Battleplan 56: 8/31/17

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That’s exactly the reason. I know that some of the elites have stated that communication is not required in a good team, and that some of them preform just as good without mics as they do with them; but that doesn’t take into account that they play with said people all the time, and that all of them are just naturally strong. Playing solo with randoms whom you don’t know will ALWAYS put you at a severe disadvantage without communication, against another team of equally skilled randoms who ARE communicating. Hell, i’ve played with randoms who ended up taking a FANTASTIC team comp, so that whenever i would see a known pre-made of lesser skill take a sh*t comp, i would think “oh yeah… We got this!”

We wouldn’t have it… You’d see all the telltale signs of a communicating team (rushing to save each other, chaining CC, backdooring together, etc.), and even though it would be a close match most of the time, we would still lose due to the cohesiveness of the other team.

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They might actually think so. Or what if you aren’t pinging them to build the turret but are actually pinging the location of a Pendles and you specifically don’t want anyone to go near that buildable at that moment because they’ll get ambushed?

I do not understand why you’re so opposed to a communication wheel… This would help immensely when you’re playing with people you can’t chat with.
If you personally do fine on pings, you could continue doing fine on pings even if the rest of us could differentiate between “Build this turret” and “This area is dangerous”

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Ooh! Can we also get one of those wheels that tells you what animals say, bro?! General Mike keeps telling me that the cow says “moo”, and i’m skeptical as HELL!

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I love you
Mellka is bae

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What happen today?on Xbox? About 2 hours to play and always find people to play with but no the 5 enemy. It’s a joke?.at least I am cleaning my house…

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Beginning of the work day AND back to school for much of the N. American player base, so not surprising that there are far fewer people on the servers right now.

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So, the spirits have given me some
Insight into tomorrow’s Battleplan.
Know that we’re getting a release date for the patch
Even earlyaccess to the patch notes

Get ready for some serious, unadulterated,
Excitement and enthusiasm. But wait…
There’s more…

For starters we’ll also get news on
Upcoming special events and other spicy,
Delicious, ontent that you won’t wanna miss. Such as
Goddamn fun-filled holiday events and activities for
Everyone and their mothers to enjoy.
Don’t miss tomorrow’s jam-packed Battleplan

Don’t know why the spirits spoke to me as if it were an infomercial. They work in mysterious ways, I guess.
But yeah, get hype! HYPE! HYPE!
Seriously though, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Well played, but someone may take offense to the code that mysteriously appears from certain angles

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:confused: I dunno whatchu mean, son.

Don’t be so obtuse.

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I stand corrected, the code vanished mysteriously


Was just a glitch in the Matrix.

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Battleplan where?

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They’re stuffing it full of content as we speak. They’ll post it once it’s ready. (On a serious note, Meredith said to wait a while since they’re still working on it)

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