Battleplan #6: 6/16/16

It’s obviously coming. DLC takes time to come out. I remember the DLC for the Batman Arkham games taking months to come out and some of there were pretty barebones. Game development takes time brah.

EDIT: Darn, I was going to add to my original comment than any answer they give you probably would still complain about and . . . they gave an answer . . . and you complained. I called it but now I can’t prove I called it ahead of time. Well, good luck to you dude, I’m going to go back to having fun.


I appreciate the response. But it’s not good enough in my opinion.

The summer is a long time.

Most other devs manage to give a more accurate time frame months before hand.

I don’t understand why gearbox are struggling so much with it

You know what would give people that paid for the season pass or are thinking about paying for it right now some confidence? Anything. A screenshot. An art concept image. A line of sound. Even a picture of guys in the office working in front of computers.


Haters gonna hate Joe, you all keep up the good work.


Firstly. Don’t call me “brah”

Secondly. They’ve been developing this game for a long time. They know how long it takes to make assets etc.

They could easily give us a timeframe. But they won’t because it’s going to be much longer than anyone thought it would be.

The sad thing is, most people will have left by then


The thing about dates is people will be more upset missing a date than not having one. Esp if it’s a general one like summer 2016. The reason they can answer that is bc again no dates are needed nor do they need to say what exactly is happening with them. I do feel your pain though for a lack of info.

Tx! :dukeaffirmative:


Just to point out why ETAs and estimates are tricky.


I feel like this is actually a good change. I always thought it was weird when Orendi would try and shoot me and it would be too far away, only for Alani to shoot back and hit…Why should a support have better range on a very similar attack on a pusher/assassin. Great Change.

Easy fix that should really help. The amount of damage she could put out on someone caught in her bubble (even just by herself) was a bit ridiculous.

Any idea when some characters can see some buffs? (specifically Toby’s Ult). Its always cool to see a character go from “meh” to “kickass”.

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I for one am happy with this update. A lot of legendary gear was fixed and Alani was nerfed to a support role (we will just have to wait and see if it was too much). It’s only been a little over a month since the game was released, so I don’t really expect dlc content to be released so soon. Anytime during the summer sounds quite reasonable.


5-10 a match is quite a lot. A daily login or first win of the day would balance it since there’s a limit but as I posted in other forums a bit of free premium every now n them is great for people so they can crawl their way to a skin like in smite but if they get impatient they can get it instantly.

Also Boolean variable. I’m guessing you’re a programmer too. It’s nice to see another one

I would like to know this as well.

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Wow. Some legendaries feel like grinded into dust with those changes. I barely considered Leachsteal Brooch for Orendi before the fix, now… I don’t think I’ll even bother giving it a shot.

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i understand where he and you are coming about the lack of info as far not having a date for the content but i know it’s coming and while i have to wait for it, i know i’m getting it(which i hope is soon like July or august soon)

Hey guys, quick update:

I’ve just been notified that the disabling of the below gear will not be happening this week after all:

These gear pieces may be disabled during the week, pending further evaluation:
• Lorrian Purse Cutter
• Vigilance Link
• One-4-All Shield Array

I’ll update you with any further news here if necessary. Thanks!


500 to 2000 is a bit overkill. Its all now but useless on anyone besides maybe Orendi and Oscar Mike. 1000 would have made more sense


I wasn’t complaining. Just saying. I can easily wait. There’s more than enough content ATM for me to keep playing and be happy. We literally just got a new character who needed this nerf and I feel it’s a very fair one at that. A support healer shouldn’t be able to do more damage than a pusher assassin.

Yep, every single one I was grinding for got hit by the nerf hammer. Leechsteel, oath, plasmite, Chrono key. Every. Single. One.

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How to buy new skin…should I get season pass first.?

Damn, 500 to 2000 damage on Chrono Key is a little extreme dont you think? I get the need for a nerf, but 2000 is overkill. 1000 would be a good sweetspot. That way its not a 30 hours of farming paperweight of uselessness on all but Oscar Mike and maybe Orendi…

Even then… Legendary is called legendary for a reason. Its supposed to be worth the cost.