Battleplan 56: 8/31/17

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Oh, yeah, I see now. I only play Bots battle so no problem with snipers at all. I’d love to see it changed though, it’s not my favorite map for some reasons, kinda boring and melee-unfriendly with all its “very tight spot - big open space” repetition.


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And still no boldur nerf … yay


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It’s possible, if not likely, that fixing Boldur requires a proper update, rather than just shuffling numbers around. And it’s probably easier on a few levels to just leave that for the update than put in hotfixes ahead of time and make sure the update accommodates them.

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One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is the addition of basic team communications. Can’t remember what it is called, but using radial of chat options like Overwatch has to call for healer or help.

Teams without any communications can be beyond horrible. I can stand next to healer with little health and they will continue to fight the minions (not all the time, but a noticable amount), or in meltdown the rest of my team will go down a single lane, leaving the other undefended. Marking spots can only get so far. Calling for Heal or help could also mark the player, making them seen through terrain.

This isn’t something I feel needs to be added, but it would be great. Any communication is better than none at all.



Tried to suggest a possible implementation ages ago.

People seemed to like the idea, but I didn’t get any official feedback. Not sure if it was just one of the cases of “Not a great suggestion and not worth a response”, overlooked or infeasable from an implementation standpoint.


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We have something usefull, pinging.

If your team has brains they will put atention and focuse.


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This Thursday better have a release date for that FALL PATCH or else.

The battleplan will just be a recap of the Pax West BB info along with a SOON!


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Pinging doesn’t actually do much in terms of relaying information. Do you want to warn people that that an area is dangerous? Or did you want people to go there? Are you trying to tell your team to retreat? A ping doesn’t tell you this stuff.

It is extremely barebones and it’s the only communication most teams have access to (Console, for example). A proper chat wheel is something the game should have shipped with.


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The sniper issue on Echelon is a problem, but I’ve always found the “no chance for comebacks” odd. No one ever seems to try to push out the sides to flank the other team at the mouth of the tunnel. Instead everyone just goes straight through and feeds.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #232

Retreat: constant pinging in the back lines. Ping has a sound when targets an área.

Focuse fire: ping an enemy infront of us. It has a dif sound for targets

Watch out of Flankers: ping an enemy out of línea of sight.

Área is dangerous: ping the floor next to it, ppl has eyes and brains.

Build: ping the turret

Sunspot/mushi: ping it’s locación.

And of course use Ur mini map to see where is the ping.

If anyone wants a complex system se have voice chat.

Edit: i’m playing paladins (because i can’t play bb) and ppl is stupid even with a complex system. They spam it, abuse it and find a way to punish with it instead of communicate.



I’ve played a game as frontliner not long ago and missed that the enemy has sent out mid thralls. The only person who noticed it was our Kid Ultra and he had to take them out solo, because despite ping spamming, I was bombarded with so many audio effects that the ping didn’t go through on my end (and yes, my map awareness is this bad that I’m losing the mini map out of sight when I’m trying to hold the lane and focus on the people who are standing right in front of me :frowning:).


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Do u also miss the pointer un the screen? There is usually an arrow pointing the direction and highlight the enemy.

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Was behind my back and there is usually many people who ping different stuff, e.g., the enemy Deande was pretty much constantly pinged to keep track of her.


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Then that strategy worked wonderfull!! Split the attention with a multi directional attack

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I have to agree with @reliikki here. Another thing about the ping uses you’ve listed, it depends on how your team is thinking.

Pinging an enemy works, as long as it’s a player enemy. In my experience pinging thralls only works half the time.

Pinging the ground generally doesn’t work at all, especially when asking for a healer to work their magic. Pinging where I am asking for heals usually ends up with the rest of the team thinking im trying to have fun and then they spam it all over the map, or just getting completely ignored.

Somebody with a mic is automatically leader, whether my team actually agrees or not. They dont even need to say they are. It’s just whoever i’m playing with will follow whoever can communicate with the easily.

Pinging can work sometimes, but the command wheel has much more potential. I would have less losses if I could tell my team exactly what they need to do. We could have a radial with at least 8 options, rather than a single ping with multiple possible meanings.


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If the healer can’t use his eyes to ser Ur HP bar… It won’t makes any diff if you spam -genji voice- i need healing.

I can tell u this, i play healer, tank and flankers in overwatch and paladins. Healers who can’t keep an eye on everyone probably won’t heal u even if u spam i need healing, those who know Will heal u unless they are busy.

Flank right or left can be done with a ping, unless they are new ir just don’t pay attention and Will end up the same unless u have mic.

But this is personal lvl, skill, and knowledge. Unless u can use Ur voice and express exactly you r thinking it is a Guess of what u r trying to communicate.

You know what? Even when u r with mic there is always a chance you get distracted and don’t hear what Ur team is saying… I have been there done that

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On XB1 the quality of the audio for game chat can be pretty bad. I’ve had occasions where I’ve only figured out what someone was trying to say long after the fact.


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On PS4 too, but u can always warn your party for an invitación and makes a party chat

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Not a valid solution :slight_smile:

And just assuming every single random you run into will interpret your pings as you mean them… Well, I wish people could read my mind, but alas, they don’t. Even if you have a team willing to pay attention, pings just do not relay all the information to everyone you think they do.

Games like these have to offer proper communication options, especially when it allows premades to be matched against pubs. The reason pubs are at such a large disadvantage is the lack of communication!


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Well we have psn app for texting @lequizachris can confirm i only used texto for more than 7 months before i got a mic.

Well if ppl don’t interpretate pings then what do they think when i ping the área of a buildable? I just go nuts and like to annoy ppl?