Battleplan #9 Community Recognition Thread

In this week’s Battleplan, we’re highlighting not only the community and some of the cool things that you guys do, but also a few of the more popular community hubs (like the forums)! Think of this thread as a hybrid – Community Badass meets a rundown of some recent community coolness. With you guys, there’s always lots to see. Let’s start off with listing a few of the best hotspots to keep up the community:

  • The first would obviously be here – our official forums! As you all know, the forums are a great place to get the pulse of the community. There’s never a shortage of lively conversation here and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The forums is a great place to chat about the “nitty-gritty” aspects of Battleborn like tactics, builds, and strategies. As with other Gearbox games of the past, the community as amassed a wealth of knowledge on the game in a very short period of time and the forums is a perfect place to see that knowledge in action!

  • The Battleborn subreddit - r/Battleborn is also an awesome place to go if you’re looking for some great community interaction. r/Battleborn serves as the go-to destination for all kinds of great content including artwork, in-depth discussion, and more. Not only that, but the subreddit is a great place to get involved in community tournaments as well.

  • is a great avenue for checking out community made artwork. As mentioned in the Battleplan, many of the community’s most talented artists use DeviantArt to showcase their work. Many times, we’ll share artwork that we find on DeviantArt w/ the Gearbox team by putting it up on monitors throughout the studio.

So, now that you know a few places that you can go to find great community content, let’s showcase a few things that we’ve come across recently that really caught our eye. Some of these creations you may have seen before and some may be new to you, but either way, you guys do some pretty awesome stuff:

by: ygg drassel on DeviantArt

by: Flamfelis on DeviantArt

by: Sisolto SSGS

Thorn and Orendi cosplays shared by Sian Flexington Hancock

by: Mickaleaf

Hoodini tattoo shared by PhaseCait

Battleborn cosplay collage poster by Alexandra Lee Studios

by: Secret Sauce Studio

by: Skerrus on Reddit

by: raging_a_kujiki

by: sketchmatt

by: MMtheMayo

by: bemalteflugel

by: drills-of-defiance (shared by: rocket-propelled-badass)

by: Avionetca

Shayne cosplay by: Jessica Leone

by: Reptilian Scum on DeviantArt

by: ReroRero

by: Pyro93

Thorn cosplay by: littleclockworkdoll

Again, these are just a few examples of some of the awesome things that the Battleborn community creates. What’s harder to quantify and show examples of are the conversations that take place on a daily basis. To see this in action, visit one of the community hubs we’ve listed above (or just stay put here on the forums). Thank you all for being a great community and for your support and we hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the Battleborn community!


Thanks @JoeKGBX for that glorius feature - that Benedict tattoo is soooooo badass, omg!!! :heart_eyes: I wish I could like each single picture 100times over!

I can only invite every artist on deviantArt to join our (fanmade) group “Battleborn-Warriors” to share our badass fanarts, cosplays and creations! :heart:

Look around and maybe join to fill up our gallery with your own fan creations! :two_hearts:

PS: I did´nt came to update it for a long time now, I´ll take some time to fresh it up a bit soon.


Is this all for this week? Well, whatever…

I know the topic is about community, but I suppose it’d be good to emphasize some useful stuff too in a similar manner. Like BB wiki or BB build editor. Oh, and Lowlidev’s website with invaluable info on mobs, maps, gears, etc.


Previous Battleplans were in the News section, posted an hour later, and were, uh, plans.

I’m not sure what happened here. Is there going to be an actual Battleplan in 20 minutes?

Agreed. I was hoping to hear about the 24 of 26 battleborn being adjusted…or at least something of substance to the game.

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So this is the Bsttleplan I waited a week to see? Was really hoping for actual information and the change back to the original matchmaking. Sucks having 10+ min wait times for games when this was supposed to be “faster”.


LOL, the battleplan is not out yet…

Edit : well yeah, not much

Anyway, I want to add another big shoutout to @MentalMars

I love is website :

Thank you


It’s a community Recognition Thread guys… Chillax lol. Love the art work!!

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Is it? The title says “Battleplan #9”, the first sentence says “In this week’s Battleplan…”, and it came out on Thursday morning (the normal day/time for Battleplans…).

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The actual Battleplan is now up in its usual place in the News section. Not that it adds much more than is in this thread…

No recognition of the current state of the game in this Battleplan… Devs please.


Lots of talented people out there! Nice work!


Bump the need for lowlidev’s website to be officially recognized as badass!


So it can be confirmed that you guys did nothing this past week, right?


I bet they will release the new hero when Overwatch will release theirs, so once again Battleborn will do its release at bad timing ^^

inb4, a patch comes on a Tuesday and once a month.

Didn’t you read this post either?

All these wonderful contents won’t magically happen overnight.

Actually Overwatch is waiting on Battleborn again, once Pendles has a date, Overwatch will release it just a couple of days before.

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I’m not even sure Blizzard sees BB as a threat any more, so they’re probably just gonna release their next OW hero “when it’s done”.

Will that be a mistake on there part? We’ll have to wait and see.

Back on topic with the thread. Was hoping to see more stuff about the game, but it is good to see people are still doing amazing cosplays and art work of BB related stuff. In a world full of Overwatch cosplays and fan art, dare to do something from Battleborn! :slight_smile:


As much as I love seeing fan creations and making BB fanart myself, I was eagerly awaiting the end of your “experiment”.
PvP won’t see me again as long as you don’t revert that horrible mistake of a change.