BattleSchool - PVE Introduction and more

Hello everyone,
reacting to @sbspalding great idea,here I am starting my first class. Trying at least.
So,I’m gonna go over PVE,normal and advanced (mostly advanced even though,be wary of saboteur,experiment or helio in normal,I’ll get around that.)
I’ll try a quick overview of the best legendaries (the ones you might want) and how to get them.

If you fel like anything could be added without cluttering to much,feel free to ask!

When? Today, at 21.30 GMT+1
How? I’ll be there starting at 21.15,then will wait and welcome any participants.
We’ll discuss a few things then go in a mission. Then we’ll see how it goes.

If I forgot something or anyone have a question,I’m up and feel free to add me on steam

I’m intentionally starting slow and tiny,first time for me so just the time to get used to this new thing :slight_smile:

Edit: Discord,thanks to @Tokesy97


This is great mate! Good luck.

Didn’t get anyone but the windows time was a bt short maybe.
I knew late I could do it but I’ll try to give a more advanced warning next time