Battleplan #6: 6/16/16

The lore challenges are getting a serious look and that’s what’s taking so long. We hope to have this changed finalized very soon.


these are horrible I farmed for so long for worthless items you are making it really hard to like this game


How am I making it hard to like the game, I just play it.

Not gonna lie you guys make it very hard to even think about playing PvE And as for alani well most def not gonna heal anyone with her now ill just focus on dps and my own ass. This just makes me think you guys dont know how to balance your games well at least the legendarys becuase you guys are nerfing them into the ground Crono key is worthless now in everything

Lol like your examples are rules. Btw I’m not just speaking from my experience my friends and theirs even feel the same. Some of the games I play do have low pops. That doesn’t stop them nor me. I played and stil play games with barely 100 people over a
Month time. And while $3 is “nothing” spending 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 etc grows fast. One of my friends has spent over 100 in 2 months in a FTP game. He didn’t realized until he added it up. And you’re going to pay for askin you playing even as you use it. So you’d just get More plat. People spend hundreds of hours trying to farm pretty much everything like leg gear. Farming premium currency will only be more sought after.
As for those so called “limits”. Playing a game is just farming it’s not doing one particular boss run on a particular map like Other games that becomes monotonous and boring. That “limit” is just how much they’d play that’s all if premium currency worked like that. Many games even so events that’ll only further reduce the premium currency.

I farmed for a week to get chrono key a week of my life gone for no reason and leach steal broach wasn’t even op and u nerfed that to nothing you made an op character worthless instead of balance. if you make orange items worthless don’t make them so hard to get

So purple border are mods, we are volunteers and do not work for gearbox.


I’m done, at least until the next update. This week has been a total drag. Microtransactions. Taking the nerf sledgehammer to one of the most fun and newest characters. Further degrading high cost legendaries. Seriously gearbox, just SHTAAAAHHHP. Goodbye battleborn, hope you aren’t dead in a week or so.

I think there trying to get rid of consol players now since pc players already hoped off the sinking ship

Am I the only one that actually like PvE for what it is? The legendaries are just nice surprises as far I’m concerned. I’ll definitely say some missions are better than others but overall I still enjoy them


Balance is a journey, not a destination.


PvE would be decent if there was some kind of challenge and interesting mechanics in it.

  • there’s barely any story
  • there’s no interesting gameplay
  • there’s no mechanics to encounters
  • time vs reward is totally out of balance
  • how many waves can there be?! Is this a tower defense game?
  • the dialog gets old fast
  • too many breaks/slow paced sections

The only potential replay value it has is finding all the dialog options (if you care for such a thing).

The best thing about the entire Story mode is the animated intro :confused:

I actually laughed at this response, but so far it seems more like a bumpy road trip.
I can’t talk about legendaries since I only have like two and never use them because their shard cost just doesn’t pay off for me (atleast in PvP), but you kinda went rampage with the nerf hammer on some heroes. Not quite talking about Alani, she needed a nerf and she is still good enough I guess. Just a bummer that you touched her riptide, that one always seemed fine to me.
But other heroes finally need a little kick start. I’d love to use Toby more, but his ult… ugh. And poor poor Ambra. Can’t even stand up for herself anymore and is always fair game to any Galilea and Alani whispers just give Ambra a little buff. She’s suffered enough, she’s learned her lesson. Let her punish children again.


You seem to be under the assumption that I can’t organize a proper load out for certain characters based off my opinion of the leechsteel brooch post nerf.

  1. it’s only skill damage

  2. healing received doesn’t affect lifesteal and self regeneration abilities (as far as I’m aware it’s only health pickups, if someone heals you, outside heals. I was on a thread that spoke of it)

  3. 3rd ability is life steal max 6% on skill damage. For burst damage that would equal 60 health for every 1000 points of skill damage you do. Since you don’t always have a healer I would choose a defensive and offensive gear on let’s say Orendi. A very squishy but powerful and quick character and the leechsteel was and to some still is a good pairing for her.

