Battleplan 54: 8/3/17

(wisecarver) #143

You guys are talking FREE again.

here it comes

Remember; Your PvP went FREE
My Story isn’t. (Evil grin)

-The Story guy nobody believed. :wink:

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #144

Oh, whoops. I was talking about pub matches where your premade meets another premade, something along that line. Not private or league matched. I’m an unleet skrub, so yeah.

Hah, I know Ashbweh can for sure! And I’ll take your word for it with the other guy!

Oh, yes, I don’t have a problem with Shayne being picked because she’s one of the few tanks, I have a problem with Shayne’s balance in general (Maybe cause im bad. Or not. Probably the former though), but that’s another discussion entirely.

Anything unquoted, I prob agree with

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The biggest misconception about Shayne is people playing her as a damage soaking melee tank. Thats not how you do it. Play her the way shes supposed to be played: As a wave obliterating Boomerang Machine who throws out a CC now and then.
Level 3 Left Side. Do it.

(BM tutor) #146

Heard u were talkin ■■■■ bout my vampire boo

(The Title Master) #147

So… Who’s looking forward to tomorrow? :slight_smile:

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #148

I found a decent build for doing that…but your Shayne play is no joke

It’ll be interesting to say the least

(PSN LucastheUniverse) #149

I’m definitely not gonna take my break early for it this time…

(Deandes in crime ) #150

I take break early everyday

(PSN LucastheUniverse) #151

I usually like to save mine for later in the day so I come back and it feels like I have less time till clocking out.

Last week however I took it early cause I was excited for all the new changes Gearbox was going to announce.

It was a long and dissapointing shift after that…

(Deandes in crime ) #152

I just take longer breaks. It’s good being in charge sometimes.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #153

My job involves knocking heads together whenever there is an incident here in the ghetto, otherwise i sit on my handsome ass 90% of the time, and stalk these forums. I f*cking LOVE it…

(Kain Zilla) #154

Against my better judgment, I will be keeping the forums open and waiting for the battleplan while I crunch numbers and jab data at spreadsheets.

(wisecarver) #155

At least this time I have the Community patch applied to BL2 and PreSeq, so instead of ranting here, off I go.

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(Grippy) #156

Haven’t played in so long, waiting for new skins. Come on Gearbox take my money! I’m currently giving all of mine to Blizzard… :wink:

(Too Many Games) #157

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if anything happens, because that’s how low we’ve set the bar.

I would love a massive discount event, God knows the game could use a little spark, but upper management often fails to incite excitement, somehow they are very consistent at doing they that.

I usually feel better about Battleborn when I look at Lawbreakers.

Or the most recent kickstarter travesty.

Or how Warner Brothers cannot help themselves from destroying the goodwill of the public for Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

Or how there may not be a sequel to Deus Ex Human Derided after Square Enix’s horrible decisions caused the sales to plummet.

At least Battleborn didn’t do these things.

For now.

(wisecarver) #158

Good points but Gbox probably has the best game ever with BL2 and here we are now with a shining jewel.
BB is a jewel, right?

(Too Many Games) #159

Battleborn is a jewel that needed a lot more time to be refined, a blade that isn’t sharpened, a cake that needed a lot more time in the oven.

It needed much more polish and content in general. Merely good is not suffice -especially against Blizzard.

What irritates me greatly is how PvE was compromised due to PvP. Battleborn needed a much more cohesive and balanced system to distinguish the gear between the 2 modes, which was attempted by the Operations only gear, but that’s 5 pieces of gear in the sea of roughly 600 individual pieces. PvE gradually became less fun with nerfs coming down over and over, and with only 13 missions altogether that were mixed in reception (OP2 and OP4 being trash) there’s only so much fun to be had before people look elsewhere.

And this is just the PvE. There are plenty of other problems in every other sector.

So Battleborn may be a diamond, but it looks like a good looking rock that needs to go through a thorough cutting process. I can’t treat it like a cut diamond when it continues its refusal to be cut.

(wisecarver) #160

…Fully agree.


I play Shayne as an assassin. Take mutation option at level 3. Do it.

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(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #162

At this point? I’m just hoping for some Borderlands 3 and/or Borderlands Movie info. Wouldn’t even care if it’s shoved into a Battleborn battleplan!

You gotta be realistic with your expectations, ya’ know?