Battleplan 54: 8/3/17

Thanks for the heads up guys, I’ve alerted the thorties and I’ll see what’s what.


Lookie! An actual Gbox person :smile:


No Kelvin lore update.
No loot drop increase rate.
No new reason to play for another two weeks. :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


I wonder, is the base game so horrible that people need new content every two weeks to stay even remotely interested?


When the queue times are terrible and you’ve mastered every character, you need some real incentive to come back for more.
The game is fun, but if you can’t find teammates to play with, you can’t really play it at all, can you?


Sure, but how many people aren’t playing because they think they won’t find teammates? What if they all played instead of waiting for others to play first?


I’ve tried it bro. Until about a month or two ago I played this game nearly every day. Argue about it all you want, but I’ve been there and tried. Preach to someone else if you feel the need to.

  • Gali Crashing games (apparently it’s caused by choosing the left helix at 1)? @Supernovasnipe
  • S&A’s Fetch doing nothing at times.
  • Knock-backs stunning a player mid-lane seemingly by hitting “nothing” or invisible geometry/walls? Montana and Boldur being the worst offenders of this “bug”.
  • Rath’s Catalytic smash being buggy at times (enemies not being knocked up or it catching on invisible geometry?
  • Attikus’s Hydronic Arc exploit with Voxis/M.Pulse
  • Indestructible Galilea I’ve heard as well? Haven’t witnessed it so no idea what that is.
  • Was the Kelvin Sublimate issue fixed? The one where Sublimate would do random insane damage? Haven’t heard about it much recently.
  • Deande’s insane Hardcore Parkour needs to be nerfed (#SaltyAF). @Nemosis327 100% agrees with me on this one.

@Jythri @dante_d_silva @MereAtGBX @JoeKGBX
I know that GBX stated that there was another Patch in the works already (around the time the Summer Patch was released I think it was stated that the next one was in the works). Could we expect any of the above issues to be addressed there?

Also random additional question; Are there other premium skins/taunts in the works or what we have is it for the foreseeable future?

Thanks in advance for any/all responses.


I think it might be less ‘new content’ and more ‘acknowledgment of certain existing problems and assurance that fixes are in the works.’


Just dont. It’s not like I ever get to play her anywhere that matters anyway.

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I got unkillable galilea in a 10 man, can confirm. I’m pretty sure L1 helix causes the game crashes. Unkillable gali I’m pretty sure is caused by her getting stunned out of her ult in the last frame possible.

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I’ve got a few clips. Pay attention to the very end to see the “11” hits. It seems like extremely broken damage reduction through some sort of glitch.

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And if she gets nerfed, then you WILL get to play her in places that matter. Think about that, buddy.

Drop-kick height cut in half, calculated risk damage halved, and uhhh Double Trouble dash distance halved. Oh and Ground Zero AoE reduced by 66%.


So either way my Deande doesn’t matter anywhere that matters. Fantastic. Everyone just leave my girl alone. I go through enough ■■■■ for her as it is.


:fist_left: Perfection has been achieved and was named Gali :fist_right:

jythri teased skins for us in the discord. hype is real. im saving up for em.

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Need/Want that WW2 Nurse skin for Ambra
(Would be so cool)


Mind teasing the rest of us? :heart_eyes:


Yes bro! Share the good stuff

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theres two pictures i know he posted, and good discussion around the second. itll be easier for me to find when iget home though.

if youre already on discord just search for jythris posts in the server, thats what ill do when i get home to screencap for you guys.

i do remember he called them the ‘shut up and take my money’ skins