Battleplan #9: 7/7/16



This week, we thought it was about time to dedicate more of the Battleplan to you guys and the cool stuff you do to support Battleborn. From cosplays and fan art, to tournaments and even drink recipes, the things you guys create never cease to amaze us. In this issue of the Battleplan, we’ll be calling out a few things of note, but also pointing you in the direction of some great community hubs that you should know about.


We only have one hot fix coming at you this week and it’s a pretty simple change for Ghalt:

  • Removed the blurring FX caused by Ghalt’s Dual Wield to improve visibility while the skill is active.


    As we said above, this week, the Community Spotlight section is the star of the show! We love coming across the awesome things that you guys do and always want to do our best to recognize as much of it as possible. To that end, we’ve created “The Battleplan 9 Community Recognition Thread” on the Gearbox forums. Make sure to drop by and check out just a few of the best creations the Battleborn Community has to offer!

    by: yggDrassel

    by: flamfelis

    by: MyMainIsACook on Tumblr

    In addition to the Gearbox forum thread above, there are lots of great places to find other members of the community who are creating great stuff. Not only can you find “creations” of all types, but there are plenty of places our there to just chat about Battleborn and share tips, tactics, and builds. We’ve added a short list of a few of these places below. That way, whether you’re new to the community or you’re just always up for a conversation about Battleborn, you can easily get connected with other members of the community!

  • <a href=”">The Battleborn Subreddit (r/Battleborn) - r/Battleborn is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. Head on over for in-depth info and even a solid community created meme or two. Reddit is also a hub for community-run tournaments, for those of you with a competitive streak.

  • <a href=”">The Official Gearbox Software Forums - We link to them above, but it bears repeating. The Official Gearbox Forums are a great place to see developers pop in and out from time to time chatting and engaging with the community.

  • <a href=”">DeviantArt - DeviantArt is a great place to the “community creations” we referenced above. Many of the most talented artists in the community showcase their work on DeviantArt, making it easy to find all sorts of awesome stuff with just a simple search!

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of some of the more popular online community hotspots and where they are. If you’re new to the community or would just like to get more involved, these are all good places to start!


You guys know us – we’re all about the loot. We know you guys are too, so that’s why last week, we made some pretty significant changes that made the loot you want easier to get. As if that wasn‘t enough, next week, we’ll be holding our first loot based event: The Battleborn Lootpocalypse! From 8am PT on Friday, July 15th until 8am PT on Monday, July 18th, we’ll be raising the droprates of legendary gear through the roof! We’ll have more details in next week’s Battleplan, but make sure to clear your calendars and prepare for the Lootpocalypse!


@JoeKGBX Is there any plans to change the matchmaking back? I’ve been sitting in queue for 17 minutes not this morning. My longest wait time for matchmaking before this update was probably 6-7 minutes. This is for both Casual and Competitive. Spotlight Battle is just a ghost land right now.

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There are discussions being had even today on that front. Hoping to have more info to share on matchmaking next week sometime.


Yes, it’s really long wait. Would be nice to match by command rank and only allow mastered characters (character rank 15) to be picked to play. ELO is taking really long

I know I don’t speak for the entire player base with this, but it’d be great if it was switched back to the original matchmaking system in the mean time and eventually choosing the next best option. Thanks for the answer though


Man every week waiting for these feels like forever. This ones a little disappointing but those drinks should cheer me right up. Cheers


@JoeKGBX Are there still plans to alter the challenges somewhat? I’ve been playing PvP/Gali for about 1.5 weeks now. Managed to get 11 kills out of the few matches I’ve found Ambra but playing some days that consist of 10 hours of pure-PvP and seeing at most 1-2 Ambra every 2 days at best is getting stupid, combine that with kill stealing and it’s all but logistically impossible.

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Still no plans on addressing the ever shrinking PC player base. Ah well, uninstall time I guess. Can’t justify taking up 70GB on a game that can’t be played.

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No info on Pendles?


I honestly expected a reversion to the matchmaking changes. You’re “hoping” we get information about changes next week!? You think this is acceptable?

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Just food for thought and a little tough love.
Given the current player base which has shrunk a bit since the matchmaking change, I don’t think that’s the best way to go right now. It completely devalues the time of those of us who have spent dozens upon dozens of hours looking for legendaries and right now we (all of us, devs/players/community) can’t afford to alienate the ones we have left.
(Just to note, I get the point of it: Draw in old players. I may be wrong but I’ll say this isn’t going to help.)

Building on from that last comment, (complete speculation here) unless you guys had zero sales during the Steam sale your numbers are around what they were a week ago in regards to average on-line players. So it seems the new sales have balanced out the people who left due to the frustration of the new system. With that said, I have to be honest, I’m not sure if people are going to have that kind of patience to wait a week just to maybe hear about something you might do. This is one of the first games in a LONG ASS time I’ve paid full price for on launch. I’ve played nothing but this game since then. I would say I fall into your dedicated fan base and I’m having second thoughts at this point; I’m assuming I’m also not the only one. Actually, based on the people I’ve been playing with regularly I know I’m not the only one.


Nope, average number of players has gone down noticeably since the match making changes, despite the Steam sale. Went from daily peaks of around 1100 to around 830, which is around a 25% drop in a few days.

Are you guys giving up? Are you actively trying to kill off the population of the game? Maybe you realize the future sales aren’t coming and want to get us off your servers?


It’s good to hear about the Lootpocalypse teaser coming next weekend. :slight_smile:

I too was really hoping that the matchmaking would be reverted to what it was, seeing as so many seem to be unhappy with the recent change. Maybe it would be a good idea to do that whilst you contemplate what ‘Plan B’ will be?

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Well, thanks for nothing, I guess.


True. I was trying to go off of average because the sale definitely influenced the peak numbers. Either way, it’s starting to feel lonelier and lonelier each night running into the same people. It angers me something fierce and not because the numbers are low but because I just don’t get why the hell the numbers are so low! This is such a unique, fun game.

But that’s what I’m saying, peak numbers went down, despite the sale.

What about the update thats supposed to change the 24 of the 26 characters?

So there is literally no news this week then?


That post is only the weekly hotfix so you need to wait the monthly patch.