Battleplan 54: 8/3/17

New cosmetics are coming

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Everyone is disappointed i am, i expect heroes in development, new skins, new taunts. Some balance changes to few heroes.

I know they were to hasty and gave us everything in few months and now we are here in the limbo of waiting for something new, anything rly. Those new modes are fun for some matches but soon they are empty.

Other games takes around of 3-6 months to give content we had to much content in few months.

To stop the itch of something new i played paladins, paragon, overwatch but none is battleborn and i keep comming back.

If any, the developers should compromise with use once more and give a time frame of every 6 months give content.

I dont expect every new hero to be perfectly balanced as this game unlike others have 10 lvls of new ways to screw around balance and 5 mutations on top of that.

Patient is something important but i urge and plead the developers to help with more hotfixes the pc community!! They are struguling to the point of extintion.


Alright, it’s… wait… I have that skin. Oh well.

Thanks for giving us a Battleplan. It means 2K still hasn’t pulled the plug on support.


PC isn’t that bad.

I get to watch YouTube Vidoes as I wait in queue for Bots Battle. Sometimes I watch so many videos and still not get a match after, let’s say, 50 mins, that I end up closing the game to spare my CPU memory.

So it’s not like I’m not entertained, I’m just always entertained by something else that isn’t Battleborn, the game I loaded up.

Thanks to Battleborn, I’m able to finish a lot of anime I’ve been putting on the backburner. Ive missed quite a few series it seemed.

So thank you, Battleborn, for allowing me to find great entertainment again.


Never thought I’d become one of those players that moves on to a new game entirely, checks the battleplan, then goes back to said game. But here I am.

BB had a really good run, all things considered. It’s clear they’ve shifted their attention and I’m fine with that…just announce BL3, please.


part of me PRAYS that they haven’t completely shifted off this game. jythri’s mention of “a massive light in the tunnel” still gives me hope as nothing released has really and truly been worthy of that desciption. I loved the new balance changes and the trial edition is great, but he made it sound like new DLC, new characters, anything we used to consider massive.

After DLC 4 mentioning nova wanting a suit and DLC 5’s cliffhanger, it would be absolutely heartbreaking to see nothing come to fruition.

recently the game has captured me once again to try to get all the lore for my PC version and as many legendaries as possible (would be even better with a lootpocalypse)


Sorry, but I feel like I’ve been run over by that train.

I’ve just spent 1 1/2 hours watching this screen:

I know a ten man is going on and I could wait for another two hours to maybe get an invite, but

  • Friend of mine told me they are doing draft matches now. Yay! 29/30 chance that I have to play a character I’m completely useless with and 1/30 chance that I can embarrass myself by playing the worst Deande on PC.

  • There are ten people in a game who want to play a good game. I’m the one who doesn’t have the time anymore to practice and get better. I will ruin the fun for at least nine other people (11 if there are spectators in it) by just being in a match. I’ll let the others have some fun instead. Case in point: I played a bot match after being frustrated enough by the waiting and then lost this crap (had this happened in a real PvP game I would’ve never been invited again):

It’s frustrating to watch a fun game going down the drain and nothing happens. Who in marketing hates this game that much that the free trial was messed up so much?


I’m not asking for any major overhauls, I’m asking for obvious changes to the queues which they’ve shown in the past is effectively a flip a switch fix. If you want to talk money, the level of neglect they’re showing toward this game’s playerbase is actually bad business when such simple things could have such a significant impact for players and aren’t being done. They’re limiting their own microtransaction earning potential by refusing to cater to the most basic needs of their playerbase and they’re alienating customers who will now have to think twice before purchasing a game with their name on it. They’ve repeatedly shown they don’t listen to their customers so I hope they aren’t surprised when those customers stop being customers. Myself and many others want to support this game, but the game sure as hell doesn’t seem to want to support us so why would we consider throwing them any money for platinum when they aren’t showing the most basic levels of effort to make their players happy?


I’ve spent some decent money on this game… buying all the OPs and skins and taunts for my favorite characters.

