Battleplan Delay

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“… keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can allways count on me, for sure - that’s what bots are for …” :dukegoof:



Usually I get an invite to a ten stack, if I start the game and I’d rather play that then - unless I really turned into Private Paula now and only poison the lobby, because I don’t know anymore if I have to bullsh** around in a game or play the best I can.

Got salt messages for both playing too bad or too tryhard from good friends lately, might have been the reason that someone left again after one match they played after a long break and need to take some breaks from the game very often when it feels like all I’m doing is apologizing for things I’m not even the only reason for.


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Friggin of course it’s delayed. First they are once every 2 weeks, then nothing’s in them and now there will be nothing in it AND it’s delayed >:C


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They are trying to sell us that they are working hard, but anyone who knows programming, knows that change 4 variables cant take more than 4 min, if it takes more:

1 The employee is extremely useless
2 The “chasis” of the game was extremely bad created, making extremely difficult update it

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That’s enough of that, thanks. Read the forum rules again sometime.


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I read it, where is the problem???

If the problem is say the truth after pay 75€ on a game that go f2p, then i´m guilty, if not…


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I know programming. I know that changing a skill from, say, stun to cleanse is NOT simply a matter of tweaking a couple of variables. The variable tweaking is what they do in hotfixes (and there are a lot of things they can and do change that way). Changing skill trees and swapping effects requires actual code changes, extensive testing, and certification.


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It’s the insults thrown at gearbox (based on speculation). If you have any other comment to make about moderation, get in touch with a pm, please.

(This advice is also in the forum rules.)


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See battleplan 52, 2 hotflxes on a week, change a variable lasts 3.5 days to be done. Nice done!


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Pm. Please.

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How? No public matches on PC, and the quests are PvP only. (I’ve also got over 10k platinum just sitting there so I don’t even need those scraps of platinum…)

Either way, bots offer 0 entertainment for me. I’d rather not turn gaming into a chore I have to complete. And bot matches count for stats and challenges, which I don’t like or want.

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Private games don’t, PvE does, so I don’t feel any shame in it when I play a round or two, because I just influence a statistic that isn’t accurate anyway. I’ve also seen quite a few cases of people who go 0-10 or much worse against bots … Is it really stat padding when those could’ve been in the opposing team in PvP?

Not having fun with it is a valid reason and why I wish that private games would finally count for everything.


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The most important part is that they affect challenges. Some challenges are tied to stats.

I complete challenges for the challenge of it… :confused:


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Is it really worth it to turn off people in an already dwindling base of gamers just because that, though?

At this point, there isn’t really much reason for private games NOT to count for challenges/lore/trophies/etc.


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Um… You guys seem to have completely misunderstood what I was saying. The comment was directed at me, so I responded thinking of me, myself, and I.

Y’all do you, I don’t care how you play the game as long as you’re not having your fun at the expense of others… (Cheating, etc…)

I actually agree that all challenges and stats should count in Private Matches too since those are the only PvP matches PC players can find anymore and if it applies to bots battles there’s no reason it shouldn’t apply to private matches.

My point was just that I personally do not want to complete this stuff in bots battles because it’s not fun or satisfying, for me. I do not judge people who do find it fun.


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^My exact opinion. It in no way hurts me if others complete challenges or bolster their stats by playing private bots matches, so let them have at it; i experience no fun in rolling bots myself (unless they are on the level of intelligence i’ve seen in Modern Warfare: Remastered, which is some skynet-level sh*t, haha), and any stats or challenges that i earned wouldn’t even be an empty victory… Just empty…


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:+1: :+1: Spoken like a true Battleborn!


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Is the battleplan still coming out today?


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No, the letter from Jythri

replaces it.