Bazilion guns, but only a few Legendary sniper rifles

I really feel like GB should have put way more sniper rifles into the game. Before the game came out I was planning on builds using sniper rifles, but all we have now is just Lyuda being useful and a couple of unique rares.

How about this weapon category gets some love in the future DLCs? Instead of nerfing, work on more powerful/fun to use sniper rifles and make other under-performing legos more viable.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I’m sure many of you tried using legendary sniper rifles such as ASMD, Woodblocker and others… what I really hate is that fact that many of these snipers are constrained by the fact you have to charge them - this makes them a bit clunky and makes me never bother to use them.

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There are I think 9 categories of Weapons, Shields, Artifacts & Class Mods and there are 200 Legendary Items in total, I am sure there is a fairly balanced quantity of each.

Yeah, I was disappointed when I skimmed over the list of legendaries and there was so few sniper rifles. Honestly, there are too many pistols. Thirty eight pistols versus ten sniper rifles.

There might be a few, but everyone and their mother uses Lyudas so lol.

There is a simple beauty in just using a 3k+ epic level jacobs. No messing around, just 6 sweet crit shots.

I don’t even bother with the Lyuda, I have a sweet Cryo Molaks Bane for Zane and the shogun alternate fire effect is dirty.

That’s exactly the problem, GB tries to make it that we have many useful builds and will keep nerfing weapons.
How about they start making guns such as ASMD or Woodblocker more powerful instead?
I have been using Purple sniper rifles until I hit lvl 50, only due to the fact that I got orange snipers which were “charging”.

IMO there are 3 legendary snipers that are good, and fun too use…
Jakobs Monocle, Jacobs Headsplosion, and Lyuda all others legendary snipers are just bad…
And Lyuda is only “good” for bosses, but Anointed Siren Lyuda that give 300 % damage boost shouldn’t exist on Lyuda

True, 300% weapon boost anointed seems very OP. I can cope with 100% boost on action skill end, but 300 is too much.
Btw, I have never managed to drop headsplosion, does it have a stupid scope levels or is it okay to use on mid range?

Monocle have around 15x zoom, headsplosion have around 8x don’t know for sure