I want to buy more, but I’m just not sure if this game has a future anymore. I don’t want to end up throwing more money down an empty pit


I’m sure they still have a few tricks up their sleeves but “a massive light in the tunnel” seems far-fetched at this point. Even if they corrected literally every issue to appease everyone, how many players will that bring back? Player base is the biggest issue right now and it takes a lot more than bug fixes to rebuild that.


Hey all, I’ve updated the Battleplan with a statement from @beya, who wanted to express what Battleborn and its community means to her both creatively and personally. :smiley:


Cough. Make her a Community badass… Cough.

Anyone have a glass of water…?


Incoming whiny over-dramatic post:

You can see from my “poop” comment that I really don’t expect much anymore and was going to leave it with a humorous comment on the content that we are given, but actually the update from @beya (whose artwork is fantastic) just made me angry.

This is the kind of awesome community we have who show such love and support for this game and we get sweet FA. There are so many fundamental issues and bugs with this (just finished a potentially even, 5v5 competitive game -rare enough- which we lost due to not being able to summon a Bonecrusher after the first one died all game). People talking about how much they are spending on cosmetics and are simply asking for favourable drop rates and MORE to spend money on, where is this going? They are answered with radio silence, makes us feel like we are being screwed.

I could drone on and on about all the problems with Battleborn but it’s been done in this thread and every week.

Players of this game included in your community spotlight seem like they are putting more effort into the game than the developers/marketing team. If it’s dead then let us know or at least try to leave us with an unbroken game before you take off for good.


…Same, and it’s already a joke on reddit


No hotfix again? How long are you guys gonna leave shayne and aurox all buggy? Their fetch has been bugged since 1.07 has been released. Fix the game, please stop putting out gimmick modes . I heard galilea was bugged too. Issues with putting shield up and using shield toss @lemuren97


In memory of all those poor people who had to endure the yelling caused by this Battleplan. I’ve been blushing so much I could hardly get to write a comment hahah

This means a lot to me, sincerely thank you. I’m happy you like my art so much to feature it again; it was really amazing to hear your comments on the favorite pieces too, wow. :blue_heart: (I’m just so speechless)

Also @Conwood… okay sure buddy. I’m doing my thing and they’re doing their thing. And I’m glad I’ve been here for the ride, regardless of outcome.


Sorry that your shoutout has been smothered by all the negativity, however justifiable the cause. At the risk of insulting a couple of my friends, i’ll say that i have always considered you the best artist in the community, and that this shoutout has been long overdue. Keep doing what you’re doing, Beya!


Congrats @beya! Although still not quite the “community badass” spotlight i was wanting to see (imagines you holding off the promotion with tooth and claw) :wink:

As for the Battleplan, we are now in August 2017. This time last year, Pendles was brand new and Ernest was just around the corner (leaked via Xbox Achievements). Kind of crazy how much time has passed already!

I know it must be rough right now for those of you actively engaging in the regular matchmaking. I admittedly struggled to get a game of Rocket Brawl when I tried over the weekend so I could fill out the interactive map for it, though I’d just put that down to timing since my timezone probably puts me in a bad spot.

Hopefully stuff will pick up a bit once the devs are ready to talk about what’s coming next!


@beya congrats on the spotlight and on the recognition you deserve(in my opinion) first and foremost

Honestly this is the impression I’ve had for a while now, and sadly I don’t see anything changing that impression here.

When our community is seeming to work in SPITE of the devs(pc players like @wrriddle are one example helping new players get to normal bots battle que so they can play) there are a lot of problems.

The community can only do so much before the majority say “■■■■ it I’m out” and move on to other games they don’t have to go above and beyond just to play casually(even ps4 is becoming stomp or be stomped slowly but surely in normal matchmaking)

I understand a lot of issues can be very complex to solve, BUT! waiting 6 months to a year to fix things is a “sweet ■■■■ all” to players who go out of their way to document the glitches to expedite the process


I’ll be on Paladins.