Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

You should have used hot pink. It’s the new official unofficial colour of satire.


My sources say GBX is hard at work on BL:3.

Honestly, I’m fine with them focusing every waking moment to making it the best game they’ve ever released. I won’t even mind BB being such a disappointment if they manage to pull it off since it would have all been worth it after all! -breathes-

I’m still playing BB from time to time, watching few streamers stream the game, and increasing my post-counts here on the forums. Maybe that’s all I really need.

They need to prove something wrong…
Everyone, every source, is saying my two fav games are dead. (Battleborn, Mass Effect: Andromeda)


How can you kill that which has no life?

Just enjoy the ride. It’ll be all over soon and all you’ll have is the good memories.


Matchmaking has been hell since the queue changes.

After a ten person, democratic vote on undesirable modes, someone backs out and ruins it for everyone.
Incursion needs it’s own queue. Flat out…

The game and characters were balanced and made with Incursion in mind. Highlight that mode. I wouldn’t even be mad if the other modes disappeared. Incursion is satisfying, alone.

Such as Incursion.

But I and others would.

Maybe to some, but certainly not all.


Incursion is undesirable? There’s quite a strong correlation with abandoned games and votes absent of an Incursion choice.

Surely we can agree that the mode people overwhelmingly favor and select over others should be isolated in it’s own queue so the fringe group who prefer Meltdown, Capture and Face-Off can enjoy uninterrupted.

Spoiled kids who think their decition/feelingd is more important than everyone else.

Why should i play a mode i dont enjoy
I pay for the game i should do what ever i want
My feelings are more important than other 9 paying costumers



…Bot battles are a joke now.
Lost my first match last night!
I was the only vet, the others were all under level 10.
Our Miko was never seen, one of the defenders dropped, only my Shayne was doing anything, and we lost.


Better than not finding a game.


Torque: Maybeeee


Did you find the connections really spotty last night? Had multiple connection errors during matchmaking, quite a few during matches, and a couple where there was a such a long pause between the “Victory” screen and match summary appearing I thought the server had died. (This was over on XB1).

And yes, most bots matches with sub-20 players, some of whom made me regret not wearing my headset. They really needed to know about quick melee and teleport, but it was a bit late in the middle of a 4v5 to go fiddling with wires and things.

The good thing was that I was able to complete the “play 3 matches with” challenges for both Rath and Phoebe without having to set anything up!

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Merging the beginner queue with the standard Bots Battle definitely makes it harder now!
Better bring a character you play well with a good regen/dr loadout when matched with all 10- players, you have to be all over the place!
I enjoy it though, bots battle is so easy with all skilled players that I find this new challenge quite refreshing.
After more than 1000 Bots battle match, it was getting a bit boring in there, to the point that I was considering trying PvP again. (havn’t played a match in nearly a year (since my friends stopped playing BB))

I felt that too, match summary wouldn’t show up but I could hear the timer for the next match selection going. I was almost jumping straight from the victory screen to character select.

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…Yes last night was getting those BB blue screens about connection errors and this morning doing the Mike dlc at 100 OPS I got a flashback from one year ago: Can’t access match data at this time, check back later.
Of course check back later didn’t fix it, ever. OK, I think it did once, but I like saying: Ever :wink:

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Between abandoned games and when something other than Incursion got selected. Even when Incursion is a choice, and is outvoted, people still insist to leave to prevent the game from happening.

That’s the player’s fault, not the queue’s.

But why should it need its own queue if it’s overwhelmingly favourable and wins the majority of the votes by a large margin?

Why can’t those who denies the rest of the lobby to play a game they want to play stay and play for the few matches where they themselves don’t get to play what they want to play?

(10/10 sentence right there)

Yet, someone like me prefer Meltdown by a large margin over all the other game modes, and such a queue would not adress my enjoyability being interrupted by Capture & Face-Off.

At least in within my circle of friends more or less all of us wants a draft queue, where both Incursion and Meltdown are included.

As rough and against the grains this will sound, given how small the population is, those who exclusively likes Incursion should be able to suck up having to play a non-Incursion every once in a while like how those of us who prefer other game modes have to suck up every time Incursion is chosen.


Bingo. The issue is deep and you recognize it as a problem, as well.
Queues can be adjusted, players can not. Whether you think so, or not, this match-abandoning ultimately does point to unpopular game modes up for vote. I accept they are fine modes, but overall they are not desired, evidently.
Incursion should be isolated to it’s own queue. I’ve never abandoned a game because I didn’t get what I want, yet I recognize abandonment as a problem. The popular preference for Incursion is what mainly contributes to this.

How it was pre-adjustment, I was happy with this. Enjoyed the occasional Meltdown.

Git gud? :dukejk:

…I’m having my morning espresso right now, drop by and let’s chat.

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Just finishing my cup of tea. I think I’ll have another. So, what’s up?

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Normally having my Kombucha about now but riding to the freakin dentist soon.
At least I’ll be on the Harley, then the Witch Doctor won’t bug me so much. :smile:

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