Battleplan #6: 6/16/16


I wish I could say more.

They even state on the news post that besides the numerous “skins” already in the game they are adding new optional ones for you to buy. First off everything in the current game you can acquire is just a recolor and 420 platinum for a Re-texture? not even a character model change. makes me wonder if T3 is going to be 840 platinum.

This is in no way going to help the game.


Lore changes are still being worked on, but I can tell that those will be in a full-on update, not a hot fix.



So we get a response to someone asking about lore changes but radio silence on the numerous people asking about season pass content.

Great way to make us feel appreciated


when it comes to stuff like that it takes time(especially thing’s like story missions, the voice acting, level design, making sure it’s playable, the time it takes to make something like that alongside skins & taunts you can ONLY get with the story mission and the motion capture & extra voice acting for those taunts, it takes time for that to get done, by now thou i’d say if we don’t get the first one by at least August than there’s a problem.


I appreciate the effort your team has put into the map changes and optimization. Some people have already reported noticeable performance improvements. I really like this part of the changelog, along with the much needed Alani balance changes.

However, there’s the other part that I can’t ignore: you’re asking for additional money before you delivered content to people who already gave you their money. This is not right in many people’s book, including mine.

You told us you’re working on lots of good stuff and asked us to trust you. I’m afraid it doesn’t work this way - trust is gained by one’s actions, and you cannot just ask for it.


You had a month to say even a single sentence to people who paid extra before launch day, while 19 days later others got the same thing for nearly half as much. Their $75 has lost value in less than three weeks, with no compensation in sight.

Nineteen days. Not half a year, or even a full month. 40% price drop. We all know this is not charity - but we’re customers, not donors, and it’s not unreasonable to expect to be treated fairly at least in the first month after the release. You’re asking for trust when pulling moves that put us off buying anything from you.

I would be okay with you saying “Digital Deluxe $75 customers will not get more than Digital Deluxe $40 customers”. That would mean there are some shards of communication between you and your customers. But you haven’t said anything. A lesson learned about pre-ordering anything from 2K.

I would gladly be proven wrong on this, if anyone has any source. Same applies to the things below.


You’re selling content that was in the game, just locked behind a boolean variable, before delivering what “season” pass holders already paid for. For some reason someone thought that it’s perfectly okay to ask for additional money even before the very first paid DLC pack goes live. You keep repeating that Season Pass holders will get the stuff they were promised, but the order of actions here is off-putting.

At this point I don’t believe you’ll listen to the cries telling you that non-cosmetic microtransactions are not okay. I expect it to be brushed off as “vocal minority”, followed by addition of paid loadouts or double XP and credits boosters. Maybe not addition, but enabling, since these boosters are already in the game’s code. You’ll probably also say that these are not affecting the gameplay more than skins do, and act surprised when people disagree.

Instead of giving people the incentive to play every day by giving them 5-10 platinum on each match, you’re making the situation worse by keeping the promised content behind a paywall insurmountable without real money.


You’re scared of mentioning a date for specific updates - because people will start yelling a day after the deadline - so the 2K marketing team has ordered you not to say anything at all.

You’re not posting any teaser videos of the upcoming content nor generating hype in any other way. Promises like “soon it’s gonna be good” are empty and have not made anyone believe you. It’s the worst time for surprises, but you still keep everything secret unless it leaks.

If there was any misunderstanding by an external party, like a gaming news site wrongly interpreting your microtransaction plans, there wasn’t any effort from your side to correct it, e.g. this article saying “you don’t have to spend any more real money”. Second month is not “long-term”, which was the term you used.

Dev Tracker.

If I mention the lack of communication, you will point me to the Dev Tracker. And what I see in the Dev Tracker is a single developer who posts multiple great responses to users’ questions… for Homeworld Remastered. He even replies “yup, it’s a known bug” and that works wonders - it lets the players know that the issue is acknowledged and will probably be fixed. It’s not a PR team, not a group of community ambassadors. It’s one developer. Give him a high five from me.

