Battleplan 56: 8/31/17

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #203

No when you play 90% of your time the same game. I bought a couple of new games while waiting for bb and i kind of regret it, they are not as fun…

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(Too Many Games) #204

I don’t know your preference of games, but every game I deliberately aim for is very enjoyable to me. I mean it in the context of waiting for sales, reading opinions of user base, forum discussions of various aspects of the game in question, making sure that I do know I will enjoy almost every aspect the game has to offer.

I don’t buy games for the sake of buying.

Even my impulse buys are games that I have done some levels of research and preparation.

In this regard, if I have 70 to 90 CDN to spend, I already have targets in my crosshairs like NIER, Fate/Extella, King of Fighters 14, Tales of Beseria etc. They would provide me assured satisfaction and entertainment for more hours than Battleborn could offer at this point.

Battleborn skins simply cannot compete -made worse that PC is constantly struggling despite it got a bit better with the recent Bots Battle limitation removal.

And I’m still binging XCOM2: War of the Chosen every night if I got the time.

If I want to invest 90 CDN then I certainly have plenty of options.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #205

The range of ganes u enjoy is not the same as me, you may find 5 ganes you like while i only find 2 and there is a chance 1 is not what i wanted.

I take days even months to buy 1 game, take extra consideration as i don’t like to spend on games. I finally found one i enjoy all the time so, for me is like buying a “new” game with 100% chance of liking it.

Nier is a game i bought for me but my bf enjoy while i don’t, is boring for me, same with fate and KOF (i try them and are boring).

For me 14 dollars are 248.73 pesos. I’m extra carefull spending money on games.


(Too Many Games) #206

Then it’s too bad that the range games you might enjoy are more narrow than mine. I have 60 or more games on my wishlist, so there are more games I could ever want and play.

Besides, I have over 200 games on my Steam Account. And I have only played about 100 of them so far, if not slightly less. I shouldn’t buy games not because they cost money, but I simply don’t have enough time to try them all and yet I continue to increase it when I see a steep sale on a target I’ve been aiming for.

If I’m not gaming, I’m reading manga, watching anime, reading novels, writing stories etc. I’m never bored at all when I have the free time.

This is why the Fall Update with the heavy emphasis of very expensive microtransactions does nothing to invigorate my interest with the game. Due to microtransactions, GBX also no longer have double XP/credits events, discount sales and other things that veteran players have been asking, instead they are incorporating them in their boosters in an attempt to take more money from the few remaining. Am I supposed to congratulate GBX when we can no longer have lootpocalypse or 800 credit packs where I can sit there for 2 hours just buying and opening them? How do you want me to be excited and be supportive when there is no effort to make me want to enjoy the game more?

And Civilization: A New Dawn board game is coming out in Quarter 4 this year. I have a number of buddies expressing interest that they will definitely play with me due to their love for Civilization 5.

Also the 7 Wonders board game with its set of expansion packs. I have plenty of friends to play this with too, serving as a fantastic long term investment.

I’m a kickstarter backer for Divinity: Original Sin 2, bought 2 copies of the game for 60 CDN, and it will be out September 14th 2017. I know I’ll be spending another 200+ hours on that game alone, if not more, given that it’s even bigger than the first game.

I could do a lot more than skins with an extra 90 CDN.

I’ve said it before in my other posts: the competition never stops and they endlessly strive to do better to earn your time and money.


(BattlePeanut) #207

It’s almost never a battleplan anymore. Half of the ones we have gotten are ‘‘No changes this time’’ or ‘‘Minor tiny insignificant changes’’


(Orendi's Best Buddy) #208

There’s probably going to be some sort of bundle discount for all six skins.

Of course I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t like the skins at all, especially the one for my favourite character, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.


(A euclid-class anomaly) #209

My biggest problem with the skins is that I want to play -Battleborn-, not Borderlands. If I wanted to play as Maya, I can go load up my Maya save file in BL2. If I wanted to play as Claptrap, I can go start a new save in TPS. These games are always available to me, so long as my computer is alive.

