Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

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These que changes are very interesting and I do think the have a spot to stay good stuff GBX hope to see some balance changes in 2 weeks for sure tho :wink:

(Sillysiilindur) #64

Sarcasm or honesty?

(BrianWilson!) #65

I’m excited to play face off again!


(Penguin connoisseur.) #66

Yeah, i agree, but that WASN’T the argument he was making. He said that he leaves any match that ISN’T Incursion- which we ALL know is chosen AT LEAST 70% of the time in Quick Match -but that the majority should be catered to. Except they already are; that’s WHY it is selected so much. However, making the argument that the majority are all who matter, while SIMULTANEOUSLY making the argument that he has a right to play what he wants, is contradictory. That’s all i was saying…

(FatalJustice555) #67

Yeah, I don’t disagree with that. :v:

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #68

I think that’s a question for someone like @Jythri!

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(Vagrantsun) #69

If I wanted to be a dick, I’d be obvious about it.

For once, I don’t.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #70

I think I’ll start making notes of anyone who backs out of a game after a fair vote because it’s not the kind of mode they want to play.

Then I’ll start backing out of any future games I’m matched with them in because they’re not the kind of people I want to play with. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you do that ■■■■, remember that you’re ruining the game for 9 other people.

(Vagrantsun) #71

What if those modes aren’t Incursion or Meltdown?

I bought this game to play more than Incursion, myself.

(FatalJustice555) #73

That’s perfectly fine. That’s why I am advocating for two 5v5 PVP queues: one with only Incursion, and one with only the non-Incursion modes.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #74

I would be fine with this^, IF the Incursion-only queue was draft. I am sick and tired of competitive try-hards ruining the mode with Boldur. Kelvin is more manageable since his sublimation nerf, but too many Incurision-only 5-mans incorporate Boldur, because they know they will lose without him, you know, being Boldur…


Beautiful! Finally a good Hot fix.

Now we only need to fix shayne and bring back draft back as second queue. Also have all legendaries banned in draft.

Anyways. Kudos to gbx for actually listening and doing something.

(Deandes in crime ) #76

I’m not making an argument. I’m only stating a fact and answering a question. I don’t care What the queues are so long as I can play Deande.

(Too Many Games) #77

And now it’s time for Battleplans with Gearbox; the part of the week where Gearbox comes out and posts… a Battleplan.

I’ll be surprised if anyone knows the reference to that.

In spite that this Battleplan is active at addressing and fixing a lot of issues for newbies and veterans alike, this fix came way, way too late If you’re on PC, like myself.

Novice Bots Battle should never have been a thing, players should have been able to participate in regular Bots Battle on the get go. Due to this, we had players perpetually stuck below level 20 unable to go anywhere. This pointlessly drove the new players away and they are never going to be coming back.


The Dead on Arrival 3v3 queues. Again, they served no purpose and fractured the community. On PC, you never got a match there. In terms of balance and practice, Supercharge is a complete farce and showed just how overly broken Boldur and Attikus were -as if Boldur wasn’t bad enough in 5v5 already. When the games become Boldur+Attikus+Random that is most likely Montana, you know you got a crapshow mode in your hands that needs to be excised ASAP.

This game revolves around 5 man, both in PvP and PvE, and 3 man PvE pales in comparison to 5 man runs. 3 man Operations were a mistake in my opinion, but Gearbox was so sure that 3 man was the way to go -a sentiment I clearly don’t agree with- and became adamant with 3v3 Supercharge and other 3v3 play.

In 2 months 3v3 is rightfully excised. I’m sure people bitched about 3 man PvE, but clearly nothing has been done to for them. The PvP crowd complains and things get done, despite it being too late for PC and too late for some console players.

I may sound salty for the PvE being so thoroughly compromised throughout Battleborn’s run, but what I’m really annoyed about is why did anyone bother with 3v3, a mode that did nothing for the game. Battleborn is a professional product, treat it as such, and don’t incorporate ideas that’s fitting for a junior high school project like you got a lot of extra money to throw around so driving into a few ditches off the road isn’t a big deal. Wasting energy and manpower on something fruitless is a big deal. If you want to take risks, gamble with material that could actually garner results of some kind.

The consequences of 3v3 was an even quicker exodus of players who became way too fed up with the queues. Battleborn is already full of problems, you dont need to put in so much effort to create a self inflicted injury.

The last 3 points in the Battleplan are good overall, got nothing bad to say about it.

I’m not an art person, I got bo affinity for it, but I have to say the fanart this time around is astonishing. It’s actually fun to look at.

Can we have some massive discount event soon? The game could use one.

And can completing challenges in private versus be a thing too? There’s no point in holding on the shackles anymore -after all, you just eliminated your 3v3 because it worked so well.

Overall, this Battleplan is a 6/10 for me, much better than the 0/10 I gave to the previous one.

(Augustus Benedict) #78

I came in, expecting dissapointment, glad gearbox delivered.

So yet another week where Shayne remains unplayable?

(XB1: Abattoirista) #79

Not a dev, of course, but IIRC the decision to do 3-player Ops was largely based in difficulties with having enemies scale properly to the number of players in addition to adjusting with Ops points. The fact that maxing out at three made it easier to fill groups for what is meant to be a shorter gameplay experience is a bonus.

I’m pretty sure the decision to have Supercharge as 3v3 is largely unrelated to the 3-person Story Ops, though I’m more than willing to be proven wrong by someone official.

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(Comrades) #80

They’re two separate points. I honestly could care less if the screen was full of 12 different queues. I’ve always thought there should be 3 queues anyway. Cpts draft incursion, solo queue incursion, and quick match.
I’m not witht the lot that thinks that having more queues does anything bad. People that queue for an unpopular mode will just sit in queue and either quit, or go play incursion. Forcing people to play other game modes, literally, is never the answer

(Penguin connoisseur.) #81

That contradicted each other… You know what? I’ll just drop that part…

I couldn’t agree more! Guess what I’VE been forced to play for the last month or two, while wanting to play meltdown? This is why Incursion probably SHOULD be in it’s own queue; just don’t make it the ONLY queue…

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #82

It just took you like, a sentence and a half to completely contradict yourself.


I see people mentioning the S&A Fetch bug every Battleplan thread… It’s long been established Shayne can’t be fixed through a hotfix, she’s going to require a full update. Shayne was my favorite when Fetch worked (well, sort of worked… was more consistent than it is now) so I feel your pain, but you can’t be surprised that she isn’t getting fixed. It can’t happen until there’s a full update. Unless there has been a secret change of plans (which wouldn’t be entirely surprising), there is one more update in the works. Sit and wait for the update is obviously not a satisfying answer but there’s literally nothing they can do in the meanwhile.

Anyway, I’ve already had jerks queue dodging non-Incursion modes so that’s an unsurprising issue. There seems to be such a strong consensus that console can handle two queues, not sure why Gearbox disagrees. Obviously they have data we don’t have access to, but it seems pretty clear the player base would be far happier in a two queue system.