Battleplan #6: Response

Just got finished going over Battleplan 6.

I have been one of your standard bearers since the beta. I have over 400 hours in this game.
I read this and was furious. I took some time. Took a walk.
I started to pen this with sarcasm. And then I didn’t. I started to issue an expletive laced ultimatum. But I didn’t.

These changes are unacceptable.
You guys want all the characters to be equal, it isn’t going to happen. Some players just play better than others. Balance yes, neuter no.
I don’t play Alani but what I read was a massacre.

Gear is already pretty weak. But you guys decide you want to weaken legendaries further.
At level 100, I have no reason to grind for legendaries.
I just buy white loot packs and stack my meager gear with free boost that don’t help much anyway.

Maybe all of this is for PVP. I don’t play PVP.
Don’t damage PVE to fix a problem elsewhere.

Nowhere are there discussions or mentions of fixing things that reduce gameplay. Only decisions to make things worse.

I don’t know what to tell you guys. Maybe you are looking at something else. You might want to share that with us.
I am mad. You should fix this stuff.
At level 100 (and having spoken with many other 100s, see my post) we don’t have a lot to remain here for.


This battlplan has me really salty. I am completely furious. The changes to Alani are not bad, I main her and I actually expected a damage nerf and thats okay! :slight_smile: The gear tho, those changes are absurd.

What bothers me the most tho is they haven’t buffed any characters since release date! So many characters need it along with Attikus, Deande, Whisky, Benedict, Toby. Deande being my other main, its really disappointing to see that she is still has a lot of issues and that they haven’t addressed them. Its like they aren’t listening to the people on these forums who are requesting fixes but more to the people who cry and complain about giving someone a nerf.


I have to agree. I bought this game based on the strength of other Gearbox properties. The advertising listed it was for Solo, Co-Op, and PvP.
This game is story-less. Solo play is a nightmare, and only a handful of missions are worthwhile co-op. Now even the integrity of that is being damaged by the PvP nerfbat.

My son, the deciding factor if I would purchase this game or not is now suggesting we play Borderlands TPS together instead. “because its a better game”.

I think this one is going on the shelf for a bit until Gearbox figures out a direction they want this game to go.

For everyone having fun with this game, I’m happy for you. I wish I were one of you.


The Alani nerf will only affect the noobs that abused her damage. She’s still one of the best when it comes to controlling, that’s how I’ve been using her since release and the nerfs don’t change her controlling capabilities.


Xelaris96: what Command Level are you? If I may ask.

I am level 100

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I am noticing many of the level 100s starting to drop off. There is little reason to keep grinding. I know, personally, I was trying to get legendaries and leveling up different characters.

Not sure what I am going to do now. I hope they stop making changes like these.


I might just stop and go to overwatch. I am also waiting for the major update thats giving a complete overhaul Evolve to come out since I loved that game to death. Pretty sure when that is released I won’t be playing this anymore until GBX knows what they are doing with this game. These changes are just silly and unnecessary.

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Its funny you mention BPS because i just bought the handsome jack collection for PS4 today from frustration of Battleborn. The platinum cost had me on the fence of just quitting but with the nerfs to gear I think its safe to say I’m done. I spent way too long grinding for and getting finally some of that gear and now they aren’t much better than a epic. They were already are just meh and now there garbage. I just hope they separate gear from PVP and PVE then go ham on the gear for PVE. Would make such a fun experience IMO.


TeamRandy1027, If I may ask, what command level are you?

Command rank 100 and I played almost exclusively PVE. So I can tell you I saw almost no other level 100’s in advance queue. I am only going off my memory but it was 1 in every 20 plus games to see another level 100 in advance queue. Not sure if it was just coincidence or they quit already. Hope that helps.

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Yep. I am getting the feeling that GBX is uninterested in maintaining the PVE side of the game. I hope this changes in the future. I have very few reasons to continue to play. Guess I will go back to Borderlands 2. This happened to BL: the Presqual and I had to abandon it too.