I can’t play Battleborn though, or rather I should say I can’t enjoy Battleborn to the full extent it was meant to be played. As a PC player at my timezone I’m either doing long queues for bots battle or solo story missions I’ve done dozens of times by now. I’m not excited by the prospect of having to spend money on a game that has routinely failed to staunch its player bleed out, much less on skins that (imo) aren’t that appealing and are just trying to squeeze cash out of the last remaining BL fans.

Waiting months between updates, having a near DoA f2p element, balancing constantly missing the mark by some miles, a plethora of bugs, crashes, server lag and general frustrations with things that would be small annoyances in most other games… and I’m expected to drop 10s+ for new microtransactions because they look like Borderlands. Sorry GBX, but even my patience burns out after a while.


(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #210

My harsh critique of the skins

  • Alani
    • I love how it accentuates her hips, I love the look of the glove, and I love the binder class mod.
    • But I really don’t like the hair. Not only was I never a big fan of Maya’s hair, but it seemed really low quality in the showcase. I think the skin would be perfect if they gave Alani her unique hair style back.
  • Caldarius
    • None of his premium skins have ever seemed that unique to me, and this is no different. It’s just his different geometric shapes with 4 alternating colors. The random Vault and Maliwan logos slapped on there didn’t really do anything to change that.
  • El Dragon
    • While the entire skin is well done, it just really isn’t that eye-popping. It seems really lackluster for the price, and even though the arms were changed, it just seems like a down grade based on my preferences.
    • So the professionalism is on-point, but the design belongs in the old 540 platinum range IMO.
  • ISIC
    • His is really cool, but I have a few problems. I really don’t like the Claptrap arms on his head or his arm tethers now being yellow, and…
    • Even though ISIC is my main, I will never buy a skin for him because every single one just “paints” over his dome and covers his head. Like, what the hell?
    • They could have left his dome alone and just change his head model to be the digi-Claptrap from TPS.
  • Orendi
    • Just because I’ve been staring at Orendis with their mouth covered for the past 17 months, there is just something so “wrong” about her not having her bandanna.
    • Same thing with the hat. She’s just not Orendi without the hat, and it will ruin some of her taunts.
  • Rath
    • I have no qualms, 10/10. Hell, I might even say that it’s better than his ice cream skin.

(Too Many Games) #211

And if there isn’t?

Fork up 90 CDN please!


(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #212

It seems almost as if they’re doing something to them…
like, something important…
like, preparing them for somethin’…


@HandsomeCam, prepare the bunker (not to be confused for the BNK3R)


(Penguin connoisseur.) #213

WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE BUNKER?! That bunker is for Toby mains only, sir! It’s fully stocked with over a dozen types of fish filets, two snow machines, and a whole library of Finisci porn, like this:


Mmm… Shake it, ladies…


(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #214

Finisci porn? Fish Filet? SNOW MACHINE?


I demand;

  • enough Pasta to make Italy jealous.
  • 3 (THREE) Lasagnas
  • 3 (THREE) trays of cupcakes; Chocolate, no sprinkles.
  • 1 Snuggy
  • 2 Bottles of Whisky for the road
  • And one of them 90’s hacked illegal cable boxes.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #215

It’s a survival bunker. Why do you need whiskey for the road?


(XB1: Abattoirista) #216

Holy crap, both snow machines made it? Sweet!

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(Zen Disk) #217

What’s with Echelon? I haven’t noticed anything.


(PSN:Santbech_2038) #218

Echelon is the sniper Paradise.

Also many Say u can’t makes a come back once u r pushed back to your second Sentey. No way to defend it


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #219

If there’s a Toby, Marquis or Thorn on the other map, say goodbye to your sentry. And your second one. Backdooring on Echelon is a more serious problem then on Monuments, since on Echelon it’s practically frontdooring in terms of the second sentry. It’s like the old Overgrowth glitch.

edit: it was not a glitch. Having trouble understanding why i called it one.


(Jennerit Supremacist) #220

The overgrowth thing wasn’t a glitch, just poor map design. It’s also worse than than since on echelon you can destroy both sentries instead of just the first one.


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #221

My bad. Not sure why I called it a glitch lol

Yeah it’s definitely worse


(30% more flak) #222

In addition to the poor design, it’s also got one of the worst performances out of all the maps due to it being one long open corridor. The way the map is rendered and designed is not very FPS friendly.