Battleplan #7: 6/23/16

Last week, we teased info about our next community event. This Saturday (June 25th), we’ll be holding our first Play w/ The Devs event! Below you’ll see schedule of streamers who will be hosting Gearbox developers in their streams at certain times throughout the day:

Not only can you check out these streams to see the Devs playing, you may also be paired up with one yourself! From between the hours of 12pm and 6pm PT, Gearbox employees of many different disciplines will be playing Battleborn and interacting with the community. You’ll know you’re in a lobby with a Gearbox Developer if you see this title:


Keep an eye out and if you see a Dev in your lobby, make sure to say hi!

Ok, real talk: playing with the Devs is cool and all, but what’s really in it for you? We’ll be releasing a SHiFT code for two skins – Oscar Mike’s “Tango Tango” (Gold) skin and Rath’s “A Dark Night” (Cyber) skin – on Saturday morning through the Battleborn Twitter account (@Battleborn) and the Facebook page. This SHiFT code will only be available for a short time, so make sure to follow Battleborn on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the SHiFT code and its release! Learn more about the events in this post.

This week’s hot fixes see us temporarily disabling some gear that we mentioned last week might need adjustment. As we’ve said, it’s very important to us to make sure we’re giving everyone as level a playing field as possible and when a piece of gear is performing in ways that aren’t intended, we feel the responsible and fair thing to is to disable it temporarily until the issue has been resolved. As soon as we have news on when these pieces of gear will be returning, we’ll let everyone know immediately. As always, each week’s hot fixes begin rolling out on Thursdays at Noon PT/3pm ET.

  • Reduced the Lifesteal percentage granted by Oath of the Sustained.

  • Temporarily disabled M.3 Shepherds in Incursion Mode

  • Adjust Character Select timer to 90 seconds for PvP maps.

  • The following pieces of Gear (mentioned provisionally last week) are being disabled temporarily:

    • Lorrian Purse Cutter
    • Vigilance Link
    • One-4-All Shield Array

    This week’s Community Spotlight is on veteran and much beloved Gearbox forum Moderator, Psychichazard. Psychichazard has been one of our forum moderators for literally YEARS and we’re proud and lucky to have him helping us lead our community into the future! Learn more about the man that is frequently known as “the Marquis of the Gearbox forums” by heading over to said forums and reading our Community Badass feature.

    We’re hard at work developing load of content for Battleborn. From the five DLC Packs and four more heroes, to new maps, modes, and several community requested features. Needless to say, there will be lots to talk about over the next few months and the time has come to get the conversation started. Here are a few things you can expect to see soon:

New PVP Maps: Yes, they’re on the way! Three more maps are coming to Battleborn in a couple of weeks.

Versus Matchmaking Changes: Next week we will be revealing and releasing a new iteration to the matchmaking system. These changes are being made with the intent of further refining the matchmaking experience for players everywhere. Stay tuned to the Battleborn news blog for more details.

Broadcaster Mode: Broadcaster Mode is something that you guys have been asking for and something we’ve wanted to do for a while. This feature will let you broadcast and stream matches through third-person camera controls. We’re hoping to bring you Broadcaster Mode next month.

In-game Reporting: It’s important to us to give each player the best Battleborn experience possible and players who cheat or disrupt others’ ability to play the game ruin that experience. We’re working on an in-game reporting feature to allow you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience. Our goal is to include the reporting feature in the next major patch update for July.


But I’ve already played with the “devs” several times… one time they even threw the match we were in by standing in a corner most of the game.

One from last night played well however, so you’re not all bad. :yum:

I can hunt them down for you and teach them a lesson if ya want! :wink:


Cheers for the update!

Looking forward to hearing more news on the new maps. If maps can bring new life to games like COD, I’m hoping that same kind of dust falls on BattleBorn.

Time limit on the skins is a bit lame though, hopefully the community will have them posted prior to their expiration!

Can you re-confirm that the DLC Packs are still side-story mission?


Muh Vigilance Link.

For real, though, this is a good update and I’m excited to play with the devs this weekend! I’m hoping there’s no way to use reporting to troll, though…

Joe, if there’s any chance that the amount of time that the skins will be available isn’t set in stone, I would like to request that your use of the phrase ‘only available for a short time’ be relative and not measured in hours, or a single day. Perhaps on the order of 3 days or more? I know you guys can’t accommodate everyone and if I miss out then that’s the way it goes, but I sure would like to get those skins.

They’ve iterated it quite a number of times so I wouldn’t be concerned. Unless you’re referring to side story vs continuing the story, in which case that would be a good clarification.

Also! Yay for time frames! Can’t wait for new maps :smiley:

I wonder how many people are gonna be like this when the see the battle plan this week. My 2 cents is why even have legendaries then let alone farm forever to get em and they are only slightly better then epics. I’m confused about their purpose I guess.


Most of this patch was already in effect, so it’s mainly communication. Great job taking what the community wants though and implementing it, along with mentioning what people want. The only complaint I can see is that there is no mention of season pass content.


[quote=“teamrandy1027, post:9, topic:1526575, full:true”]My 2 cents is why even have legendaries then let alone farm forever to get em and they are only slightly better then epics. [/quote]Because they’re better?

that’s great to hear new maps are coming soon(weeks soon) any kind of update on when we will get the first story mission dlc(like a hint would be great) good choice on the changes this week to. hopefully i get to play with devs Saturday(as a fun side note, if any of the devs see’s the GT xSPKxDevilgear on xbox one that’d be me and if the dev is on the enemy team well, THE HUNT IS ON :grin:

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If I had a name for ya, I might take you up on that. However this was before matches were logged and I didn’t get a screen shot.

So I guess we let them live… for now.

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What console are they playing? pc, ps4, xbox?

Well the post I made about asking for this seemed to primarily be pc/ps4.

If i had a guess, ALL OF THE ABOVE :grin:

Wait wait wait… did I read that right?
There’s going to be a third person mode?
Sounds like that might be helpful for melee characters.

Valid question… I forget sometimes that people are playing on those TV based video-tainment boxes and not just PCs.

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All I want to know is if the Miko skin is going to be available soon. Please any information on this?

that’s still not up? :confused:

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