g., for a loot pack with guaranteed good items and maybe skins or taunts for the characters in the free rotation (would also help new players to get online faster since XP from building was nerfed into oblivion and it feels like shards are better spent on good gear now most of the time - which increases the distance between veterans and new players even more).
  • Advertise somewhere that the PvP is free. Maybe even do a free weekend for story or OPs too and advertise it.
  • Please react faster when you notice that a queue change, gear exploits or just some unfun team compositions make you lose half of your playerbase during one weekend. Every spike in the playerbase brought back players who loved to exploit balance issues to dominate in lopsided matches. Those are not fun (unless you are on a skill level to counter them) and they cause people to leave when they experience only those games back to back.

PC is a lost cause unless a miracle happens, it may not be too late for consoles. The big emptyness in the Battleplans is just disheartening and so many people who were loyal to the game lose their hope lately.


You are appreciated, it’s all good.

This morning I’ve tried every match in the game, even Story and OPs.
You would think since OPs now has a cool option (All) it would be possible.

As of this typing, 2 hours and 45 minutes later, nothing.


tbf, i have the cyber but missed tbe gold due to being out of town :stuck_out_tongue:


I have but one like to give, but eloquent as always


Well it was fun while it lasted. Had some good times. Love the characters more than any other Moba / Hero shooter I have played these past 3 years

Sucks that I recently got some people into it because now I have some people wishing they had gone in earlier or that the game was more populated and had better success.

Hope GB or 2k learned:

  • You need marketing for a game to sell. Only reason I found out about the game was because a friend of mine before the beta released was looking up something else and we found Orendi and it caught my attention. I did not see any type of video or anything until after the release of the game and it was only because i searched for it on youtube.

  • Don’t sell a full priced game with a full priced season pass only to add Micro transactions later on. Seriously if your gonna add MT just make the game free right away. Tired of companies doing this. It’s one or the other. also the price on skins is high, I wouldn’t mind paying a dollar since you know I spend 90 on release.

  • Don’t release something close to a Blizzard game. OW at best for me is 5/10 but the Blizzard fan boys will get on their knees and eat up what ever they release and shamelessly bash anything that is not Blizzard for trying to be Like Blizzard even though it’s not even close.

  • The Rewards on the dailies for Platinum is a joke. since you guys introduced this system I grinded endlessly every day and all I was able to get in that accumulated time was 1 skin 2 taunts and a magnus pack, compared to Smite that is free and I’ve been playing only for 4 months I was already able to purchase 6 skins, 3 emotes, 3 avatar pictures and i still have gems left and its a free game.

Sorry for the rant, Just wished this game had thrived. I wanted a Playable nova character :frowning:


It’s sad.

You can have all the good ideas and possible solutions, but it’s useless when the people in charge refuse to take any action to make use of them.

I’m sure the community has been asking for lootpocalypse, discounts, boosts or whatnot for ages, some short term implementation that could slow down the bleeding, but every 2 weeks the small and decreasing player base is given nothing to work with and yet still expected to love everything and keep paying for more microtransactions.

I’ve made my point before that the higher ups are playing the short game, that they are trying to take as much money from us as possible before we find out that they have abandoned ship. Obviously, they took all the lifeboats and life jackets as they armed themselves with shotguns, so the moment we find out their plans, they’ll blow a few holes in the lower deck so the ship will sink faster.

If you’re a great swimmer, you’ll survive to get on the ship called Borderlands 3. As for those who drowned… they were a necessary sacrifice for the funding of the new ship.

There is no lore anymore either in Battleplans. The writers were long gone to work on Borderlands 3.

If Gearbox is not even aggressive to keep the players they still have, why does anyone think they will make any effort to have events of actual substance? When I watched Vermintide throughout June and July being so desperate, vicious, and never stopping in their attempt to reach new players, meanwhile seeing nothing of the sort from Battleborn, it spoke volumes.

100 players on Steam is not an accident. This is a direct reflection of how aggressive Battleborn was to try to rake in new players post Winter and Summer updates. But I saw how hard at work they were at jacking up prices for everything and adding VIP passes.

If you want your events, then pay 2100 Platinum to have your lootpocalypse, but most effective if 5 of you do it, so forfeit 10500 Platinum, please!


Just no.


Not maybe.


You don’t get my money if you aren’t trying or continuing to try. I can’t get anyone to try the game if nothing is even happening. No one on PC is going to want to play a game when they see utter stagnation with no end in sight.

I hope Gearbox will at least do something for the community, as small as we may be, like discounts and lootpocalypse, instead of prioritizing microtransactions.


…I still think a style remake like BL2 will save it.
Friends sharing gear (I personally have more than one million credits in both of my BB accounts, would love to share.)
Friends being able to connect like we do in BL2.
No more Amazon thingy, I’ve had hundreds of lost games over the past 14 months, some with peeps here.
(I read the Gbox review on Amazon about how great the game servers are, almost died when I read that.)


I’m happy you’ve got both now, but I feel like the original Gold release just had to be longer than a week…

If anything, if they are (and probably are) working on BL3 they should ask, no they should give us who spent so much in this barely alive game, buying season passes of unfulfilled promises and other stuff, a really major discount for making us believe in them.

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Que? I checked, and I received everything listed on the season pass I purchased. Also yes, BL3 is in active development (confirmed several times by RP). So expect total silence about BL3 for a bit longer.


…The season pass has been the most fun for me, OPs over and over with each character is a blast.


some one said it was one of the two bb day 2 skins, which fits. it was available for 48-72 hours iirc. i think i was out of town for 5 days. im also missing the other skin, the title, and the valentines day title.

Please just make Aurox work again before you completely abandon fixing the game.

Hella rage inducing RN.


Basic fixes are no longer available apparently, but you can have slightly discounted microtransactions…


@JoeKGBX @Jythri @dante_d_silva @gRANT_

And whoever else needs to be pinged.

Attikkus using a Voxis Core, Poor M. Pulse Controller, and Bola’s Target Finder is running amuck and it’s becoming a problem. I don’t really know the details behind it since I have no personal experience using (or facing) an Attikus using that gear set, but I’ve seen enough of it on stream/online to know that it’s a disgusting thing to see in a game.

disabling the gear in question or nerfing any of the offending items/characters would be ideal ASAP.

That is all.