Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

(Can't stand ya) #84

This is a shame for supercharge, which was never really given much of a chance it seems (by the player base), although it makes sense given the queue is never populated.

Since it’s no longer public does this mean the titles correlating to the mode have also been removed? It’s irritating enough there’s unobtainable titles there like the choctaw ones …

(Too Many Games) #85

I have had friends quit Battleborn due to the 3 man change in Operations.

I also stopped playing with a lot of people because we were forced to split up our groups into 3s. Once people break, it’s hard to put back together.

Operations became something I solo, since Operations demanded competence from every group member, and it became easy, sometimes way too easy, for one person to screw up a challenge and fail 100 Ops. OP3 3 man is the most guilty of this.

I stopped queuing Operations once I found someone not paying attention to the first challenge. Operations, by design, were not suitable for randoms. If you want 100 Ops to get your Commander Packs, you will not play with incompetent people. So people don’t queue, so the queues die, and less and less people play them. Operations suffered a lot of flaws right from the get go, ones that played well in fracturing the PvE base.

The 3v3, or 3 man teams in general, came shortly after OP1, where Gearbox was championing the idea since they thought OP1 was so great because it was 3 man, so in the future they would do 3 man stuff for PvP, because, you know, 3 man was such hot stuff. OP1 came in October or November . 7 or 8 months later, we got 3v3 PvP and people hated its guts. In August 2017, it’s rightfully excised because it served as a detriment to the game, far more than what OP4 could dream of.

Like I stated before, 3v3 is removed in 2 months, something that Gearbox meaninglessly devoted time and resources into. If they got that much cash and time to make something that did nothing for the game, why not go make another set PvE missions using the assets of Supercharge, because no one is mourning over the removal of 3v3 in the comments. Just imagine what sort of other creative stuff could have been added in if they didn’t spend work on 3v3?

What a pointless endeavour this all was.

(Deandes in crime ) #86

Not gonna be fixed in a battleplan bro. We’ll all just have to wait…

(Shadewolf19) #87

We’ve had 2 or 3 lootpocalypse, since that happened.
2 Battleborn days, too.

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(Too Many Games) #88

The last Lootpocalypse was Battleborn Day 2, which was February 19th 2017.

So 6 months without a XP credit boost event and lootpocalypse or discounts.

Or you and your 4 friends spend 2100 platinum each on VIP boosters! Ha ha ha ha… no…

Unless you think 6 months of nothing is a great idea…

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(Shadewolf19) #89

Quick Match is multi queue

(lowlines - PS4) #90

Putting the custom PvP modes into Private matches is a great change! I was not able to try Rocket Brawl during the event window (the closest I got was loading into a match which insta-ended the moment it started).

Given the trickle of news coming out through Gearbox Publishing as of late, I reckon the PAX Panel will be interesting! We still haven’t heard anymore about these new skins since @jythri hinted they were still “weeks away” weeks ago, so maybe we might hear more about them during the panel. :eyes:

Will also be different not having Mikey on stage this year. :cry:

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #91

It was fairly active for the first week or two. After that it died out very suddenly.

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(Can't stand ya) #92

Yeah I played it on the first weekend and obviously it was pretty populated then.

But I’ve barely been able to get a game in there since :frowning:

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #93

I feel ya. The only game I managed to get after the first two weeks was when I got 6 friends together to go into the queue at once.

(Kaedex00) #94

Amanda IS seeing this and thinks that your idea is highly theft-worthy! I can already picture this in my head. My intention is to make one from each faction first, but I’ll revisit this after the first series is done.

Thanks for all the kinds words from everyone, by the way – and to Gearbox for poppin’ me in the Community Spotlight! You people are swell. If anyone’s interested, you can find high-resolution versions of the Oscar Mike-sicle and Marquis d’Cone on my Flickr, or you can follow me on your preferred social media to catch the next in the Battleborn Creamery series: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and ye olde Website.

I’m hoping to finish the Miko ice-cream over the weekend. After that will be Deande and Orendi, so keep an eye out. And stay frosty out there. Huehuehue.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #95

Mandatory @Nemosis327 ping.

(Deandes in crime ) #96

Deande ice cream? I’ll take eleven dozen. Who do I make out the cheque to?

(The MONTANA!!) #97

Cool. The dead que has been removed.
While fun, 3v3 had its problems. Character balance was a major one. But it was still fun.

Best things gearbox can do to the (console) cues right now.

Make a que for incursion only, and a que for quick match. Quick match with meltdown, face off, and capture.

2-3 days a week (maybe 3-4 depending on how the community reacts to it), switch incursion que with draft mode.

1 day a week, switch quick match with 3v3 mode.

The reason 3v3 died can be tracked down to 2 precise causes.

  1. The characters are balanced for 5v5. Powerful characters in a 5v5 situation are incredibly powerful when there are only ever 3 enemies. This makes it horribly unbalanced if one team runs a few of the more powerful characters in the game.

  2. 3v3 was well populated for the first week or two (on ps4 anyway). Then people started to want to play incursion and meltdown again, but some still enjoyed 3v3. Then it began to be difficult to find matches. More people stopped queuing for it, simply because it was slow to find matches. Then nobody was in it. The moment a que has a reputation for being dead, it is gone for good. Everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to find a match in that que at that point, so nobody even tries to que up for it. Even those that want to play don’t que for it.

If it is only offered for 1 day a week; people will que for it, because they figure people must be queuing for it, because it’s only offered once a week.

It’s simple really.

(the one person that likes capture ) #98

how does the humble bundle work for platinum? does it just jump into my account after i purchase it?
i got it never purchased humble bundle before i fear i may go broke soon if i linger on the site too long.

(How much time do we have?) #99

Oh where is my hotfix
Oh where is my hotfix
Oh where oh where
Oh where not there
Oh where is my hotfix

:stuck_out_tongue: :tomato: :cucumber:

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(Kain Zilla) #100

I can answer this since I pulled the trigger (and was equally filled with questions as it was my first time).

I got the BTA middle option and they send you a link with two redeem codes. One is a PSN redeem codes for all of the games, and the other is a SHiFT code for the platinum pack.

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(Smokin' Jesus titty cinnamon, that is a glorious wingspan!) #101


Changes user description to “Private Shenanigans.”
Shakes head and looks at camera.


Puts on sunglasses. F**k, those are my regular glasses… aw sh*t… wait… they’ve got those “transition lenses” hold on…

Nova, turn the lights WAY up… AHH!

Transition lenses take effect.

Hell yeah. Badass.

Sweet. I can finally rocket brawl. Ghalt sent me on a f**kin’ mission the weekend y’all were doin’ that. And I can do it as part of my… wait for it…


…wait for it…


(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #102

Awww, not one point even for my art… :cry: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway I meant to ask @MereAtGBX would you kindly forward a request to include Big Head mode as an option in the private PvP as well? I don’t understand why that wasn’t with the rest…

Edit: Also, I hope the fact that Supercharge is in private match only is temporary because earning mode-exclusive titles is not happening this way.

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #103

Do you mean 2 queues alongside Bots Battle?

Also I’m fine with 5v5 supercharge Gearbox. That would be awesome chaos. If you added that to quick match or whatever I wouldn’t complain.