Battleplan 55: 8/17/17

Is there another patch coming eventually? What’s the point of the Battleplan if it literally tells us nothing?


Change rich for spoiled.

The point is to let us know they still care.

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From what I’ve heard there’s supposed to be one more big patch on the horizon.

Is it a big patch or just a tiny one by chance?

I just remember Jythri saying that their goal was to shift away from the CC meta in the next patch. Considering just how much CC is in the game I imagine it would be a big patch if it’s moving away from CC.


I remember a couple of days before the summer patch dropped it was stated that they were already working on a new update. It’s somewhere in the forums but yea… should be another, hopefully soon.

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Yeah, I remember Jythri posting something about that but the silence is deafening.

More new personajer, would pay for them and would attract more people to the game


Same here. Im Deluxe preordering founder and will buy any new story dlc or new characters.
Or sequel game. Or strategy game, or card one, or adventure one - any new content !!!


Would love more characters! Dont care if theyre an existing faction, or a new faction, or factionless, or all the same faction- more characters please!


That would have been nice but I’m pretty sure that ship sailed 6 months ago.


Ehh, i can think of some characters they should be able to pull off that arent too resource intensive…ofc, gbx tends to make everything harder than it should be, lol. i think sometimes they set the bar too (arbitrarily) high, and other times too low, both to the detriment of their works, but c’est la vie.
all we can hopeis the experience has bettered everyone involved and see where it takes them, were just along for the ride either way. i dont see any trouble in expressing hopes and dreams :slight_smile:




Nova: Am I here yet?


Only in my soul, heart, and dreams.

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I wouldn’t really call us spoiled. There’s other, more effective ways of showing care… I mean, it can’t hurt to have a hint about the next patch. Yeah there’s the discord but not everyone’s in that and knows about the skins Jythri brought up.


They talk about legal implications, it could be a lie or not, but we should respect their decision for this silence.


Thing is though, in the past, they’ve been happy to discuss with us.

If something changed since the F2P version dropped, it wouldn’t hurt to know…

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Oh look, tomorrow’s the day we get a new battleplan!

Sadly I just think it’ll be something along the lines of…

"WATCH US AT PAX WEST! kktnxbai!"
Oh, and maybe some more fanart.

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Add, "We got nothing. Buy more microtransactions. Like, right now. Why are you not doing it faster? You want me to speak in Chinese too? Go! Buy! Why you not buying? Buy stuff faster!

“And we also got 1v1 PvP!”