Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

Hey everyone!

Question. What are y’all going to be up to during Labor Day weekend? Got any interesting plans? Well, we certainly do - we’re heading to Seattle for PAX West!

We’ll be holding our Main Theatre Show on Saturday, September 2nd! It’s sure to be a rad time, so be sure to come if you’re planning on making the trip to Seattle. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll be livestreaming the panel at, so you can tune in from home!

We’ll have more information for you closer to the event, so be sure to check back in.

Are you running low on Platinum? Do you play Battleborn on the PlayStation 4? We’ve got your solution! Humble Bundle is currently running a 2K PlayStation Bundle, and you can get 1,625 Platinum at the $5.22 price point!

This Humble Bundle benefits the Covenant House organization, so for $5.22, you’ll get a bounty of Platinum, several other awesome 2K titles, and the opportunity to support an awesome charity!

We’ve got some major queue changes for you this week, scheduled to roll out today at 12pm PT/3pm ET:

  • Consolidating Bots Battle queues - the “Novice Versus Bots” queue will no longer be available and the Command Rank requirements are being removed from Bots Battle.
  • Mini Match (3v3) will no longer be available as a public experience.
  • The Command Rank requirement for Quick Match is being reduced from 20 to 10 so that new players who would like to jump in earlier can do so at their discretion.
  • Capture and Face-Off will be returning to the Quick Match queue.
  • Tank Yankers, Rocket Brawl, Gravity Rumble, and Warfare Rumble are going to be made available as Versus Private experiences.

We’ll continue to monitor data and feedback regarding these changes. If you have any technical issues with these changes, be sure to contact!

If there’s one thing we love here at Gearbox, it’s creative fanart. And if there’s another thing we love here at Gearbox, it’s ice cream. Graphic designer Amanda Mananda has expertly combined the two with her Battleborn Creamery Series!

So far, Amanda has created two gorgeous graphics featuring Oscar Mike and Marquis as a popsicle and ice-cream cone, respectively. Both pieces feature eye-catching design elements that perfectly capture the spirit of the characters, all the while managing to look incredibly tasty!

One particular fan on Amanda’s work is the voice of Oscar Mike (and Whiskey Foxtrot, and ISIC, and MINREC), Jim Foronda! He had this to say about the Oscar Mike piece:

OSCAR MIKE: Ha, that's my head! But…it could be another clone. Eh, whatever!

*somehow shoves ice cream into mouth without removing helmet*

— Jim Foronda (@JimForonda) August 7, 2017

We’re definitely stoked to see more from Amanda. Check out more examples of her excellent artwork at!

As we mentioned above, we’re really stoked to be heading to the PAX West Main Theatre this year! We’ll have more details for you in the next Battleplan (which will be posted on the Thursday before the event), so check back then!


Some of you should be very happy with these queue changes, I think.





~reads as confirmation we will not be getting these as weekend events any longer.~

~wonders if they’ll no longer be doing any weekend events any longer~


This is finally a semi tasty treat. Kudos Gbox


That is some powerful pessimism you have there, friend.


That community spotlight made me forget about lack of balance fixes. Kudos.


That’s exactly how I’d imagine a sentient, high-class, Ice-cream cone would communicate with me. <3


WOOOOOOOOO!!! Hell yeah!


No. F*cking. WAY!!

I CAN FINALLY EXPERIENCE FLIGHT!! THANK you, Gearbox! Oh man… I’m sorry for swearing, but i missed the first time Gravity Rumble came out,
a-and Berg was really sad!


OhmyGodohmhGodohmyGod…! SORRY FOR BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL AGAIN!! Please don’t hate me…!

(I BETTER not die on my hiking trip that i leave for tonight after work NOW… Wouldn’t THAT be cause for some sad trombone music, if it caused me to miss Gravity Rumble again, haha?)


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Good call on the queue changes! Will titles for Supercharge be obtainable via Private Match?

Also isn’t “Headhunter” mode actually called Face Off? Stay on brand here guys!


Will the only PvP queue option be QM? PS4 can handle two. Either Incursion + everything else or Solo/Duo and Draft or QM/Draft.


I was wondering about this as well…

Agreed. So many people that i know are getting so sick of Incursionborn, that adding Incursion to it’s own queue again RIGHT NOW, would probably result in both it and Quick Match being equally healthy; possibly for good, now that we know the alternative is not playing anything else but Incursion with it in Quick Match…


They nixed a dead queue, consolidated low populated bots so people could find matches easier and made event gimmick queue’s available for private. The last time they made an event obtainable was when they added the loot booster micro transaction and we haven’t had a Lootpocalypse since.

There’s nothing new being added, they’re just consolidating existing queue’s. Less options and less cause to expect future events.

They’re good changes for the time being, but my pessimism is warranted.

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What part are you excited about?


prolly the queue changes. A lot have been wanting some


Also, if “Amanda” is seeing this, i would like to see an ISIC snow-cone, please!

“If you’re expecting to find a gumball at the bottom, prepare to experience disappointment, meatbag! Just like everything else in the pointless simulation you call your life. Ahahahaha!”


Whoo Queue changes that make sense. But what about supercharge… Curiosity increase.


While I’m pessimistic about the future of changes I’m at least excited to have private options to mess with the shenanigansy ques

I may do some privat matches for shenanigans


I think that joining the bots battles ques was awesome! I’ve got more than a few friends to download the free trial and now I can show them the ropes right off the bat!

Getting rid of the 3v3 was also a hella good move! And I’m excited to play face off again! YES!