Battlestar Galactica reference?


Anyone else pick up on OM’s “laser eye” that moves left to right? Very similar to the cylon eyes from Battlestar Galactica. Plus, CLONES!

Was this reference intentional? Is this well known and I only just noticed?? I couldn’t find any mention of it on here…

Video for reference

(Azure Maelstrom) #2

I’m pretty sure there are other examples of of helmets and visors with lights that play across them. Most often that is used as an effect that indicates the visor is scanning. I don’t think he has laser eyes. Someone posted somewhere around here what OM looks like without his helmet in his concept art.

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Yeah I know, I’ve seen the concept art. That’s why I put “laser eye” in quotation marks lol. It’s obviously part of his helmet, but it’s very reminiscent of the Cylons from BSG.

shrug I’m not immediately aware of any others, which is why I thought it was a BSG specific reference.

(Azure Maelstrom) #4

I though LaForge in star trek had something similar, but it doesn’t look like it.

Idk, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that visual technique in a LOT of sci-fi things but I never thought to take enough notice to keep track of 'em all.

It very well could be. I’ve never seen BSG.

(Dr Extrem) #5

A reference is totally possible.

Oscar mike looks like a classic bsg-centurion. And with classic, I mean the classic series … with “ben cartwright” … crap … I am old. (love the new series - the ending could have been more creative and thought out though). The fact that he is a clone and that he seems to be eager to keep his origin a secret, is a very nice reference to the new series.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #6

Naaaa you´re not old, I´m in the middle of my 20´s and still now the old stuff^^
Think its a fun reference, “Cylon!!!” was the first thing my brain screamed when I saw OM´s design.

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(Dr Extrem) #7

His humor is sick though.

People say he is easy to play (I think, that there is no “easy” - only preference and weaknesses to exploit) … do you think it is easy to play a game, with tears (of laughter) in your eyes and wet pants?

And his german VO is outstanding - a rare thing.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #8

Same opinion! :smile: I thought I´d dislike him, but when my fiance mastered him while I played Phoebe I came to love OM - his callouts are nearly the best of all characters! (only imo of course, ISIC is hilarious too^^)

Oh yeah! We played the game in german first (until we managed to change region-lock on XB1 to play english) and his voice is one of the few well made dubs. Ambra too^^ But I pefer the english VO, alone for the “Fury Potato!!!”