Battleplan #6: 6/16/16

I agree with @xxEvoLuTioNxx

Why have gear if there is no place for this type of “advantage” in this type of competitive play?

I have an idea…

Why not make a PvP mode where its full competitive play with absolutely no gear? You guys are so upset about “OP” gear or gear in general and say it doesn’t create an equal environment for PvP so… your own separate mode would settle all quarrels, correct?

@JoeKGBX would this be possible?

If Gearbox implemented this “no gear PvP” mode then @zenrage @bertucci4 @waeren would y’all be satisfied with the more competitive and equal edge to Battleborn?

WTF, seriously… I get 30 seconds or less because of how long it takes me to load into the server, then the delay to actually be able to select a character. I have a beast machine so hardware should be no issue. I have this delay all hours of the day and in Win7 and fresh installation of Win10.

My team barely has time to figure out wtf we are doing before we have to select characters. This is a terrible change and really the only change I see that should not have been made.

The other changes look great.

They figured too many people had enough time to drop out of a re-queue before the match started. Since their goal is to have as many 3v5 matches as they can, this had to be fixed!

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Honestly Joe, this is the best news I’ve heard all night. While I’m certain it won’t fix all the issues, it will certainly help with morale.

If the community can do anything to help you make your case, let us know.


No, MOBAs have competitive PvP with gear. All the nerfed pieces are all still good as they’re better than an Epic with the same primary and secondary stats. If you don’t want to use them anymore for whatever reason, that’s your decision to make.

Get over the fact they want balance in their competitive multiplayer title. Just having to type that last line makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

And by the way, we’re not upset, we’re happy.

You are the one that’s upset that your once over powered gear isn’t over powered anymore.

Leechsteel is worthless now. I gave my example. I’d be better off having an epic regeneration gear or to go more offensive.

The other two I listed were saying no gear should be used. Gear concepts in general create an unfair competitive edge.

If they want to bring the hammer down on Legendaries then fine but at least lower the cost. That’s the only way they’re gonna be worth it.

You seem to argue that I don’t want balance… I do want balance but I also want my legendary gear to feel… Legendary. I don’t need to get over that, I need to accept gearbox and the community for what they consider to be balancing aspects of the game.

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you may very well be correct here. and i do hope that there is an outlet for people that play the game completely casually to use their hard fought gear. all i ask is for a chance to play without it.

add me to the list. absolutely, i would be satisfied. epic gear and below would be awesome. im completely ok with there being a casual playlist for people to use whatever gear they want. heck, they can drop 40 shard clusters every 2 minutes and make everyone start at level 10 with no minions in that playlist for all i care. just let me have a competitive playlist with no legendary gear, and no sentry shield damage until initiated by a minion wave.

EDIT: btw, @zenrage , @bertucci4 , @waeren please look at my thread in the competitive section. idk the proper way to link it here, but i am trying to assemble private matches on xb1 and legendary gear is not allowed. there will be bans and everything


This is how we compromise :thumbsup:

You can’t win arguments with this approach.

First, my 20 games is just one example. Of how I (not everyone, not even the majority, just one guy that is me) value my time/efforts/money. As I said, that psychological limit is different for other people. While it seems nothing for you, it’s $3 that is “nothinger” for me when I want that skin, usually I want it now or soon.

Second, 40 PVP matches can span weeks and even months if your region has low population and there’s no PVP for hours.

So, you can’t distinguish an example from a rule, you don’t know other people may have very different conditions in the game. I won’t argue with you anymore, sorry.

Leechsteel is fine. I still use it with Kelvin. Once he hits level 9, and gets Sawtooth, he can Chomp for around 800.

That’s 46 health every 6 seconds, which is the equivalent to a 7 HP/S regen item, the value that regen items max out at(not counting +4.2 HP/S secondary effects), but it still also still gives bonus healing received for his huge health pool and skill damage for more Chomp damage.

See how the gear accentuates the character well? Just because you can’t throw any Legendary piece on any loadout for any character, doesn’t mean it’s bad. You need to figure out which pieces work best for each character.

And again, as far as the cost goes, it’s comparable to the price gap between Common and Epic: it’s a 630 shard difference to permantly gain a secondary effect that has a low value compared to the primary, bonus stat.

The gap between Epic and Legendary is 750 shards, only 120 more than the gap between Common and Epic. And again, you essentially get a second, secondary stat, but it’s also a stat that you can’t get from any other piece: life steal, dropping health packs, ability to lower cool downs based on performance, over shields, etc; that sounds, and feels, pretty Legendary to me.

They don’t need to have overtly high values when they’re stats you can not get from any other piece.

And I think it’s easily worth the extra 750 shards when, in a competitve game, you easily get enough shards to activate multiple Legendaries, if you so choose, and still be able to build turrets, bots and accelerators. It’s essentially only stopping you from building one more MK bot.

And you keep trying to phrase it like they have no idea how to balance things by saying they make changes based on, “what they(being Gearbox) and the community consider balance.”

They don’t just wake up, and with a whim make a royal decree that @orionwannabe’s items are going to suck now. They analyze the metadata that they collect over time and come up with the conclusions.

And yeah there’s more work to be done but so far all the changes they have made have been in the right direction. They can’t just throw out buffs and nerfs, because nerfs to stronger characters, are in turn passive buffs to weaker characters as they no longer have to deal with the over powered aspects of other characters. Balancing takes time.



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actually gearbox has told us more than most other companies, and i’ve seen other companies ask for more money from players than this game (looks at kixeye and sees all the torment players go through in that game where it’s pay to win any of their games).

Same fear I have. But see Destiny for instance. The developers there communicate with their consumers and never gave up on the game. All I hear from year 1 is that Destiny sucks, it’s a joke, too grindy, don’t buy, story mode too vague. So many complains that I didn’t even consider buying (until recently). But you see now, the game still have a lot of players and they are quite active even years after release. And they are starting to get praises too.

I just see it happening to Battleborn especially with a super dedicated game company. It just needs time. This is not COD where if a gun is OP, you just reduce it’s damage or increase it’s recoil. Changing one element of battleborn will effect almost everything. Even after they decided to listen to us and decided to bring about a change, they have to test run it first before releasing it in a patch. It could take weeks or even months. It has only been 1 month+ since BB’s release!

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Still no Anti Cheat :frowning:

But Cash-Shop great.

Playerbase under 1000 marvelous move :thumbsup: Every $ spend in this game is a waste of money in my book.

Can we PC player get an free console Version so you dont need to care about anticheat?

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@JoeKGBX I love most of the new skins! I hope DLC content will land soon and also has cool stuff for PvE lovers and skin fans.
I also hope lore challenges get changed soon! Toby’s killing on rails or the poor Ambra… I hope it doesn’t just get lowered tho! Although lowering Attikus’s hits on Rendain would be nice. But 15 Ambra kills/assists still seem impossible when no one picks her.

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You don’t need the season pass, just buy some platinum. The season pass gives you instant access to new characters as they’re released and gives you the story DLC when it comes out. It has nothing to do with the new skins and taunts.

If they are going to reduce alani’s damage that’s fine but only do it if your going to remove the kill ambra challenge. It’s hard enough getting a match with ambra in it, let alone killing her. Now it’s even harder.

Don’t get me wrong I always thought alani should be more of a support character. Just get rid of tge one lore if your going to nerf her

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With Atticus took me two runs just aimake a little left of his head and don’t full charge it.