Example: I take her Legendary gear for skill damage, then I take a shard collector (always do. That’s my personal preference), and lastly I will take (from my own inventory, what’s at my disposal) Alamo 7 for damage reduction 5.60%, max +210 health, and every 120 seconds I gain 2 secs of damage immunity when under 10% hp. By using this legendary I receive more base health after activation which already makes it immediately better than lifesteal (because it’s permanent and instant compared to conditional), I’m taking less damage which is most effective against skills, and i have damage immunity although it is locked in every 120 seconds (which is where it’s similar to the lifesteal condition)

By using this I have made a beast out of Orendi whereas before she was more of an attacker and skill hits become more crucial to land when you’re in the heat of everything but it was worth it pre nerf on leechsteel. Which is why it’s such a huge difference only getting 60, 51 for my brooch, on every skill hit worth 1000 damage.

The Alamo 7 feels Legendary. It will probably be nerfed again.

Let me say, I never said you can throw Legendaries on any character and it be used properly. I never said Gearbox wakes up and does that. I never said they don’t analyze data. I never said they should throw nerfs and buffs around. I never said things are taking too long: on many other threads I asked that they take MORE time before making such drastic changes to the balance of things. I want them to balance the game and all of its aspect but to me, key word is ME, I feel as though they’re not balancing well. They’re nerfing and adjusting things dramatically instead of easing into things.

The only reason you’re arguing with me is because you have a different opinion but instead of recognizing our differences you’re trying to twist my words and make me sound completely wrong when I can’t be wrong in my own opinion. Key word, opinion. Some people share my opinion. You don’t and that’s okay.

I don’t understand why you continue to insult me by making all of these assumptions on my person.

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@orionwannabe Tagging you because I guess I didn’t reply to your post.

No I’m rebuttaling based on the content of your posts. You said Leechsteel was useless, I made the point that it wasn’t. And you, yourself, just went against your own argument by saying you still find it useful with Orendi.

And I’m not insulting you, so you shouldn’t take it that way, but it is insulting when you and many others keep trying to make the point that others and Gearbox don’t understand what proper balancing is.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it doesn’t make an opinion on a subject true.

Just because someone believes vaccines cause autism, doesn’t mean they’re not wrong.

Your opinion of the balance changes can be that you dislike them, but saying that because you dislike them, they are bad changes, is wrong.

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I said pre nerf it was worth it and that others still find it worth it…

I urge new users to read the forum rules. That will benefit everyone.



Exactly. Many others. Hundreds of people questioning Gearbox and their decisions. Why do we care and get so opinionated? Because we love this game.

Why did I stop playing? Because im frustrated with all of the “balancing” and business practices they’re doing.

I spent many hours grinding in PvE for legendary items. I finally, or should I say we, get one or three good ones that are really awesome and fun and feel worth it but then Gearbox makes extreme changes to them…

I’m not upset that they touched them. I’m just sad that they keep slamming gear and characters so hard. Harder than necessary. Small changes are best.

Why is it that the few people complaining about OP gear get their issue “resolved” before the thousands of over complaints? Game breaking complaints.

Gearbox has their own system. Sure I understand that. Data takes time and i respect that 100%.

But why. When anything needs changed, do they take such extreme measures??

The archive sentry got a 50% health increase… that mission was easy (in my opinion) on advance before but now it’s probably insanely easy. Especially since he heals when the data bots get to him.

They buffed Ghalt to the extreme and had to tone him back down to basically the same level he was at before.

Balancing goes both ways. Nerfs and buffs. Adjustments and changes.

If you say every balance effort has been in the right direction then what of the buff/nerf on Ghalt? What of the nerf on Ambra that even nerf callers were saying was too much? What about the Alamo 7, they nerfed and buffed it from 60secs-120-180-120? (People disagree with the last one because I guess they didn’t use it often or check the stats periodically but I used it often and when I first got it, it was 180, now it’s 120).

Anyway… let me reiterate that I agree with many of their balancing and hotfixes. However, that does not mean I agree with many others (fixes) or don’t think they could’ve done better.

This whole thing started from a disagreement on whether Gearbox intended Legendaries in PvE to be an incentive to play their game more. From a business standpoint this makes a ton of sense. New PvP content will be free other than the t2 skins but PvE is where they make their money: by selling DLC pandering to new campaign missions and characters.