I think I am noticing a trend.
Best luck out there.

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I’m level 100, I’ll be playing for a long time :slight_smile:


Can I ask something? Why is it that changes to legendaries, not even character specific Legendaries, are making people leave this game? I’ve got 15 Legendaries, and I use them fairly sparingly. And…why are you grinding gear? This isn’t an MMO; Gear’s a supplement to a character, not a requirement. There are people who get by on zero gear, not even the low end freebie stuff, and still take top marks.

As far as Alani…that was bound to happen. You can thank all the players who decided to play her as a straight DPS for all the hits to her damage game. They demonstrated quite effectively why we can’t have nice things. I’d love to see supports who could play either damage or heals and be tactically sound with them. But that’s video games: everything has to be balanced around the least mature and team-oriented players there are.


I am glad for you. I wish you the best luck.
However, after 441 hours in the game, I think I have earned the right to express my displeasure.

I am tired of changes that make my gaming experience worse.


Legendary chasing was the one “carrot on a stick” for story mode play. Without it, there’s no incentive to play it longer once you have all the characters unlocked.

The problem as I see it is that they don’t really matter anymore. If legendaries aren’t intended to be more powerful than standard pieces of gear, why are they so rare and difficult to obtain? Especially as it applies to Story mode games. The one place where legendary gear is the most accessible and viable, and it’s now no longer worth using legendary gear even there.


You have asked “Why is it that changes to legendaries, not even character specific Legendaries, are making people leave this game?”

I cannot speak for others. I speak for myself.
I am not leaving the game for this reason.
I am dramatically reducing my involvement with this game, as well as, curtailing my vocal approval of the game because GBX’s changes continue to make my gaming experience worse.

You point out that you don’t use legendaries much. I play differently than you.
I play PVE. I am level 100. One of the things that makes it worth playing is the chance to get a piece of gear that will make play more fun.

This is not the only reason. The changes to Alani (who I don’t play btw), the introduction of microtrans, and several other recent changes indicate that GBX is not making the game better for me.

Perhaps you feel different. I wish you the best of luck.

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You sir, are succinct.

The changes to the legendaries are upsetting to me because of the time to acquire them and how little they change anything to begin with. Okay the chrono key was broken, I totally agree on that. People are grinding gear because its fun for them. The PVE part in this game is important enough to make the DLC almost all about PVE. Its not an after thought, just look at the environments in the story mode. I played almost 200 hours and was always finding little insane details in the environment. People who play PVE and are really angry about changes to the gear deserve a separate balance for gear and Battleborn characters.

I totally agree some gear in PVP is a little unfair considering the grind to get the gear is obtained in PVE. A lot of people will not grind PVE to improve their PVP experience nor should they have too. I hope that there is a change in the future to gear that separates PVP and PVE because its only going to get worse if they add Legendaries to the DLC maps. People who have no interest in PVE will have to play it if they add a piece of gear that is AMAZING! That’s no good too. I think once I calm down I will still play every now and then but with these nerfs I can’t grind for anymore legendaries for PVE play. What happens when I grind another 100 hours to have another piece I’m after nuked into oblivion for PVP play.

TL DR People are mad because they grinded gear for more PVE fun and now the gear is balanced for PVP at the cost of fun for PVE.

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I’ll still play. CR 100 over a hundred hours, but I can’t remember the exact number.
I enjoy pvp still, is the main difference. Forty+ Renegade runs kinda killed pve for me, a bit. I’m also annoyed that, from what I’ve gathered, you cannot get tier two skins from loot packs. I could be wrong. I doubt it, though. If they had a lower drop rate than tier one, that’d be fine. But I don’t have money to throw on cosmetic.
I am, However, taking a break. I’m kinda bored with some of it. I still check the battle plan, I still check updates, and skim the forums. But even pvp is getting stale. Maybe it’s because I’m used to higher Elo’s in other moba esque games, whereas this one has a lot of stomping on one side or another…
Iunno, I’ll play more soon. I just need a break.