Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

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While really cool, this would require an entire rework of the matchmaking system. This would be very expensive in money, time and man power. Last time we checked with Jythri, he said it would be cool to do but is not currently an option.


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They should’ve posted your art on a Battleplan that actually had content in it.

After reading a Battleplan that basically says, “More Microtransactions! Buy! Buy now! Nothing here! Ktnx bye!” And here’s some of Beya’s art. Yeaaaaaa… the optics don’t look so good anymore.

Your art is good, don’t get me wrong, I can’t even draw stick figures well because I’m a talentless artist, just your stuff somewhat became collateral damage in the sea of disappointment towards the game.

The Battleplan was still a 0/10.

I’ll give your artwork a 8/10. Let’s keep it separate. Sound good?



Thanks to people queue dodging when Incursion doesn’t win the vote and the extra time it takes to wait out character select and find another match, queue times are worse than they would be if we just had two 5v5 queues.





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…Sadly there’s a reddit thing asking people to do that.


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@JoeKGBX, @Jythri - you guys might want to look into this. Folks routinely bailing because they don’t get the mode they want is going to have a pretty negative effect on what’s left of the player base.


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Link to speed it up


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Not gonna lie that’s a pretty childish and entitled attitude from that reddit guy. Whatever. At least he can’t ruin story mode.



I sympathize with them to an extent, Capture was my favorite mode when the game first came out and Face Off is my favorite mode now so I certainly know how it feels to have your preferred set up taken away from you but at the same time I’ve never quit a match simply because it was Meltdown or another mode I didn’t vote for. Ultimately the best answer from a player retention standpoint is to have two queues. The Incursion only crybabies are never going to stop dodging so unfortunately this set up simply isn’t sustainable. If their concern is queue times, well now my queue times are longer solely on the basis of having to find multiple matches before I can actually play one due to the mode dodgers. I’m taking screenshots of people who dodge but I don’t really know why I’m bothering since Gearbox isn’t going to punish anyone for it at this point and them being punished isn’t even a solution when what these people are doing is a symptom of a problem moreso than the problem itself sadly.


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My god yes it is. Good on the sub though for shutting him down hard, though.


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I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how you don’t see a difference between the majority of players wanting to play incursion and being thrown into a mode selection that doesn’t even include incursion, and you being in a lobby where meltdown is a choice, yet you’re the only one who wants to play it.
There’s being voted against, and then there’s not even being given the possibility. How can you possibly complain when people are given the choice to play meltdown and would rather not?

If incursion is a choice, yet people choose meltdown, then fine, ill play meltdown. But that happens 1 out of 10 times at best.

It’s like you want to take the lobby hostage and don’t care as long as you get to play tdm meltdown. I’m all for having a separate queue. Let you guys sit in it for 20 minutes waiting for other meltdown players. The rest of us just want to have incursion ad a choice at all times in one queue.


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its been maybe a week since i played, i hopped on to do some matches hoping i could play some face off or capture again.
Of course incursion is in the que so i know my odds are about the same as winning the powerball jackpot.

Anyway i did like 5 matches, and out of all of them 4/5 of them someone quit even though they were all incursion.
4 matches isn’t a lot i guess but i usually don’t see it happen in rapid succession,especially in incursion. i hope ques can go back to the way they were soon.


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I have met (a) WorkingLikaBoss on PS4.


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Not really what I mean. I mean everything is its own queue (like in the old days), but you select the ones you enter and everything searches concurrently. Paladins uses this system and Smite recently picked it up as well. In the mood for Incursion? Just select Incursion. Feeling some Capture and/or Face-Off? Select those two and leave the rest blank. Not picky? Select everything and leave the rest to the Sisters of Fate.

Quick match is more a straight roll of the dice. If you don’t get the option you want you either have to suck it up and roll with it or risk pissing everyone else off by leaving the match.


That old chestnut, huh? I get it, even though I don’t completely agree with it.

Ah well.


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I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that would take an entire overhaul of the queue system. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.



Ode to Dare to dream! I Believe, I Believe!

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Why is it taking so long to have any info:

  • if there is more content coming, why keep it a secret
  • if no more content are coming, what is taking so long to release the bugfix patch and close support
  • why keep the small community in the dark at this point? are they afraid we will have go away? as if we didn’t have enough opportunities before
  • why not release a shift code every month like Borderlands

I understand Fortnite and Project1v1 and whatever they need to plan for PAX (god knows why we should be excited for this) are keeping the evil marketing department occupied,

but please, let your team speak with us!!!


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Maybe they ran out of gummi bears?


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Because we are spoiled kids

They gave hints of content comming.

I remember two times when they gave us all the info but could not give it in the time they expected and it back fired rly bad!!

Their team is multy tasking more than ever probably so progress is there but slow and i am happy to have slow progres than none at all.

Keep a community in the dark is sometimes better, many devs do it because the community starts to ask then demands then becomes toxic.

I wonder the same about shiftcodes lol but well they kind of gave crappy lootpacks but with the free players on our game thet could have gave more packs, as free players cant do story for gear.


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That’s easy.

Because they are working on Battleborn 1v1 PvP.

3v3 didn’t go over so hot, so 1v1 is the next best thing. What could possibly go wrong?

This was my attempt to make jokes.