For Battleborn Dev Tracker, there are so little posts, each carrying so little information (“soon”, “cool things are coming”, “trust us”, “things are always in flux”), that it should be embarrassing to point anyone there. I don’t know if my reports that I’m getting randomly stuck in the black void, or that the helix mutation keybinding does not reflect the key bound to ultimate skill, have been seen by any developer. I don’t care if my lengthy detailed list of interface improvements gets 1 or 100 likes, if it doesn’t reach anyone in the team.

I tried reporting some of the issues, such as stun not preventing Shepherd’s overshield wave, on the official Zendesk support. What I got was a reply that “we are unable to accept your suggestion; our policy is not to accept unsolicited game ideas from the public”. This is ridiculous, since you have a dedicated “Suggestion” option, and in effect I had to rephrase my ticket to be a bug report. It was closed and marked as solved without me getting an answer if that stun+overshield is intentional or not.


I might have believed in Gearbox. But sadly, you’re in it together with 2K, and while the matches themselves are fun, the rest of the experience is terrible. Looking at the Steam players charts gives me the same amount of entertainment as sitting in a [1/10] queue for an hour, and there are no signs of positive changes in the future.

So, yeah… Trust.

You’re not getting it from me.


In the words of Charlie Sheen, “I’ve already got your money, dude”.


I don’t care how long it takes.

They need to tell us something!!!


Man, this is what I hate about this game. You all just don’t communicate! You don’t address the concerns of your community and you’re just all silent and greedy and blargh blargh blargh. I want (insert issue that is important to me and no one else) dealt with NOW. /sarcasm

In all seriousness, cool battleplan, I’m glad to see Alani’s being addressed. She’ll be much more of an actual support now and less of a DPS monster.

Legendary gear changes all sound cool and I’m always up for a new golden skin.


When there’s news to share about the first additional story mission, we’ll certainly share it. At this time, we put it at some time this summer.


Well said!!!

You put that so much more eloquently that I have the patience to do lol

Unfortunately we won’t get an answer. No matter how much thought you put into the question

It’s obviously coming. DLC takes time to come out. I remember the DLC for the Batman Arkham games taking months to come out and some of there were pretty barebones. Game development takes time brah.

EDIT: Darn, I was going to add to my original comment than any answer they give you probably would still complain about and . . . they gave an answer . . . and you complained. I called it but now I can’t prove I called it ahead of time. Well, good luck to you dude, I’m going to go back to having fun.


I appreciate the response. But it’s not good enough in my opinion.

The summer is a long time.

Most other devs manage to give a more accurate time frame months before hand.

I don’t understand why gearbox are struggling so much with it

You know what would give people that paid for the season pass or are thinking about paying for it right now some confidence? Anything. A screenshot. An art concept image. A line of sound. Even a picture of guys in the office working in front of computers.


Haters gonna hate Joe, you all keep up the good work.


Firstly. Don’t call me “brah”

Secondly. They’ve been developing this game for a long time. They know how long it takes to make assets etc.

They could easily give us a timeframe. But they won’t because it’s going to be much longer than anyone thought it would be.

The sad thing is, most people will have left by then


The thing about dates is people will be more upset missing a date than not having one. Esp if it’s a general one like summer 2016. The reason they can answer that is bc again no dates are needed nor do they need to say what exactly is happening with them. I do feel your pain though for a lack of info.

Tx! :dukeaffirmative:


Just to point out why ETAs and estimates are tricky.


I feel like this is actually a good change. I always thought it was weird when Orendi would try and shoot me and it would be too far away, only for Alani to shoot back and hit…Why should a support have better range on a very similar attack on a pusher/assassin. Great Change.

Easy fix that should really help. The amount of damage she could put out on someone caught in her bubble (even just by herself) was a bit ridiculous.

Any idea when some characters can see some buffs? (specifically Toby’s Ult). Its always cool to see a character go from “meh” to “kickass”.

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